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December, 2011

30 Mitt Romney accuses Obama of sounding like Marie Antoinette (link); NYC not offering free mass transit on New Year's Eve (link).
28 Brahms Piano Quartet in Gm, Andante (link); Rick Perry moves further to the right on abortions, now rules them out for rape and incest (link).
27 Plane emergency averted by a Muslim (link).
22 Loudon Wainwright III has the Paul Krugman Blues (link); John Boehner and the GOP failure over the payroll tax (link).
20 John Boehner tries to make us believe that the GOP was always willing to do a full year payroll tax reduction extension (link); Apple gets a questionable patent (link).
18 Newt Gingrich's anti-Constitutional approoach to overcoming the courts, and Jon Stewart warns off Republicans (link); are the Iowa caucuses that relevant? (link).
17 Are more frequent jelly fish blossoms another symptom of environmental crisis? (link).
14 Lawrence Lessig on the Daily Show (link).
13 With Lowe's discontinuing its advertising on "All American Muslims," Home Depot has an opportunity for the moral high ground (link).
11 The way the GOP has ignored its promises (not just failed to deliver) shows its untrustworthiness (link).
8 Jason Spooner (link); Newt Gingrich's lies (link).
6 Right wing myths about food stamps (link).
4 So beholden to the concept that tax cuts for the rich represent effective jobs stimulus, a member of the Super Committee punts when confronted with the lack of a relationship (link).
3 Herman Cain mostly withdraws from the campaign (link).
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November, 2011

30 I don't believe the Eurozone crisis has been solved yet (link).
29 Stray stuff (link).
28 ABC's web site headlines Herman Cain's latest accuser with a discussion of her financial troubles (link); Chick-Fil-A has a silly problem with a Montpelier artist who sells "Eat More Kale" t-shirts (link).
27 Ronald Lauder's tax shelters are astonishing; can't they be capped? (link).
25 Congressional approval ratings are low (that's not news) but how is it according the party of the representative? (link).
24 GOP instransigence over the Health Care position isn't likely to change with a different nominee (link).
21 GOP opportunities to capitalize on the deficit are limited by Americans' awareness on the economy (link); Newt's plan to force kids to work recalls a MoveOn ad (link); Super-committee failure shows Republicans' dangerous love for cliffs (link).
19 Cops pepper-spray UC Davis students, who then shame the cops (link); Bob Newhart's Lincoln routine predicted the marketing of politicians (link).
18 The importance of observing Evacuation Day. (link).
15 Where's the data on what would happen if specific candidates drop out? (link).
14 Herman Cain's claim to be more deliberate than Obama goes against the "Obama dithering" charge (link).
13 In praise of MSNBC's "Up with Chris Hayes" (link); John Hinderaker's over the top accusation of the left (link).
11 Bill O'Reilly's Lincoln book has so many errors, Lincoln museums won't sell it (link); Jon Stewart on Rick Perry's brain fart (link).
9 Immodest charity (link).
8 John Kasich overstepped in Ohio, and gets slapped down by the voters (link); is Herman Cain playing for time with his sexual harassment scandal? (link).
6 Signs of desperation on the Right re Occupy movement (link).
3 How Herman Cain's sexual harassment scandal is, and is not, like Jones Town (link).
2 Great bass work (link).
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October, 2011

30 Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, and the race card (link); the heartless Halloween costumes at a law firm that helps foreclose mortgages (link).
28 Prosecutors pounce on retired Long Island Rail Road workers accused of abusing the disability system (link).
26 Paul Ryan threatens class warfare (link).
25 Gentle Giant (link).
24 Are people dying because of a lack of moblity? (link); Lindsey Graham realizes the importance of foreign aid (link); end of the Euro Zone? (link).
22 Romney forgets that Iraq is a sovereign nation when describing how our exit wouldn't have occurred under his Presidency (link).
20 Carbon Leaf (link); Herman Cain has back-pedaled and flip-flopped so much that no one knows what he really stands for (link).
