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December, 2013

31 Peter Hoekstra responds to the New York Times analysis of the Benghazi attack by pretending the analysis is something different (link).
29 The History of Future Folk (link); the Republican alternative to Obamacare (link).
27 John Miller's revolving door spins again (link).
26 Slow ethics response over improper loans in Japan (link); socialite spends Christmas at Rikers Island (link).
23 John Miller represents another revolving door problem, this one involving media (link).
17 Texas has a Steve Stockman problem (link).
15 Pointless New York Times hypotheticals over a Romney Presidency (link).
10 Some Michael Torke (link).
9 Republicans who want to add regulations to airlines to prevent cell phone usage (link); hoping the Democrats in the Senate leverage their new power on Obama nominees (link).
4 Implications of Detroit's liberty to shunt its pension obligations on future collective bargaining agreements (link).
3 Detroit gets permission to shunt its pension obligations and stiff public employees (link).
2 In NYC: man risks eviction over sub-letting a portion of his co-op apartment; railroaded suspects await release after 20 years (link).
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November, 2013

26 CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan and her producer put on leave over failed reporting on Benghazi (link).
25 An analysis suggests that having a daughter may tilt you Republican (link).
23 Ambivalence about Mayor Bloomberg (link); racism at San Jose State (link).
21 Change in Senate filibuster rules allows nominees to advance, but also lets Republicans be less partisan (link).
20 Peter Ostroushko (link); Kahneman (of "Kahneman and Taversky" fame) receives a Presidential Medal of Freedom (link).
18 GOP blocks another Obama judicial nominee (link).
14 Obama capitulates over Obamacare roll out, "you can keep your plan," and seeks a reset (link).
11 Early Leo Sayer (link); Lara Logan's bias should have been insulated by better supervision at 60 Minutes (link).
8 CBS 60 Minutes now believes it got played by "witness" to Benghazi attack, deflating right wing hopes (link).
3 Climate change skepticism runs high in the GOP, especially among Tea Partiers (link).
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October, 2013

30 The ACA horror stories, and their deflation, are probably too complex for the nightly news shows (link).
28 Federal judge blocks Texas's anti-abortion law (link).
25 Complaints with the Obamacare web site (link).
21 How to misread polling data (link).
20 John Lennon wants to see Dusty Springfield's scabs (link); if Jim Thorpe PA has to give up Jim Thorpe's body, what next? (link); an abundance of optimism from Mitch McConnel (link).
16 Zeit fleisch: is Boehner getting out of the way? (And Todd Rundgren's The Last Ride) (link).
15 John McCain wants his party to acknowledge defeat and end the shutdown (link).
7 Low House approval ratings and polling (link).
6 Boehner's failure to lead during the federal government shutdown (link).
4 A dorm at a state-run college pushes the envelope on separation of church and state (link).
1 Polling shows GOP out on a limb in government shutdown (link).
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September, 2013

30 Conservative Republican anger (link); Blood Sweat and Tears (link).
29 Uninformative reporting on the federal budget (link).
27 The Republicans really shouldn't be in a position to hold the country hostage (link).
26 Fact checking Ted Cruz's long speech (link).
24 The Star Spangled Banner, done well (link), Senator Ted Cruz begins his long speech against Health Care Reform (link).
22 Republican's use Obama's handling of healthcare law as an excuse for backing out of immigration reform (link).
19 Sarah Harmer (link); the GOP's weird cousins in Washington putting Boehner in a bind (link).
17 In spite of low support, only a small minority want Obamacare defunded (link).
14 Low turnout in NYC Mayoral election in spite of stark differences between candidates (link).
12 Seems some reject Obama's position on action against Syria just because it's Obama's position (link).
10 Three southern states not going along with Pentagon actions on ending DOMA (link).
9 Bloomberg complains that Independents can't vote in NYC primaries. (link).
8 Boston's changing demographics upend the politics. (link).
2 John Kerry's "trust us on our Syria information" appeal to Russia isn't persuasive. (link).
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August, 2013

