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Two musicians with acoustic guitars on stage

Sunday night Ab and I got to see the Trashcan Sinatras again, this time at Joe's Pub. (This shot only shows two of the four of them.) They're about halfway through a US tour with limited forces; I wouldn't call it "acoustic," per se, as one of the guitarists (Paul Livingston, not shown) plays a restrained electric, and the singer on the left here (Frank Reader) actually pulled out an iPad for a song. (That's John Douglas on the right; his brother Stephen, also not shown, provided percussion.)

Because the tour only involved the four members who have been with the band since the late 1980's, it was a wonderfully diverse set which drew on their entire catalog (as opposed to being a strict set list). They might be coming to your area, so check out the gigs page on their web site.

(A 2010 shot of more of the band is here.)

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