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Monday, November 20, 2017

Well I was pretty wrong about the GOP reaction to Roy Moore.

In our last chapter I was pretty disgusted about what I saw as the GOP's likely reactions to accusations that AL Senate candidate was a sexual predator, targeting teenage girls while he was in his 30's. National GOP figures have gone beyond the "if it's true" hesitation and have abandoned ship. (Except for the President.) In his home state, however, it seems like they are holding their noses just as many Republicans did when they voted for Trump a year ago.

And since then of course we have Al Franken. Not just with one pre-Senate occasion (gross, immature, pathetic, and wrong) where there's photographic evidence, but also an a woman who says he groped her at a Minnesota State Fair during his tenure in the Senate. I haven't heard anyone trying to defend him, and I haven't heard anyone seeking harbor in a Senate Ethics investigation. Franken may have blunted the impact on Frday with his acceptance of responsibility and guilt; but his failure to remember puttng his hands on the butt of a woman during a photo may, possibly may, suggest he has no memory of other occasions. Denial can twist your memory. I think he's toast, and before he gets toasted I think he should resign.

Meanwhile, the Groper In Chief took advantage of the occasion to point fingers at Franken. This is one of the stupidest things on the planet, given all we know about his history: whether it be the Billy Bush tape, walking in on Miss Universe contestants as they dress, unannounced... The President is in no position to point fingers at Franken. No place. And Press Secretary Sanders's interest in gliding past his history with a glib reference to photographic evidence and Franken's apology, in an effort to suggest that the Billy Bush tape doesn't exist or Trump's refusal to acknowledge his faults somehow makes Trump better... that's pathetic and sad.

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