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A group of attentive tourists on the sidewalk listen to a man describing his neighborhood.

So for this shot, we're in Gravesend, a neighborhood in Brooklyn. We've been led here on a Forgotten NY tour, by Kevin Walsh, who is a curator of all things soon to be gone in NYC. He does these tours about four times a year, and has a book on what we'll soon wonder "whatever happened to...?" At this part of the walking tour we've just finished with "Lady Deborah Moody's House." Believe it or not, Moody was a 17th century city planner, kind of an unusual role for a woman in those days. She lived around the corner from where we were, but the house we had just seen is after her time.

The gentleman in the center of the picture (in the plaid) is a local who offered us some lore, and shared the history of the neighborhood with us. If you follow his head left, just a bit left of the sign and in the green jacket, is Kevin Walsh, our guide. There are about 35 people in the frame, but I'm sure there were at least 45 in the tour.

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