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A small, angular, red electric car sits in front of a white house with red trim.

I've shared a shot of this Vanguard Citicar with you before. It sits on Concord Street, Downtown, Brooklyn. Also filed in Mechanical.

I presume this picture doesn't look that focused to you, not up to my normal standards anyway. The day after Thanksgiving I noticed that my "usual" lens had a hitch in its machinery, and wouldn't zoom in or out properly. It being a "kit" lens, I knew it wasn't exactly an expensive piece of glass, and for the last few months I've been weighing replacing or fixing it. Well, they don't make it any more, and what I bought to use instead is not as sharp; in addition, it takes longer to focus. (It almost feels as slow as a digital point and shoot.) I may wind up needing to get the old lens repaired just the same, as I'm not happy with what I saw from Saturday's walk. View My Profile

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