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Statue of a civil war soldier, with head low, in front of a pedestal.

This Civil War memorial is in Green-Wood Cemetery. Brooklyn practically drips with Civil War memorials, and they could well outnumber Revolutionary War memorials and plaques in Boston. Grand Army Plaza (obviously named after the Grand Army of the Republic, the Union) has the huge arch dedicated to the soldiers, as well as statues of Lincoln, Kemble, Grant, and so on. In Crown Heights there's a statue of Grant in front of an old Union Veteran's hall... Brooklyn's "Lincoln Place" is named after you-know-who. And in Green-Wood Cemetery, in addition to all the soldiers' graves, there is a huge pillar, and at each corner of the pillar's platform there are statues of Civil War soldiers. Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Also filed in Cemeteries. View My Profile

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