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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 | Copyright © 2016 Frank Lynch






Figurines of common people, posed as if for a portrait, using three dimensional printing.

Doob will print you a three-dimensional figurine of yourself, and I have no doubt that this is perfect for the kind of people who think this would be perfect. But as a frequenter of cemeteries, and the exposure therein of the various ways in which people chose to be remembered; and as you know, a big reader of Johnson, who spent a good part of his career writing about vanity (both in larger than life contexts as well as mocking another's pride in having a will); well, I just hope that the colors on these don't fade. I'm sure that Doob has done what it can to produce a plastic with long lasting colors, as it would kind of defeat the purpose if they hadn't. Chinatown, Manhattan.

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