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December, 2012

30 Darcy James Argue's Secret Society (link); Republicans continue to pursue obstruction, in spite of November losses (link).
27 Mitch McConnell resurrects the "blank check" lie (link).
26 The pleasure of seeing truth prevail (link); are guns a false idol? (link).
19 Post Newtown, roadblocks to increased gun safety requirements (link).
18 Prokofiev's 5th piano sonata (link); the head of NY's MTA wants to explore running for mayor (link).
16 Ages of the Newtown massacre victims, and calls for responsibility (link).
14 World Party, in Albany, and playing a left-handed guitar even though you're right-handed (link); Newtown massacre, and the personalization of legal initiatives (link).
13 Chuck Hagel's bona fides for Secretary of Defense (link).
11 John Boehner and his wife Debbie discuss Christmas gifts (link).
10 Charlie Crist's move to join the Democrats is a movie we've seen before (link).
9 Thomas Franks, The Generals (link).
5 Chicago, I'm a Man (link); GOP has a potential minority ambassador in George W Bush (link); Marco Rubio tries to clarify his position on science (link).
3 Wayward Republicans getting purged from House committee seats (link).
2 Nature's Way, Randy California, and environment songs (link).
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November, 2012

29 Trashcan Sinatras, I Wish You'd Met Her (link); the UN votes for special status for Palestine (link).
28 BP banned from government contracts over Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (link).
25 Obama fears drive gun and ammo sales up (link); Missouri reluctance to reach out to the poor (link).
23 Should Romney have fought harder for Pennsylvania? (link).
20 Ruppert Murdoch refused to give Obama credit over Sandy response, despite Christie requests (link).
19 Marco Rubio plays to fundamentalists over the age of the earth (link).
18 Benghazi hyperbole drives Mike Rogers to air wild speculations (link).
14 In a post mortem, Romney puts his elitism on display again (link).
13 If the GOP wants better Presidential candidates, they need to get better at grooming them (link).
11 "The War Was in Color," by Carbon Leaf (link); Encounter with a veteran, on "The West Wing" (link); no accountability for Karl Rove, even as Super PACs work out their kinks (link); Allen West not giving up yet (link); Nate Silver evaluate's polling company accuracy (link).
6 Obama's reelection solidifies the concept of a change of eras (link).
4 Romney's closing arguments don't matter, because he's always been lying. Plus, some Mozart. (link).
1 Post-Sandy, Bloomberg endorses Obama. But does it matter? (link).
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October, 2012

31 A superior candidate shouldn't need to lie as often as Mitt Romney does (link).
30 Sandy report: unlike many others, we're fine (link).
29 When the Levee Breaks, by Del Rey (link).
28 What if there were no Electoral College? (link).
24 Romney charges Obama with a four year advance in the calendar (link); imports, exports, and health care costs (link); Sarah Palin goes racial with "shuck and jive" (link).
23 Romney displays ignorance in the third debate (foreign policy) on the map of Iran and its dependency on Syria (link).
20 Romantic, passionate Scriabin (link); the difficulty of reading small differences in polls (link).
17 Romney's binders comment, and My Little Red Book (link); would-be jihadist plot to blow up the Federal Reserve invites my skepticism about our danger (link); the second Presidential debate (link).
16 Law breaking by a major poultry producer shows why regulations are necessarry (link).
14 Hoping that Obama will do better in 2nd debate than in 1st (link).
9 The US government is suing Wells Fargo for mortgage fraud (link).
8 Support your local Historical Society! Or adopt another one... (link).
7 The new 7.8% unemployment figure, and a reminder about margins of error (link).
4 Do conservatives care about the "new Romney" in the first Presidential debate? (link).
2 Gawker's John Cook thinks that the Romney-airplane windows story is rooted in media bias (link).
1 Department of Justice files charges against Bear Stearns (link); Romney, and Ohio's economy (link); American Express required to refund $85 million (link).
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September, 2012

