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A figurine of a Scot soldier battles French forces.

Before Fort Ticonderoga (NY) was Fort Ticonderoga, it was Fort Carillon, and held by the French. These figurines of Scot forces show a battle in 1758 where superior British forces, outnumbering the French by a factor of 3 to 1, were repelled. Fort Ticonderoga, New York State.

Fort Ticonderoga is mostly rebuilt, based on historical documents. Too many of its stones were plundered before Congress decided to preserve it, early in the 20th Century. But it's been accurately rebuilt, and its galleries host dioramas, battle scenes, and a plethora of original artifacts which make the history come alive. Ab and I did a compare and contrast between this site and Linlithgow, which took a different approach to recreation. When we visited Linlithgow in 1990, they had retained the original stonework, but rebuilt the castle to the original plan in such a way that the you could obviously see where the original stone stopped - - yet you could still get a sense of the plan and scope.

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