18 Vagn Holmboe accordion piece (link); news coverage tilts positive for GOP presidential candidates, but very negative for Obama (link).
16 Small-brand Hallowe'en candies (link); politicians' approach-avoid conflict with Occupy Wall Street (link).
15 Rick Parry's ideas for turning the country around are based on the energy industry (link); businesses say Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is a job killer (link).
14 A panel is recommending that former attorney general for Kansas be disbarred for his unethical behavior in pursuing an anti-abortion agenda (link).
13 More evidence that those working for government aren't overpaid (link).
12 A New York Times magazine article claims there hasn't been a Republican party establishment since 1964 (link).
9 Peter King is more likely to be a member of the IRA than Obama is to be a Muslim plant (link); even Rasmussen's sample, which tilts Republican, still blames Bush for the economy (link); election fraud in Arizona (link).
8 In some places the housing bust is returning land to farming (link); communities losing their post offices fear losing their town community center, but are these the types that look for smaller government? (link).
7 Why the income growth disparity matters (link).
5 RIP Steve Jobs (link).
4 The Daily Show reminds us that racist place-names exist throughout the country (link); An Obama official steps out of role and criticizes Rick Perry (link).
2 Koch brothers do business with Iran (link); Rick Perry's "Niggerhead" ranch problem (link).
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September, 2011

30 Tea Party thoughts of a primary challenge to Dick Lugar show their extremism and foolhardiness (link).
28 Economists' projections that Obama's jobs plan could prevent a double dip recession aren't in the news enough (link).
26 They Might Be Giants (link); Utica's Riggies (link); Boehner's loose grip on his coalition, and how that coalition threatens their majority (link).
25 Birthday-candle wishes for a new president in 2012 are going to come true (link).
22 The over-heated myth of the $16 muffin (link).
19 Kinks fans get additional validation from a Toyota Prius ad (link); Dick Cheney loves law breakers (link); Obama's veto threats are conditional and don't go as far as some have reported (link).
18 Lindsey Graham sideswipes Obama's "Buffet Plan" as being too small to care about, ignoring it will pay for Obama's jobs plan (link).
17 Special election defeats for Democrats aren't as serious as the 24/7 news cycles want to make them out to be (link).
15 Travel notice (link).
14 Bartok viola concerto (link); surprise: the aerospace industry argues against cuts in defense spending (link).
13 Harry Nilsson trio (link); polling wonkery: overall ratings and attribute ratings (link); lying during debates occurs because no one checks them as it happens (link).
11 Are we defined by 9/11 and our reactions to it? (link).
8 Life before 9/11 is overrated (link); Obama should take Eric Cantor on his cross-country road trip, and other thoughts on economic hardships (link); partisan attention shows that Republicans have too little interest in Obama's jobs speech (link).
6 The New York Times' Bill Keller pleads common ignorance over Iraq and WMD's, but that doesn't cut it (link).
5 Democrats underestimate the intelligence of the American people by looking for bumper sticker communication (link).
2 While some college grads truly scramble for jobs, some are forced to become rock stars (link).
1 Bruce Hornsby and the Noisemakers (link); Eric Cantor missed his chance to be compassionate and fiscally conservative (link).
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August, 2011

30 Is Christine O'Donnell's book agent a witch? (link).
29 Kansas wants to conceal its rationale behind the abortion clinic regulations (link).
28 Irene wreaking havoc on Vermont (link); no pity for insurance companies having to pay for Irene damage (link); conservatives label Obama's Irene involvement as merely a photo-op (link).
27 Rick Perry keeping his campaign travel expenses hidden from Texans (link); complicated prep for Irene -- have governments overreacted? (link).
26 Burnes and Schreiber (link); poll suggests the GOP shouldn't tread on Obama (link); trailer for The Man Without A Facebook (link).
25 CIA efforts to suppress an agent's memoirs (link); the GOP can look forward to new candidates like Fred Thompson (link); northeat politicians, learning from the Christmas blizzard, are taking Irene seriously (link); three Grand Slams in a game (link).
