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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I just don't know where it's going to stop, or how it will end.

Trump's call out to Russia, to show whatever emails they might have scooped off of Hillary Clinton's serverrs, is of course unprecedented. He didn't actually say they should go in and see what they could find; but then again, Dubya never exactly used the exact word imminent. Communication is a function of interpretation, and Bristol-Myers was was put in the penalty box for leaving people with the impression that Listerine could prevent colds, even though they only led you to connect the dots and didn't actually say it.

If I wanted to put this in the most generous terms possible, I still can't imagine it in a positive light.Assume for a moment that he actually did not ask Russia to now hack her servers. Is he asking Russia to take a fresh review of any thing they might have found? Is he asking Russia to actually be a force in our elections?

Neither of them are good. And the concept of a President appreciative of the graciousness of Putin in getting him elected is reprehensible. If there's a stronger word, I'd like to know it and use it. A President like that would have questionable loyalties. It's really time for the GOP to disavow their candidate. (As if that's going to happen, since they need down ticket votes; they will put Trump in every sexy negligee on the planet.)

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