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A solitary person walks into the circular space of a lobby.

The Gould Memorial Library is named after Jay Gould (yes, that Jay Gould) and was designed by Stanford White. It's up in the Bronx, on the campus of the Bronx Community College. The space used to be a New York University campus, and this is where the library was. The center had a circular group of desks, with a clock at the top, much like the clock at the center of Grand Central Terminal. It's an amazing, incredible building: sixteen marble columns, two tiers of walkways above, surrounded by inscriptions from Milton and the Bible, topped off by statues of the muses and a Pantheon-like dome. A shot of the domed ceiling is here. Off ramp are several rooms in disarray, perfect for those who love to shoot shots of mess, and down in the basement are remnants of where they filmed "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Good Shepherd." This lobby itself was the scene of a lecture in the movie "Kinsey." Outside is an arcade of busts of famous Americans, the very first "Hall of Fame." We were here because of Open House New York. The Bronx, New York. View My Profile

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