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The interior of abandoned military loading docks has been taken over with vivid graffiti; light streams through the broken roof.

I was last at Fort Tilden a couple years ago, and the loading docks were one of the highlights. First, I love loading docks for their geometry, and second there's all sorts of light play that has increased as parts of the roof have fallen in. The graffiti breaks up the monotony, too. There are two buildings of loading docks, both of which you might miss if you weren't paying attention. For example, we asked a dog walker to confirm our belief that we were on the road to the loading docks, and he had no idea what we were talking about. But he did know the road led to the batteries, and that cemented it for us. Anyway, if you want to check them out there are two buildings of loading docks visible from Range Road, east of Harris Battery.

The reason I wanted to go back was because I think I'm a better photographer than I was two years ago, and have more lenses at my disposal. I think all the shots this week are going to be from Fort Tilden. Queens.

UPDATE: I've since learned that the proper term for these "loading docks" is "shell magazines." Which makes perfect sense: Harris Battery East is very close by, and there are old rail tracks in here. The batter needed shells. Ergo... View My Profile

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