24 Clarence Thomas's hate for the "elites" (link); aria from Verdi's Don Carlo (link); Paul Ryan battles for his big corp poltical donors (link).
23 Dexter Gordon (link); earthquakes, filling news time, and Tea Partiers (link); Rick Perry will say anything to get elected (link); Eric Cantor's stupidity over the economy, on public display (link).
22 Rick Perry's publisher should be jubilant, but Perry's staff acts like the book is irrelevant (link).
21 Reflections on traveling through New York state (link); how to gve Ronald Reagan credit for the fall of Qaddafi (link).
18 Ron Paul's quotability, this time on Rick Perry (link); Elizabeth Warren establishes an exploratory committee to run for Senate (link); we take our child to college (link).
17 "Dead End Street," by the Kinks, in honor of the povertous (link); in August silly season, Republicans start complaining about Obama's Canadian bus, even though the Secret Service wanted this one specifically (link); the stage at the Indiana Fair escaped a regulatory inspection because it wasn't considered a "structure" link).
16 Mitt Romney's "corporations are people" comment provokes yet another postng of the Trashcan Sinatras' video "People" (link); Paul Ryan will take your questions, but only if you pay him $15 (link); Anderson Cooper's 8 PM ratings are worse than Eliot Spitzer's (link).
15 The difficulty of calculating the cost of the wars in Ira and Afghanistan (link).
14 Yves Smith punctures the "businesses need certainty" mentality (link); Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall sing "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" (link); death of Paul Meier, who brought randomization to experiments and drug testing (link).
13 Chuck Grassley gives a shout-out to a five page report he couldn't be bothered to actually read (link).
12 The Modern Jazz Quartet, and friendship (link); how the weakness of the Republican field limits progress (link).
11 Mitt Romney's corporations are people, and Barbra Streisand serenades (link).
10 The original Tea Partiers were terrorists (link); Republicans claim they might be open to tax increases (link); Boehner blame the Democrats for the downgrade, ignoring his own direct role (link); Standard & Poor's, having made a mathematical mistake in downgrading the US, wants less scrutiny of its business (link).
9 Paul Ryan thinks he was vindicated by Standard & Poor's downgrade, and not part of the problem they cited (link).
8 The law of the commons should have worked to limit the Republicans' negotiation tactics over the debt deal (link); Standard & Poor's was very clear about Republican brinksmanship and its relevance to the downgrade (link).
7 The importance of appreciating how much the Republicans contributed to the downgrade (link); Paul Krugman discusses the implications of Standard & Poor's $2 trillion error in its initial report (link).
6 In downgrading the US credit rating, Standard & Poor's ignores its own role in creating the economic crisis (link).
5 CNN's John King provides biased commentary over the Standard & Poor's downgrade of US credit rating (link).
4 Wall Street's negative raction following the debt deal (link).
3 Republicans warn of future hard line stances, and I had early misgivings about Obama being too flexible (link).
2 YouTube videos to distract us from the pain of the debts ceiling agreement (link); there's too little in the debt ceiling agreement for us to call it a "deal" (link).
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July, 2011

31 We have a pretty good idea of what's in the debt ceiling agreement, and know we won't like it (link).
30 This House is not For Sale, by Ryan Adams (link); continued underestimations of the depths of economic downturns (link); OSHA fine shows how businesses can't self-regulate (link); GOP believes in welching on our debts (link).
28 Music on the hammered dulcimer (link); John Boehner and the woman he woke up with (link); the political implications of small cuts to the wallet (link); Obama loses serious ground with Independents (link); Microsoft's evolving or devolving PowerPoint (link); Boehner forces a vote on a DOA budget proposal, they kind of vote he used to disparage (link); Obama may be discounting the left in favor of Independents (link).
27 The GOP may want to revisit the debt ceiling again so soon because it sucks all the oxygen out of the room, leaving little time for any other progress (link).
26 Melissa Harris-Perry, guesting for Rachel Maddow, grafts a headline about bad economic metaphors onto a discussion about the plights of minorities (link).
