Quotes on the Madness of Crowds
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729. Appearances; Madness of Crowds; Diversion
"To every place of entertainment we go with expectation and desire of being pleased; we meet others who are brought by the same motives; no one will be the first to own the disappointment; one face reflects the smile of another, till each believes the rest delighted, and endeavours to catch and transmit the circulating rapture. In time, all are deceived by the cheat to which all contribute. The fiction of happiness is propagated by every tongue, and confirmed by every look, till at last all profess the joy which they do not feel, consent to yield to the general delusion, and, when the voluntary dream is at an end, lament that bliss is of so short a duration."
Johnson: Idler #18 (August 12, 1758)

1,643. Diversion; Madness of Crowds
"As people who have the same inclination generally flock together, every trifler is kept in countenance by the sight of others as unprofitably active as himself; by kindling the heat of competition, he in time thinks himself important, and by having his mnind intensely engaged, he is secured from weariness of himself."
Johnson: Adventurer #128 (January 26, 1754)

The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
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