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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Well, isn't THIS special?

No offense to the families of all who died on September 11, but this morning felt worse to me than 9/12. On 9/12 I was confident of a way forward, and knew that war and retribution can be quickly engaged in. I knew that the destruction of the prior day would be quickly avenged. (Of course, I didn't have any idea it would be used as leverage to invade an uninvolved country, but there you go, those were innocent times.) However, with Trump's victory and the Senate still in GOP hands, the Republicans now hold all three branches of government; and changes to SCOTUS have a way of lasting generations. The Republicans aren't being slow to seize the day: Speaker Ryan is claiming Trump has a mandate in spite of the fact that Clinton won the popular vote. If Trump received a mandate, what did Clinton recieve? Only a consolation prize?

I'm not sure how soon we will see starker evidence of how polarized this country has become: that in spite of how reviled Clinton is, people would still choose Trump over her. A man who mocked the disability of a disabled journalist; a man who denegrated women and beat his chest about his ability to violate them at will; a man who wanted to block out adherents of one of the world's largest religions; a man who twisted the truth at every opportunity, flipflopped at will, encouraged the Putin to hack Clinton, encouraged violence at his rallies, mocked McCain for having been captured in war. Imagine the voter who chose all that over Clinton.

You know something? Trump told us himself but we didn't listen. He said he thought he could walk out on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and it wouldn't cost him a vote.

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