30 New comment system installed (Disqus) (link); Paul Ryan relies on smoke and mirrors in discussing the Romney tax plan (link).
27 Todd Akin, candidate for Senate, complains his opponent wasn't very "ladylike" in debate (link).
24 A more detailed analysis shows the superficial nature of most analyses of Obama's standing with White Middle Class voters (link); Romney and airplane windows (link).
23 Economic turnaround in Vermont? (link); Up With Chris Hayes panelist (link).
20 Jean Sibelius (link); Harry Reid makes sure that Scott Brown attends his debate with Elizabeth Warren (link); Democrats now showing more enthusiasm than Republicans (link); West Wing reunion video highlights issues with ballot formats (link).
19 Josh Barro schools Bloomberg TV over Romney's 47% remarks and the roots of why so many people don't pay income tax (link).
17 Romney's bitter gun owner moment, and the government teat. Mere marketing? (link).
14 Romney's superior cash reserves (link).
12 Voter suppression efforts leave no room for over-confidence (link).
10 How Romney is losing the economics argument (link); fear mongering over the outcome of Romney vs. Obama (link).
8 Obama's lead over Romney isn't just Romney vs. Obama (link); measuring the impact of conventions by just the horse race is short-sighted (link); some Henry Purcell (link).
6 Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler tries really hard to have a problem with Bill Clinton's convention speech (link).
3 How could the Romney campaign be so stupid as to ask us if we're better off than we were four years ago? (link).
2 Elmira, NY (link).
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August, 2012

31 Clint Eastwood at the GOP convention, and Wanda Jackson (link).
24 GOP convention plans show another effort to win the Catholic vote (link).
22 How Romney's plans will hurt today's seniors (link).
19 MO Senate candidate Todd Akin claims women who have been "legitimately raped" won't get pregnant (link).
16 Paul Ryan talks Medicare to a very safe audience (link); those charging Obama with seeking the spotlight have done the same (link).
14 John Sununu's false effort to distance Romney from Ryan's health care plans (link); serious faults in Paul Ryan's understanding of economics (link).
12 The premise that Paul Ryan will aid Romney in cutting deficits is absurd. (link).
11 Paul Ryan is another case study in a poor VP pick. (link).
8 Jerks with guns aren't enough of an argument to strike down the Second Amendment. (link).
7 "Fact Checkers" are not infallible. Failures at the Washington Post. (link).
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July, 2012

29 At Powerline, Steven Hayward tries to downplay the significance of the conversion of a climate chane skeptic (link).
28 Coping with business travel and time zone differences (link).
21 Romney's lies, and how you have to recognize that they are deliberate (link).
17 Sen. Jim DeMint (R, SC) is trying to block a bill to benefit those who might have been poisoned at Camp Lejeune (link).
15 Some clarification on Romney and Bain, via MSNBC's UP with Chris (link).
13 Romney and Bain (link).
11 Requiring photo IDs of the press is not like requiring photo IDs of voters, in spite of the fools who blog about it (link).
8 Heat, and Summer in the City (link); how Obamacare removes uncertainty for businesses (link).
5 Romney and the RNC raise over $100 million in June (link).
3 America wants to move past the Obamacare debate (link); Allen West says Obama wants to enslave America (link).
1 Mississippi's twists and turns to ban abortion (link).
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June, 2012

