Of the craft and selfishness of the doctor's negro-servant, the following is a notable instance. At the time of his master's death, Mrs. Herne's maintenance was about £30 in arrear. I was applied to for the money, and shewed the bill to him, upon which he immediately went to the mad-house, and insisted with the keeper thereof, that it should be charged on the legacy; but he refused to do it, saying, that the lunatic was placed there by Dr. Johnson, and that it was a debt incurred in his life-time, and, by consequence, payable out of his effects. When this would not do, this artful fellow came to me, and pretended that he could bring a woman to swear that there was nothing due; and, upon my telling him, that I should, notwithstanding, pay the bill, he said, he saw there was no good intended for him, and in anger left me. (Hawkins)

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