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153. Conformity; Dress
Cards, dress, and dancing, however, all found their advocates in Dr. Johnson, who inculcated, upon principle, the cultivation of those arts, which many a moralist thinks himself bound to reject, and many a Christian holds unfit to be practised. "No person (said he one day) goes under-dressed till he thinks himself of consequence enough to forbear carrying the badge of his rank upon his back." And in answer to the arguments urged by Puritans, Quakers, &c. against showy decorations of the human figure, I once heard him exclaim, "Oh, let us not be found when our Master calls us, ripping the lace off our waistcoats, but the spirit of our contention from our souls and our tongues! Let us all conform in outward customs, which are of no consequence, to the manners of those whom we live among, and despise such paltry distinctions. Alas, Sir (continued he), a man who cannot get to heaven in a green coat, will not find his way thither the sooner in a grey one."
Piozzi: Anecdotes

1,753. Appearances; Dress; Wealth
"The most striking effect of riches is the splendour of dress, which every man has observed to enforce respect, and facilitate reception."
(from the fictional "Tim Ranger")
Johnson: Idler #62 (June 23, 1759)


The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
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