28 John Roberts's surprising support for Obama's health care mandate, and the reform. (link).
27 Is Issa's crusade against "Fast and Furious" just smoke and blather? (link).
24 Some farmers may disagree with the principles of farm subsidies, but have they thought through the implications of their absence? (link).
21 The Supreme Court weighs in again against Unions, and I contend that the SCOTUS would astonish the "Founding Fathers" (link).
20 In the Presidential campaign, secret donations are mostly spent on spreading disinformation (link).
19 Obama campaign files suit against Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS, but justice probably won't come soon enough (link).
18 Me and Chuck (link).
16 Ulrich Horn, Max Reger cello piece, and "less important" composers (link).
14 In dueling speeches, harsh words from Obama and lies from Romney (link).
13 Senator Lindsey Graham pushes for ineffective offshore drilling (link).
10 Romney camp seizes opportunity of Obama's "the private sector is doing fine" statement (link); Rush Limbaugh's latest Obama complaint regards how to throw a baseball (link).
9 Romney's lies, shouting louder, and Citizens United (link).
4 Wisconsin should feel flattered by how much out-of-state money is being spent to sway their votes in the recall election (link).
3 Scott Walker insists Wisconsin won't return to peace unless he survives his recall election (link).
1 Jeb Bush rejects the concept of Grover Norquist's pledge, but not the point behind it (link).
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May, 2012

29 What does Romney's embrace of Donald Trump tell us about Romney? (link); jobs wait for skilled workers, but the GOP blocks the educational funding (link).
27 Honoring those who served and died for our country (link).
22 Mitt Romey refuses to tell the truth abou how successful Romney Care is (link).
21 Corey Booker flirts with false equivalency over Bain Capital (link).
20 The NAACP endorses marriage equality (link).
15 Phony outrage from the Right as the White House Web site connects historical dots (link).
14 Seventh Avenue clears out for Obama (link).
13 Mitt Romney's commencement address to Liberty University (link).
11 A very odd lottery bet pays off (link).
10 Belatedly, Colin Powell talks about the lack of discussion regardin invading Iraq. Such a soldier. (link).
9 White House kabuki over marriage equality? (link); here's to the left behind military moms and dads (link).
8 Birtherism in North Carolina (link).
6 I hate it when I miss Kierkegaard's birthday (link); the problems with using a Rasmussen poll to support your point (link).
4 Romney shows his ignorance in economics, says unemployment should be as low as it's rarely been (link).
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April, 2012

30 So much easier during the foolish Bush bubble years (link).
29 Peter Haycock (guitarist) (link).
27 Hovland and Sherif's communication experiments show how Republicans grew to accept their party's rightward extremism (link).
26 A chart shows that Europe, practicing austerity, has not fared as well as the US (link).
25 Oddly, Robert Gates allies himself with Condoleezza Rice in a consulting firm (link).
24 Over-the-top evocations of Hitler (link).
22 Romney's economic plans emulate George Bush's (link).
19 The soft interview questions which Mitt Romney likes (link); missing Levon Helm (link).
17 Republican crowds still show no signs of diversity (link); saluting Tom Friedman, Atrios's Wanker of the Decade (link).
15 Mitt Romney will say anything and everything to get elected, and IS (link); women in the Florida Senate cross the aisle to stop Republican overreaching (link).
14 A panel on baseball and its color line at the Metropolitan Museum of Art included Dale Murphy, my favorite player (link).
11 Republicans continue to be tone deaf regarding women (link).
10 Darkness, by State of the Union (link); the comment system is going to change, if you have suggestions please make them (link); do the Republicans really have an opportunity with Hispanics? (link);.
4 The social psychology principles which make it important that a Republican identifies our interrogation techniques as torture (link).
2 The Supreme Court approves strip search for anyone who's arrested, no matter how minor the offense (link).
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March, 2012

31 Scott Walker's power grab and campaign to bust the unions hits a pretty big speed bump (link).
30 Scalia thinks the public mandate on health care will lead to us all being forced to eat broccoli (link).
27 Why I am totally cool with Mitt Romney's California house having car elevators (link).
22 Classical guitar performance by Cristiano Porqueddu (link).
21 Romney's moment of triumph ruined by a spokesperson saying he can change as rapidly as erasing an Etch-A-Sketch (link).
20 Romney's inartful, deceitful attempt to blur Bush's economy into Obama's (link).
19 How to tell your relatives that the price of gasoline isn't Obama's fault (link).
17 The economics of the Bush years were overrated (link).
15 On my trip to Washington DC I saw both Grover Norquist and David Addington (link).
11 An unprecedented two-hour television discussion (on Israel), with accompanying histrionics (link).
8 Romney's popularity with wealthier Republican voters is fitting (link); some groups that operate politically object to scrutiny from the IRS (link).
7 Virginia's governor signs a bill forcing women desiring an abortion to have an ultrasound (link).
6 Rush Limbaugh will be enshrined in the Hall of Famous Missourians? Seriously? (link).
4 I don't know if extreme partisanship was inevitable, but the Yeats line ("the center cannot hold") makes it easier to take it for granted (link).
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February, 2012

