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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mitt Romney faces an unfriendly interviewer.

Well, perhaps an "interviewer" from isn't that difficult for Romney. But some of the questions really look like the interviewer tried to set Romney's hair on fire:

O'Connor,'s editor-in-chief and host of "The Stage Right Show," cited the role of nonprofit organizations, Media Matters specifically, alleging that "these organizations that are attacking you are nonprofit and they're working on the campaign. Hopefully we can have you call on an investigation on them."

Romney, as you know, won't go before a tough camera; he just won't. Whether or not you think, as Romney seems to, that there's some "quote, vast left-wing conspiracy," you'd have to agree that Romney isn't prepping enough for the fall campaign. There are going to be more difficult questions, and America needs someone who's conversant with the issues and can be specific about what their vision for the future is, someone who sets aside the lies about Obama having made the economy worse and spurious analyses about job losses.

Romney needs to show his moxie and sit down with a legitimate set of journalists. Show he can take them all on and be persuasive.

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