24 The debt ceiling is basically double jeopardy (link); two ways of looking at GOP politics (link); Gesualdo madrigals (link); the GOP's political maneuvering over the debt ceiling (link).
23 In the wake of the killings in Oslo, a right winger says the problem is that more adults don't carry guns (link).
22 Some in Phoenix take umbrage over the use of the Arabic term "haboob" (link).
21 Irresponsibility from GOP freshmen over the debt ceiling, plus Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House" (link).
20 Silly optimisim over debt ceiling negotiations (link); laughable offer for my website (link).
19 Allen West vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (link); irrational exuberance over the debt ceiling negotiations (link).
18 "Morning Dew," by the Jeff Beck Group (link); the Murdoch scandal and PM David Cameron (link); a victim pleads for mercy for his assailant (link).
17 Cello and hip-hop (link); New York City is losing its diversity and grit (link).
16 James B Stewart's book on dishonesty seems to open dishonestly (link); area man confronts turtle (link); we should have incandescent bulbs just because lots of people might want them (link).
15 The Republicans aren't taking the threat of default and losing our good reputation very seriously (link).
13 "If One of Us Should Fall," by the Slip (link); Mitch McConnell's honest talk about the politics of the debt ceiling (link).
12 Mitch McConnell's unstrustworthy offer on the debt ceiling (link).
11 Barbara Jordan's speech to the 1976 Democratic National Convention (link).
10 Rick Scott's profit orientation in health services (link); Carl Orff on the ukulele (link); John Boehner goes out further on a limb (link); Education cuts risk drop out rates and poverty (link).
8 The importance of holding fast on entitlement benefits (link).
7 The US is so not like Greece (link).
6 President Clinton ties voter ID laws to the days of Jim Crow (link); Mark Bittman presents another argument for Meatless Mondays (link).
4 Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected, flipping again on a flip-flop (link); the political future of those who voted for Marriage Equality in New York State is uncertain (link).
3 Transit cutbacks in Los Angeles, bicycle gender gap in NYC, a controversial bike lane in Brooklyn, and Ralph Stanley (link).
2 Bad Company, with multi-instrumentalist gymnastics (link); what Michele Bachmann said about the Founding Fathers and slavery is worse than the Right would have you believe (link); Fla Governor Rick Scott plays politics with rail, approving a Republican's project (link); one-party rule in Ohio is great for radical change, bad for those in Ohio (link); Obama's weekly address (link).
1 Voting for Obama vs. supporting him (link); Marco Rubio cherry picks Obama to make a narrow point about something Obama never intended (link); Chris Christie -- whose kids go to private school -- cuts public education funding while preserving low taxes for the rich (link); the Boeing issue is all about enforcing the law (link); the Republicans had it their way, and failed miserably (link).
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June, 2011

30 Beyond Mark Halperin's Obama remark, maybe we should ignore Joe Scarborough's whole coffee clutch (link); Ophelia, by the Punch Brothers (link).
29 The ever-mistaken Michele Bachmann promises her White House will be teleprompter free, providing the "unvarnished truth" (link); David Brooks wants less visionary Presidents (link).
28 Rick Scott is so unpopular it threatens the Republicans in Florida (link); Bad Company (link); should we expect speeches to sway opinions? (link).
25 Joe Walsh plays Funk #49 (link); Judge Prosser refused to deny an accusation that he had another judge in a choke hold (link).
24 Remembering Peter Falk with a clip from "The In-Laws" (link); Gay marriage law passes in Albany (link); Yves Smith tears into Ezra Klein over his perceptions of the financial crisis and the documentary "Inside Job" (link).
23 Debt ceiling negotiations, and how the Republicans redefine "bipartisan" (link).
22 Powerline contributor Stephen Hayward needs the Internet explained to him (link).
20 Keith Olbermann returns (link).
19 Ray Davies sings "Waterloo Sunset" (link); the Right loves converted liberals, and Christopher Hitchens has a thing or two to say about David Mamet's book (link); the Right loves whacko lefties (link).
