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Sunday, November 5, 2017

"We Irish call it malarkey."

Not sure if you remember the 2012 Vice Presidential debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President Wannabe Paul Ryan? (Transcript here, if you want a stroll down memory lane.)

You have probably heard about the slaughter earlier today at a church in Texas, when a gunman walked in and shot and shot and shot and shot. Forunately we have former Vice President Wannabe and current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan's reaction.

The people of Sutherland Springs could have used much more than our prayers, years ago. But too many politicians cry crocodile tears after incidents like this; they act sincere, posture, and then do nothing. Each successive event like this is a result of inaction.

How many innocent people need to die, Mr. Speaker, before you try to do something in this world, in addition to the prayers?

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