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Ornate metal work of leaves and lions, on glass panes.

A mausoleum door. Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Also filed in Cemeteries.

As I was kneeling down to get this shot, the security jeep passed by and asked if I was alright. I presumed positive intent, but a lot of photographers are put off by security challenges.

One of the nice things about Green-Wood Cemetery is that there are practically no restrictions on photography. Although: once security tried to joke with us and say we couldn't take pictures that included any of the names on the tombs. Given that Green-Wood hosts the likes of such as Leonard Bernstein, Boss Tweed, Elias Howe, and on and on and on on and on, this was practically an April Fool's joke.

Other cemeteries have completely different policies. Go to the Cemetery of the Evergreens with a camera, and they'll confront you a couple of times about their photography policy. As if it will be a terrorists' target or something: let's fly a plane into a big space with a buncha dead bodies! Yessirree! View My Profile

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