18 Anthony Weiner vigilantes (link); how the Right tries to characterize Obama as the new Jimmy Carter (link).
16 Jorge Bolet plays a Chopin Nocturne (link); why South Carolina Nikki Haley isn't popular (link); did the Bush Administration target a blogger? (link).
15 Excessive river flow and pollution leading to a large "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico (link).
14 Bloomsday approaches (link).
13 Comparing Anthony Weiner to David Vitter is nothing, Jon Kyl was worse than Vitter (link).
12 Palin emails show how responsive she was to her husband's complaints about government (link).
11 Herman Cain thinks the Bill of Rights doesn't apply to state laws (link); Anthony Weiner's interactions with a 17-year old might have had nothing to do with sex (link); covering Palin's emails may be no more worse than covering her bus tour (link); Governor Nikki Haley's approval ratings aren't good (link).
10 The Democrats' mishandling of Anthony Weiner could mean losing a persuasive progressive voice (link).
9 Decreased quantity and quality in local news coverage (link); Anthony Weiner vs. David Vitter (link).
6 Kielbasa-gate (link).
5 Sarah Palin's mistake about Paul Revere (link); Medicare hate from the Right (link).
4 Celtic folk group Annalivia plays "Reynardine" (link); the GOP wants to defund healthy school lunches (link).
3 Charges that NYC's sanitation department conspired a work slow down during the blizzard unfounded (link); Mitt Romney lied on the first day of his campaign (link); Sarah Palin doesn't understand the economic implications of US debt defaults (link).
2 Mitt Romney announces his candidacy for President (link).
1 Chris Christie escapes criticism for his visuals, unlike John Kerry (link); inadequate evidence to catch more Wall Street criminals (link); swaying people on Paul Ryan's Medicare idea depends on the positioning (link).
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May, 2011

30 Florda Governor Rick Scott defunds state spending on PBS, a very small sliver of the state budget (link).
28 Charles Krauthammer's Obama Derangement Syndrome derails his understanding of negotiations on Israel (link); Megyn Kelly gets criticized for going on maternity leave (link); misstating your opponents' positions doesn't help negotiations (link).
27 Karl Rove's political donors may face an unwanted tax bill (link).
24 Democrat Kathy Hochul defeats a Republican in upstate New York, based on rebellion against the Paul Ryan plan for Medicare (link).
23 Indiana's efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and strand 9,000 women meet with resistance from the White House (link).
22 Warnings to the SEC about fraud fell on deaf ears in the Bush years (link).
21 Did the investment banks take LinkedIn for a ride by underpricing the IPO? (link); failure of leadership in the GOP, from Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, and those in Congress (link).
19 The foibles of Newt Gingrich (link).
18 The highest paid CEO in America runs a health insurance company (link).
17 New GOP super-PAC fundraising efforts skirt campaign laws with a wink (link); how would those who wanted to amend the Constitution to allow Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for President have felt about that effort in retrospect, with a child born out of wedlock? (link).
15 Secretary of Defense Robert Gates praises Obama over the Osama bin Laden raid, and we praise Obama's persisitence (link); some Marin Marais for you, from Modo Antiquo (link); the Miami Symphony Orchestra makes a surprise performance at the airport (link); easing mortgage laws to accommodate banks' lax practices (link).
14 Chris Christie is not popular in New Jersey (link); Right Wing pundits whine against the enforcement of a labor law against Boeing (link).
12 Arts contest to express the seriousness of the deficit (link); the IRS will start enforcing a tax law on political gifts (link).
11 Miscellaneous links (link); GOP House freshmen ask Democrats to not use the same tactics on them in 2012 that the GOP used in 2010 (link).
10 FSU accepts a huge donation from David Koch, and surrenders professor hiring autonomy (link); link round up (link); Obama's failures in the liberalization of national security operations (link).
9 John Boehner wants trillions in spending cuts to raise the debt ceiling, a dangerous position (link); giving credit to Obama for his persistence in tracking Osama Bin Laden down (link).