24 Changes at Rasmussen Reports, as Scott Rasmussen exits polling firm (link); perhaps we should have just called it "ReaganCare" (link).
20 World Party plays "She's the One," current tour. (link).
18 Is Biden on a mission from God? (Reactions to an event in Richard Ben Cramer's What It Takes. (link).
13 Hillary Clinton says the obvious, fueling speculation and fluster. (link).
12 A good for justice: NYC's "Stop and Frisk" thrown out, and DOJ throws a hurdle in front of draconian mandatory drug sentences (link).
6 GOP riled up over television network plans to make docudramas of Hillary Clinton (link).
2 Hugh Laurie's ode to America (link).
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July, 2013

30 A possible contribution to Charles Hynes's exit from his position as Brooklyn DA (link); charter school gets goalposts moved through political leverage (link).
26 A slap on the wrist for Halliburton over the Deepwater Horizon disaster (gulf spill) (link).
24 The greatness of New York City, and its fresh produce (link).
23 Jerry O'Sullivan (link); Spitzer and Weiner (link).
22 Ali! and Madolin! (link); the fears of wine collectors from Hurricane Sandy (link).
18 More evidence that Darrell Issa's IRS "scandal" is a nothing burger (link).
17 Jerry Garcia night with the Boston Pops (link); the GOP's scorch and burn policies over the budget continue (link).
16 Filibuster facedown over nominees (link); Test your woofers with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band (link); Liz Cheney is running for US Senator from Wyoming, opening old wounds and reinviting discussion (link).
14 "Blowin in the Wind," by Mountain (link); George Zimmerman: guilt and justice (link).
13 Angst, on YouTube (link).
12 Hillary Clinton's speaking fees (link).
7 Head of the IMF warns our budget cuts will slow our growth (link); Eliot Spitzer returning to politics (link).
4 For the 4th of July, selections of classical music by American composers (link); cherry-picking Founding Fathers quotations (link).
3 Choral music by Vagn Holmboe (link); "Cruel necessity" and the approach-avoid conflict over deposing Morsi in Egypt (link).
1 Egypt's democratically elected Morsi is being threatened (link).
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June, 2013

30 The SCOTUS gutting of the Voting Rights Act is bad, and those who imagine positive responses are too optimistic (link).
27 Remembering Alan Meyers, known for being DEVO's drummer (link).
25 Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act (link); IRS "scandal" is groundless (link).
22 Choral music from Vytautas Miškinis (link).
21 The ever-safe Farm Bill was defeated in the House; will Boehner continue to pursue the "Hastert Rule"? (link).
19 Rick Scott still polling behind Charlie Crist for FL governor (link).
16 Dick Cheney's self-serving comments on the NSA and preventing 9/11 (link).
14 Jingoism: England has not lost a cricket game since the War (link).
9 Why the over-booking of John McCain on the Sunday talk shows matters to the national dialogue (link).
5 Milt Jackson (link); pointlessly, House Republicans vote to defund ACORN, which no longer exists (link); Washington Post approaches a paywall, introducing new questions about what to link to (link).
3 Obama nominates three for a key appellate court, inviting confrontation. (link).
2 Fiddle lamentations. (link).
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May, 2013

30 Would anyone but a clown show up at a banquet of NY Republicans? Well, Texas's Ted Cruz would. (link).
28 Darrell Issa continues to bark up the wrong tree over Benghazi (link).
27 Memorial Day, Britten's War Requiem, and commerce (link); the Roman Catholic Church in the US has been providing birth control coverage (link).
21 New music from The National (link); America is able to think past Darrell Issa, and recognize the need for action on climate change (link).
19 How underfunding the IRS has promoted the problems of targeting for efficiency (link).
14 Public interest in Benghazi is not increasing, in spite of GOP efforts (link).
13 So now the government has been subpoenaing AP phone records? (link).
12 Steve Winwood's birthday (link); GOP's own bias in wanting an investigation of the IRS (link); more Republican efforts to block the Democratic majority (link); Happy Mothers Day (link).
11 Leroy Justice (link); Darrel Issa doesn't care about the CIA's poor Benghazi performance (link); the IRS and political profiling (link).
8 Belief in the bogey-man of crushing deficits hasn't panned out yet (link).
6 Brick-and-mortar music discovery (composer James MacMillan) and the Internet sales tax (link).
4 Canadian-born Ted Cruz for President? (link); Fox News's unique reporting of good news on the economy (link).
2 Political effort to step in on funding scientific research (link)
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April, 2013

