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A yellow brick church sits on an isolated block, with no one in sight.

Broome Street. NY, NY. Our Lady of Vilnius was recently closed, and the day we passed it we were approached by a man who assumed we were Lithuanian, and spoke to us in whatever tongue Lithuanians speak in; the last sentence he said in his stream was "But you only understand English." I said I understood the last sentence, at least.

He went on to explain that the church had been closed, and there was something wistful in his apparent assumption that only a Lithuanian (or Lithuanian American) would stop and admire the church. It's a sad thing when a church closes, and I don't know enough about this one's closure. But since churches are often the cornerstone of a community (the moreso when they serve an immigrant community), it must feel awful to have it taken away from you: it's not just about Jesus any more, it's about where you were baptised or married, or said goodby to your dad.

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