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An elaborate grave, with a sculpture of deceased Lujza Blaha on her deathbed, surrounded by mourners.

Grave of Lujza Blaha (note, in Hungary they do the surname first), at Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest. It's not far off the track from the places tourists might want to visit, but it is off the track. And if it's a rainy day and you don't want to see the "splendid" sites in inferior weather you should put it on your list. Depending on how long you're in Budapest, and whether or not you've learned the history, you might want to anyway, as some of their national heroes are buried there, and in splendid fashion. Not like Grant's Tomb, but bigger than JFK's tomb at Arlington. Filed in Europe and Cemeteries. Lujza Blaha was a favorite singer, and you can read more about her here.

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