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An iron sculpture of an electric guitarist, where the person's body is made from a tall gas tank.

On Monday (March 10) I revisited Beacon, a New York city with an industrial past, now rebirthing itself for modern times. It hosts a major museum of modern art (Dia: Beacon), and its Main Street is filled with antiques and art gallery stores. Ab and I went there in August (2006), and with a stray day off, I decided to revisit.

This sculpture sits outside a building intended to be an art gallery (as the owner described it to us in 2006). If you visit my "Beacon" set on Flickr, the relevant shots are the guy waving, the fire hydrants, and the road signs. The guy (I wish I knew his name, and wanted to learn it today) has a knack for repurposing discarded stuff - - for instance, instead of paving stones around his building, he has manhole covers.

Obviously this theme is in place here, though I don't know if the work is "his." I wished he'd have come out, if he was there.

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