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714. Comeuppance; Fame; Vanity
"It is common to consider those whom we find infected with an unreasonable regard for trifling accomplishments, as chargeable with all the consequences of their folly, and as the authors of their own unhappiness; but, perhaps, those whom we thus scorn or detest have more claim to tenderness than has been yet allowed to them. Before we permit our severity to break loose upon any fault or error, we ought surely to consider how much we have countenanced or promoted it. We see multitudes busied in the pursuits of riches, at the expense of wisdom or virtue; but we see the rest of mankind approving their conduct, and inciting their eagerness, by paying that regard and deference to wealth which wisdom and virtue only can deserve."
Johnson: Rambler #66 (November 3, 1750)


The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
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