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Two men walking between construction machinery.

After what seemed an eternity, two -- and only these two, covered in dust and body fluids -- emerged from that horrid, gory battle. The sights they'd seen in those hours, they knew they'd never tell them all to their children, nor grandchildren, perhaps only some of them to their wives. But through the whole process, they knew -- they really did know, and they knew it as well as the fingers of their hands -- that the fate of humanity had hung in the balance. Did I say "the fate of humanity"? Nay, the fate of the entire galaxy. There was no Henry V speech for them at the outset, reminding them they were the few, the proud. These two needed no speech. They asked for no speech. They knew, already, the importance of their efforts. And they would carry it within them. Silently, until the end of their days.

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