28 For all the lack of appeal of Santorum's positions, his candidacy helps clarify the differences between Republicans and Democrats (link).
27 Santorum campaign tries to blame the whole college-elitist thing on a lack of clarity from Obama (link).
26 Tal Farlow (link); an artisanal mayonnaise shop? huh? (link).
25 Santorum is in favor of dumbing down America (not really, but he lies about Obama and college educations) (link).
23 Republicans don't consistently dislike compromise (link).
21 Economic optimism on the rise (link).
20 Economic impact of gay marriage restrictions (link).
16 Too few of the candidates for President are making substantive arguments (link); RIP Gary Carter, the '86 WS was very exciting (link); climate change deniers are looking for an entree into school classes (link).
15 Obama doesn't need to defend his having a Super-PAC. (link).
13 Whitney Houston wasn't the first to die at a too-early age. (link).
11 The North Carolina legislature tried to time a gay marriage bill for a day when they expected low Democratic turnout. But things don't always work out that way. (link).
9 CPAC song session (link).
8 A new Southern Strategy: minimize Democrats through re-districting (link).
7 Will the Right be satisfied with an accommodation for church-led institutions on contraceptives? (link).
6 Optimism plays against Republicans, and so Karl Rove complains about the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl ad (link).
5 Skipping the Super Bowl (link).
4 Newt Gingrich's class warfare (link); airlines pushing back about having to build taxes into their advertised prices (link); activists see transit and conservation as a UN conspiracy (link).
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January, 2012

31 Republican voters may be unenthusiastic about their Presidential candidates, but that doesn't mean they won't coalesce by November (link).
28 Warren Buffet's secretary's tax rate isn't the point (link).
26 NJ Governor Chris Christie attempts to dodge the Gay Marriage issue (link).
25 Errors from Politifact (link); Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch (link).
24 Gingrich labels Obama "the Food Stamp President," but the hunger comes from George W Bush's recession (link).
23 Mitt Romney tries to sow doubt to deflect suspicions from himself (link).
21 Newt Gingrich says he'd arrest judges he disagrees with (link); Michael Kinsley gets called out by Kevin Drum and Paul Krugman (link).
18 Buyer's remorse over Barack Obama (link); I See the Rain, by Marmalade (link); anecdote about Conor Cruise O'Brien at the UN (link); reclaiming Edmund Burke from the conservatives (link); Obama over Romney in early polling (link).
17 Anger over Citizens United is equal among Democrats, independents, and Republicans. (link).
16 Frumkin channels Colbert in a series on Citizens United. (link).
15 Conditioned by PBS to expect pledge breaks. (link).
13 What can Martin Luther King Jr. teach us about the 1%? (link).
11 Warren Buffet vs. Mitch McConnell on what millionaires should pay in taxes (link).
9 How a lack of enthusiasm among Republicans could huurt the GOP (link); exciting news, Todd Palin has endorsed Newt Gingrich (link).
8 Rick Perry says we should re-invade Iraq. (link).
5 Mitt Romney, of all people, says Obama sounds like Marie Antoinette (link).
3 Liars and truth tellers in the Republican presidential field (link).
2 When states are forced to deal with substandard providers because of the difficulty in entering a market, does this suggest that our society is actually worse off than we know? (link).
1 Newt Gingrich claims Obama is trying to steal the 2012 election by resisting voter ID laws (link); wishing you a better year (link).
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