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December, 2014

28 Bill de Blasio faces a backlash from cops over his reactions to the Eric Garner non-indictment (link).
21 Two cops shot in Brooklyn, and cooler heads aren't prevailing (link).
18 Jeb Bush bails on a lot of embarassing entanglements, in preparation for 2016 (link).
17 Too much good news today to list it all! (link).
15 Bill Cosby's wife casts doubts on his accusers by pointing to Rolling Stone's errors in its University of Virginia rape article (link).
14 CPE Bach Cello concerto (link); Dick Cheney is unrepentant about torture (link).
13 People hated the economic burn-out resulting from risky Wall Street practices. So why does the GOP want to water down Dodd-Frank in the "cromnibus," and why does it take Elizabeth Warren to point out the obvious? (link).
9 Nothing like the Senate Torture Report to deflate your feelings about your country's moral superiority (link).
8 Big Republican donors want all the other big Republican donors to coalesce around a single candidate (theirs) (link).
3 Unbelievably, a Staten Island grand jury doesn't indict anyone over the death of Eric Garner (link).
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November, 2014

30 Stephen Moore of the Heritage Foundation displays complete tone deafness on gender (link).
28 A news story on a gay referee with nothing remarkable in it (link).
25 Sky Pilot, by Eric Burdon and the Animals (link).
24 In which I am overly optimistic about reactions to the failure to indict Darren Wilson in Ferguson (link).
23 Lindsey Graham's continuing rejection of Benghazi conclusions which don't confirm his ideas (link).
18 Julie London, Cry Me A River (link); Senate vote on Keystone pipeline blocked (link); News you missed on electronic logging devices (link).
16 The War Was In Color, by Carbon Leaf (link).
15 Maybe companies should be shamed into spending some of that money they're sitting on (link); We went to see Carbon Leaf (link).
13 Judge orders open review of hidden Florida redistricting efforts (link).
10 Dr. Craig Spencer cured of Ebola and to be discharged from hospital (link).
9 Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Schubert's Erl King (link); Breitbart ineptness (link).
8 Stagnating wages and companies sitting on cash (link).
6 Dad stories (link); Ron Sexsmith (link); Takata air bag problems and cover up (link).
5 A Republican wave far greater than pollsters predicted (link).
4 Anticipating bad election results (link).
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October, 2014

31 Halloween, travel notices (link).
30 Candidate in Georgia objects to Obama involving himself in a race, and I think it was code for "uppity" (link).
26 Andrew Cuomo retreats on Ebola stupidity (link).
25 Andrew Cuomo goes full throttle stupid over Ebola (link); David Grisman and John Sebastian (link).
21 Panufnik, and the value of brick and mortar stores (link); Chris Christie's tone deafness over the minimum wage (link).
20 How not to write about poll results (link); Marco Rubio famously said he's not a scientist, and now he wants to overrule their guidance over Ebola (link).
16 Infertile activism (link).
12 Afro-Cuban music (link); Siri escapades (link).
10 RIP Jan Hooks (link).
5 Perhaps Cuomo wouldn't debate Teachout because he has no vision for a second term? (link).
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September, 2014

29 White House intruder got in further than anyone can defend (link).
28 George Will's Koch brothers' conflict of interest (link).
21 RW avoidance of the issue of climate change (link).
17 Scotland's big choice (link).
16 Major advertisers put the NFL on notice (link).
14 Zephyr Teachout puts Andrew Cuomo's invulnerability to the test (link).
8 Independence is up to the Scots (link).
1 Antarctic ice melting ever more rapidly (link).
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August, 2014

29 Finding moderate Syrian rebels (link).
28 "We don't have a strategy yet." (link).
25 Ex-VA Governor Bob McDonnell's Lady MacBeth defense (link); remebering Frans Bruggen and Jean Redpath (link).
21 Eddi Reader (link).
19 Blacks' expectations of Barack Obama in the wake of Ferguson (link).
17 More on Zephyr Teachout (link).
12 Andrew Cuomo versus Zephyr Teachout (link).
10 Long line for St. Vincent (link); Reince Priebus's silly thinking (link).
9 Pepsi seeking to harness new food sources (link); Big Coal's war on our food supply (link); Heinrich Schutz choral music (link).
6 Duane Reade, Walgreens, and corporate inversions (link).
3 Mike Rogers redefines stupid (link).
1 Ups and downs of judicial decisions (link).
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July, 2014

28 Get your "old" on: the 50th anniversary of the release of "Dancin' In The Street" approaches (link).
25 Poor, poor Dinesh (link).
23 Fools who take their guns into government buildlings, and SCOTUS buffer zones (link).
22 Seeking something more significant, Chris Christie does nothing about gun safety (link).
20 New weather app tries to advance weather information into what you should do (link).
16 Obama foreign policy shackled by failure to approve his ambassadors (link).
12 Is the CIA hunkering down in Iraq? (link).
9 Honeyblood (link); now even Chelsea Clinton is commanding high speaking fees (link).
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June, 2014