29 Toumani Diabete (link); where was Bernie Sanders when the Senate voted to ease FAA furloughs? (link)
28 Sandra Day O'Connor expresses regrets over the SCOTUS intervening in the 2000 Bush-Gore election (link).
23 Lindsey Graham trying to block Secretary of Energy nominee unless he gets his way on a South Carolina program (link).
21 Eagerness to set aside the Constitution in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing (link).
17 The conspiracy theorists and the Boston Marathon bombing (link).
16 A bipartisan report concludes it's indisputable we tortured, that knowledge went straight to the top, and that there's no evidence it yielded us anything (link).
14 No evidence that John Kerry was persuasive with China re North Korea (link).
11 As a gun vote looms, CNN airs the opinions of celebrity gun owner Ted Nugent (link).
10 Senator Inhofe gives Newtown families a cold shoulder (link).
9 There will be a gun law vote, but on what? (link); habitat loss, body lice, and Aimee Mann (link).
8 The value of an active NLRB (link).
2 Trashcan Sinatras: Twisted and Bent (link).
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March, 2013

31 Corporations don't want to hire because there aren't enough jobs to create demand (link).
30 NYC sick leave, and the mayoral race (link).
27 If we went into Iraq for oil, we didn't do a very good job at it (link); Todd Akin makes it into a TV plot line (link).
23 Jason Spooner (link).
22 MSNBC's Hubris documentary, and Bob Graham (link); RNC not happy with faux scandals, wants to capture Democrats' embarrassing moments (link).
19 Memories of the run-up to the war in Iraq (link).
17 Warm up exercises to discussing the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq (link).
16 John Snow, epedemiology, and GIS (link); homosexuality becomes personally relevant for Senator Rob Portman, who then revises his position on marriage equality (link).
12 MSNBC's Chris Matthews applauds a guest sticking to the facts after his own free-ranging speculation on the Catholic Church (link); if economists wrote "Dummy" books, would they have to confront so many zombie lies? (link).
10 Paul Ryan's budget is based on the irrational assumption that Obamacare won't exist (link).
4 The Daily Caller's scandal mongering over baseless stories about Robert Menendez (link).
3 Speaker John Boehner lies about what Obama has offered in negotiations (link).
1 GOP attempts to control the sequestration narrative (link).
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February, 2013

24 Tom Coburn thinks Hagel will be seen as "damaged goods" by the rest of the world, ignoring his role in the damaging (link).
21 Pew now including even more cell phone users in its research (link).
18 GOP games now extend to immigration reform (link).
16 Marsha Blackburn's stupid comments on the minimum wage (link).
14 Bob Goldthwait (link); the "Friends of Hamas" smear on Chuck Hagel (link).
12 Bernie Sanders (link); speculation over Pope Benedict (link).
10 Lindsey Graham's petulant efforts to block Hagel and Brennan nominations. (link).
9 Obama's freedom to be bold, as a lame duck. (link).
4 They Might Be Giants' video shot at the World's Fair (link); in efforts to redistrict Florida to the advantage of the GOP, legislative aids got too directly invlolved (link); NY Governor Cuomo acting to buy out residents in Sandy-damaged areas (link).
3 Paul Hindemith's Kammermusik (link); White House releases a photo of Obama shooting skeet, in response to silly controversy (link).
1 Republicans think the the government is a major threat to their rights and freedoms (link).
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January, 2013

30 Shake-up at CNN, and an appreciation of Soledad O'Brien's work (link).
27 The GOP works to perfect its position as a victim (link).
26 More evidence of how corporations are unable to police themselves (link).
25 Some states are looking at twisting the way they award Electoral College votes against the majority of their state's voters (link).
23 Guns in schools (link).
21 Obama's inauguration speech's progressive tone (link).
19 Considering Obama's first term (link); roots of Northern Irish love of the Union Jack (link); GOP concessions over the debt ceiling (link).
16 Marco Rubio's irrational argument for a President who can't issue executive orders (link).
15 Another metaphor for refusing to raise the debt ceiling (link).
12 The White House's rejection of a platinum coin returns us to the question of how the debt ceiling negotiations are likely to proceed (link).
9 NJ politician says Chris Christie prayed for a calamity like Sandy (link).
6 An angry Vermont teacher and his AR-15 (link); neighborhoods change over 20 years (link).
4 Gerald Trimble (link); John Boehner now says he will negotiate with Obama directly (link).
2 Republican's poor showing in the fiscal cliff negotiations (link).
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