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November, 2016

9 Trump's victory hurts harder than September 11 (link)
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October, 2016

10 Budapest observations (link)
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July, 2016

28 Who would you rather have over for Thanksgiving dinner? (link).
27 Trump gives a shout out to Russia over Clinton emails (link).
3 Friday night document dump from Cuomo, on poor results from a jobs program (link).
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May, 2016

23 Was the "New South" just marketing hype? (link).
10 Trump's very good words about the very good new mayor of London (link).
9 John Oliver covers bad science reporting (link).
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April, 2016

23 Recipe time (link).
19 Bernie Sanders, post-New York (link).
13 Imagine all dramas needing to be balanced enough to tick off everyone (link).
11 You have to be a TRUE Jew, not just Jew-ISH (link).
7 The head of G.E. has a Bernie Sanders hissy fit (link).
4 Clinton loses the narrative thread over fetuses (link).
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March, 2016

29 Learning compound time via the Dead's "Truckin'" (link); the profits behind analyzing Trump's success (link).
2 Maybe Jim Gilmore is the Republicans' last hope (link).
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February, 2016

22 Focus (link); a walk through Brooklyn's Chinatown (link); Biden's senate remarks on replacng a SCOTUS justice were wrong then and are wrong now (link).
18 Support your local garage band (link).
15 Replace Scalia? At this time? Are you kidding? (link).
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January, 2016

31 Blog on life support (link).
24 Trump understands his supporters' loyalty, and their unwillingness to accept others (link).
19 Congratulations to Trump for receiving Palin's endorsement (link).
14 Missing Alan Rickman (link).
12 Chris Christie goes into flopping on the deck mode (link).
4 Cuomo vs. Deblasio, continued (link).
2 This is a test (link).
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