28 Obama tees off on Republican intransigence (link).
27 Dick Cheney, noted liar (link).
25 The audacity of Rick Scott (link).
22 Robert Barto plays some Weiss on the lute (link).
21 RWer thinks the left is taking "victory laps" over neocon venture into Iraq (link); Andrew Bacevich on Bill Moyers (link); GOP seeks to control White House agenda (link).
16 Welcome back to Iraq (link); McClatchy DC now under a pay wall (link); more GM recalls (link).
13 Andrew Cuomo is not Mario Cuomo (link); John Boehner complains about Obama at a fund raiser, and asks for donations with the other hand (link); Pew study on polarization (link).
12 The right's (and John McCain's) over the top rhetoric about reinvading Iraq (link); Albert King (link).
9 Despite efforts of the New York Times and Jon Stewart, the needle isn't positive on the Bowe Bergdahl release (link).
4 Maybe it's not enough for governors to cite the number of jobs they've created, but the type (link).
1 How Cuomo got the Working Families Party's endorsement (link); modern British folk singer Sam Lee (link).
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May, 2014

29 Andrew Cuomo's ambivalent relationship with state Democrats (link).
26 The need for the VA (link); Friedrich Kalkbrenner (link).
24 Judge overrides election law, on behalf of John Conyers (link); Issa subpoenas Kerry over Benghazi, proving the redundance of the special select committee and Issa's grandstanding (link).
22 The bipartisan guilt of the VA scandal (link).
18 Urban decay blog Fix Buffalo (link); talking about the inheritance of national debt (link).
12 A benign proposal on energy efficiency gets thrown under the bus (link); A lack of GOP politicians who will talk intelligently about climate change (link).
11 Western revolt against the Federal government, this time over a managed canyon (link).
9 Will the House's special committee on Benghazi be a PR disaster for the GOP? (link).
8 GOP orchestrates a House hearing which falls flat on its face (link).
6 Wye Oak (link); Benghazi outrage from Jon Stewart, and how Lara Logan got too close to Lindsey Graham in reporting her 60 Minutes story (link); "Romneycare" improved the health of people in Massachusetts, and we should expect the same from Obmacare (link).
1 NYT "Upshot" goes out of its way to undercut employment reporting (link).
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April, 2014

30 Small bits of sanity from the Right on Benghazi (link).
29 Georgia wants to follow Florida's failed effort to use drug testing on welfare recipients (link).
27 I wish we could exile some people (link).
24 Cliven Bundy and "The Negro" (link).
21 Thomas Jefferson's inept Presidency, and lame ducks (link).
16 How taking away Obamacare would be a Republican mistake (link).
12 Big erosion in negativity on Obamacare among Republicans (link).
10 Saying goodbye to J&R (link).
9 Fairly, two Christie aides are protected on turning over documents (link).
8 Money in politics could hide the truth about pay fairness (link).
7 Ah, the posts you were spared... (link).
6 Official overreaction to the presence of cameras (link); technical difficulties conquered, and we're back (link).
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March, 2014

31 Why are speed cameras outlawed or limited so? (link).
30 Fox-bot loves his Obamacare (link).
26 Mitch McConnell labels Reid's legislative agenda as nothing but politics (link); Mitch McConnell foibles (link).
23 Take Mike Rogers with a grain of salt (link).
19 Pew buries the lede on a poll on the Keystone XL pipeline (link).
17 Right wing reactions to Guinness disassociating itself from organizers of NYC St. Patrick's Day parade (link).
15 What does victory look like to Putin? (link).
10 Photographing Hasidim (link).
9 Put Neil DeGrasse Tyson on a stamp (link); for all the huffing, the GOP has no better ideas on Crimea (link).
4 AP writer complains that Obama isn't doing enough to cut the deficit, while he increases taxes. (link).
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February, 2014

26 Arizona's governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed discrimination against gays on religious grounds. (link).
24 Brooklyn Nets players couldn't care less about Jason Collins's sexual orientation. (link).
21 Jonah Goldberg completely fooled by the stock market. (link).
19 Belated apologies from the Port Authority of NY and NJ may be too late. (link).
17 New Gallup poll shows unemployment has risen to Americans' top concern (link).
13 Neil Finn sings Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over" (link); LA Times's David Lauter doesn't even know how to write about poll results (link); GOP interference in Tennessee over a union vote where Volkswagen may actually want the union to win (link).
12 Congressional efforts to ban cell phones on airlines (link); pet mortality (link).
10 More pressure on the NFL and the Washington Redskins' owner to change the name (link).
9 Newark Star-Ledger wants to take back its endorsement of Chris Christie (link).
6 90's nostalgia, with Sidney Blumentha's "Clinton Wars" (link); Saint Agnes, new under-the-radar band from England (link).
3 The State of Florida develops an "insurance plan" that's as empty as a balloon (link).
2 Gyrations over Bill de Blasio's height. (He's tall.) (link).
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January, 2014

26 Cranachan (link).
21 White terrorists in Georgia (USA Georgia) (link).
19 Chris Christie's nightmares (link).
18 Billy Joel, A Matter of Trust (link); Christie's Hoboken nightmare, continued (link); Chris Christie's new nightmare is Hoboken (link).
17 Local racists hurt a town's reputation (link); West Virginia's marriage to coal (link).
14 Carbon Leaf, "Tombstone vs. Ashes" (link); Five Simple Reasons Why the GOP Will Return its Focus to Benghazi (link); efforts to save Detroit's art museum (link).
13 Another land line only poll provokes gushes of stupidity on the right wing (link); a wide net for suspects who are black (link).
12 McCain and Rubio bothered by the timing of Gates's book (link); Sunday's television may only be marketed to be better (link); Okay, so there was an atmosphere of bullying (link).
9 Is Chris Cristie the new Clinton, unfairly accused? (link).
5 Romney doesn't understand that Obamacare isn't the first government program to issue regulations (link).
3 Thatcher considered calling out the military during the coal strike (link).
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