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December, 2015

16 BREAKING: Demagogues existed before Trump (link).
7 Update on San Bernardino (link).
6 It's a gun problem, not a demagogue problem (link).
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November, 2015

15 By threatening the West, ISIS gets more notice (link).
12 Eric Bolling wants the Latinos culled. Or something. (link).
11 Anner Bylsma (link); weeding out the clown car (link).
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October, 2015

26 University of Mississippi removes the state flag from its campus (link).
14 Reactions to the first Democratic Presidential debate (link).
11 Trey Gowdy's dishonsty about his emphasis of Hillary Clinton on Benghazi (link).
4 Vision, and the Land Transportation Museum (link); Wye Oak covers Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" (link).
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September, 2015

5 Donald Trump: not very successful fortunate son (link).
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August, 2015

5 Austerity threatening the Proms? (link).
1 Hamilton, the Musical. We went, you should try to (link).
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July, 2015

30 Bernie Sanders's tepid approach to immigration (link).
29 Rick Perry challenges Donald Trump to a pull up contest (link).
23 Marco Rubio disqualifies himself for the Presidency (link).
20 Prison escapes and Samuel Johnson (link); a Trump boost to NYC tourism is not a good trade-off (link).
11 All's well, just been busy (link).
2 Jimmy Smith (link).
1 What does it mean when Donald Trump is in second? (link).
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June, 2015

30 De Blasio v. Cuomo (link).
28 Obama the failure (link).
25 SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare relieves GOP of doing anything to anger America (link).
22 When it might be OK to drop the F bomb (link).
7 GOP refusal to consider new judges shows that a government shutdown of a different variety looms (link).
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May, 2015

28 George Pataki throws his hat in the ring, and why he's a 9/11 war mongering hack (link).
27 Blockheaded elitism at a college graduation (link).
21 How the media is ignoring Bernie Sanders (link).
17 Mad Men's finale will not feature Badfinger, regrettably (link); Lindsey Graham blames ISIS and Iraq on Obama, ignoring Bush (link).
13 If YOU don't protect your environment, who will? (link).
12 Jeb Bush shows his inadequacies by attributing a stupid answer to him not really hearing the question (link).
10 Hat tip to Fox News's Chris Wallace (link).
9 The New York Times uncovers how nail salon workers are abused and taken advantage of (link).
5 Celebrate "Hurray for the Riff Raff" and "The Body Electric" (link).
1 Positive movements in the "justice" arena (link).
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April, 2015

25 How the US undercuts pretty obvious genocide charges (link).
23 The GOP-controlled Senate gets off its butt and releases Eric Holder from indentured servitude (link).
19 Lindsey Graham tells us he's 91% sure he'll run for president (link).
13 Grateful Dead, China Cat Sunflowe > I Know You Rider (link); praise for Hamilton College's handling of a threat situation (link).
12 Why the GOP fears Hillary Clinton (link).
6 How Florida does or does not move forward (link).
5 RWNJ's wild imagination over Harry Reid takes him to rumors from an AA meeting (link).
2 The calendar's alignment of Passover and Holy Week (link).
1 Lazy aspersions cast on candidates (link).
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March, 2015

30 The new New York State budget's special treatment of yacht purchases (link).
25 Sam Lee sings "Lovely Molly" from his new release (link).
23 Affinity plates and marriage equality (link).
22 The Lark Ascending (link); Ted Cruz deserves to be covered (link).
19 Netanyahu's cynical moves (link).
17 Reubin Askew (link).
15 Trying to find the NCAA brackets in 1990 London (link).
11 Michael Daugherty: Bells for Stokowski (link).
10 47 Republican Senators go full tilt stupid and write a letter to the government of Iran to undermine White House negotiations (link).
9 How to get around a government ban on saying "climate change." (link).
7 Obama's Selma speech (link).
6 Andrew Cuomo wants all government emails deleted after 90 days (link).
3 Rahm Emanuel and Chicago school closings (link).
1 Scott Walker credits nonexistent documents which support his belief that the Soviet Union crumbled over Reagan's busting of the flight controller union. (link).
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February, 2015

25 My wartime experiences. (link).
22 Boyhood versus Birdman, and how identification can impact Academy voting. (link).
21 Scott Walker robs 7-11's in his spare time. (link).
19 Rudy Giuliani rants that Obama doesn't love America (link).
16 Hundreds of Jewish graves vandalized in France (link).
15 Marco Rubio offended by Democrats boycotting Netanyahu (link).
12 States clamor for earlier Presidential primaries (link).
10 "News" turmoil over Brian Williams and Jon Stewart (link).
9 The diverse reactions of Alabama judges to marriage equality mandates; plus, Emmylou Harris sings Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell" (link).
8 How do you determine museum admission pricing? (link).
7 Chris Christie's guilt by association with the Port Authority is pretty telling (link).
5 The special nature of Republican stupidity (link).
2 After wanting to quarantine an asymptomatic nurse over Ebola (showing no signs of carrying it), Chris Christie says leave measles innoculation up to parents (even though it's far more contagious) (link).
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January, 2015

30 A classic moment from "Fernwood 2 Night," with W.D. "Bud" Prize (Kenneth Mars) (link).
29 John McCain apologizes to Kissinger over protesters at a Senate hearing, villifies the protesters (link).
27 Mozart clarinet concerto, 2nd movement (link); Indiana Governor Mike Pence wants a state-run news agency (link).
25 Does your company have an evacuation plan in place? (link).
22 Will removing Sheldon Silver from his leadership position in the New York Assembly open up a war? (link).
19 Do theater box office revenues indicate an improving economy? (link).
16 NYC voters disapprove of NYPD behavior (link).
14 Transportation Research Board conference (link).
7 Poor behavior within the NYPD (link).
6 Is Shell's settlement in Nigeria enough? (link).
5 Keeping Steve Scalise's mistakes in the press (link).
4 Burning Bridget Cleary (link); Lindsey Graham pledges alliegance to Netanyahu (link); Andrew Cuomo hits the right notes at a policeman's wake (link).
3 Poor sense of direction at the New York Times (link).
2 Mario Cuomo on immigration and equality (link).
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