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An abandoned military building is seen throught the window of another like it.

At the south east corner of Fort Tilden is a cluster of buildings standing out in plain sight. I don't know what they were for, the sign says they're now part of a parking area. Like the shell magazines in yesterday's photo, graffiti artists have spent considerable time here. It's not roped off or fenced off in any fashion; it's kind of like creating places for skateboarders to practice in, only this is more like they're simply allowing something to be, uh, repurposed.

I happen to think it's pretty cool. The National Park Service could shut it down or fence it off if they really wanted to, but perhaps they're just underfunded. But in a city where too many security personnel get in a snit over the sight of a lens, this lax security is kind of refreshing. I'm probably wrong to think it's a conscious effort to "be nice," though. Fort Tilden, Queens. View My Profile

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