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341. Avarice; Bribery; Corruption

But scarce observed, the knowing and the bold
Fall in the general massacre of gold;
Wide-wasting pest! that rages unconfined,
And crowds with crimes the records of mankind;
For gold his sword the hireling ruffian draws,
For gold the hireling judge distorts the laws;
Wealth heaped on wealth, nor truth nor safety buys,
The dangers gather as the treasures rise.
Johnson: The Vanity Of Human Wishes

488. Avarice; Bribery
"Avarice is a uniform and tractable vice: other intellectual distempers are different in different constitutions of mind; that which soothes the pride of one will offend the pride of another; but to the favor of the covetous there is a ready way; bring money, and nothing is denied."
Johnson: Rasselas [Pekuah, the princess' maiden]
Note: If you haven't read it yet, please read this note of caution regarding quotes from Rasselas.

1,500. Bribery
"There are places in which the only compliment is a bribe."
Johnson: Adventurer #41 (March 27, 1753), from a fictional correspondent named Misargyrus


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