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Photo of a brick home with white pillars at its entrance.

Last Sunday I followed a route laid out in Adrienne Onofri's Walking Brooklyn, a collection of 30 self-guided walking tours in Brooklyn. I've never seen a book which delved into my beloved borough so deeply. All the shots from this past week were from a walk skirting Prospect Park, and the hike (over 5 miles, without my walking to its starting point) was pretty exhausting with the several pounds of lenses and so on in my vest. It was very rewarding, but in all honesty I almost aborted it before I got to this surprising strip in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

The neighborhood itself was already surprising because of zoning restrictions which limit its density to single family homes, but I really was not prepared for this block of mansions. I'm glad I hung on. And there was still much more to come after this. Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn. View My Profile

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