8 Too soon to be comforted over the failure of big GOP donations to materialize (link).
7 John Boehner and the GOP dig a deeper hole over the Paul Ryan plan to gut Medicare (link); Islamophobic pilot boots clerics on their way to a conference on Islamophobia (link); GOP doesn't see that America blames high gas prices on greed and speculation, not government policies on drilling (link).
6 Shannen Coffin, a right winger, thinks Obama should just have issued a statement rather than a television address over Osama Bin Laden's killing (link).
5 Obama's so-called "victory lap" to Ground Zero (link); Senate Republicans trying to figure out how to distance themselves from Paul Ryan's plan to gut Medicare (link).
4 We don't need a photo of the dead Bin Laden (link); a judge rules out entrapment, even though the informant was very active in a synagogue bombing plot (link).
3 Bin Laden's demise whould be talked about in terms of politics (link); unfortunately, torture was part of finding Bin Laden (link).
2 Some South Carolina politicians refuse to credit Obama for the killing of Osama Bin Laden (link); Bin Laden's neighbors say they had no idea he was there (link); time line suggests we may have first heard the nickname of Bin Laden's courier through torture (link); my immediate reaction to Bin Laden's death (link).
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April, 2011

30 Steven Hayward argues against tornadoes and climate change by mistaking two measures (link); Americans express outrage over changs to Medicare at Republican Town Halls (link).
29 Continued disbelief from the birthers (link).
28 The answer to the question of why it took so long for Obama to release his "long form" birth certificate should be, "why did you care?" Plus, Jon Stewart on the release, birthers, and Donald Trump (link).
27 Obama's birth certificate was actually not the only news (link); The insanity of subsidies for the oil companies, who make a lot of money (link).
26 Lindsay Graham and John McCain courted Qhaddafi before, and now we're supposed to believe their calls to get rid of him? (link).
25 Over-coverage of the royal wedding (link).
24 John McCain warns about al Qaeda inserting itself into Libya, but he has a poor track record on foreign policy (link).
23 John Stossel's credibility problem (link); The National Labor Relations Board examines union retaliation by corporations (link); TransOcean did a lot wrong in the gulf spill; transportation alternatives (link).
22 The Los Angeles Times compares hypothetical Democratic campaign contributions to actual Republican contributions in a tenuous "on the other hand" reporting fail (link).
21 Senator John Ensign resigns amidst scandal (link); Republicans facing tough questions in their town halls (link); Sean Hannity asks for proof of an anti-Muslim bias at FoxNews, and Media Matters provides (link).
20 The stock market shows that a warning on government debt can be ignored (link); the GOP (and some Democrats) balk at a panel created to control Medicare spending (link).
18 Very slow response from New York Times customer service (link); Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (R) vetoes "birther bill" (link); Paul Hindemith cello sonata (link); John Boehner refuses to host a Cinco de Mayo celebration (link).
17 John Baldry sings the Faces' "Flying" (link); GOP House Chairmen are raking in the dough (link).
15 Schlomo Mintz plays Mendelssohn (link); the GOP almost shot itself in the foot, thanks to clever moves by Democrats (link); the GOP is committing political suicide over Medicare because it hates Medicare (link); Moyers won't be returning to PBS (link).
13 Obama wants to sound reasonable as a starting point when negotiating with the outrageous (link).
12 The myth of Chris Christie (link); the flood of secret money is conservative (link).
11 Powerline's John Hinderaker launches a complaint which, if solved, would work against his motives.
10 If unemployed the CEO of Aetna couldn't get health insurance; analysis shows that Fox News' Brett Baier's "news" show has its own biases.
9 Sliding approval ratings with the Tea Party highlight the riskiness of the GOP aligning itself with them; Senator Jon Kyl is 90% brain dead; how the Democrats lost on staving off the closing of the government.
7 Former NY schools chancellor Cathie Black was better at other things; is America confusing compromise and capitulate?
6 Sir Bob Geldof sings a new song; the apparent favoritism in hiring practices in Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's office; no 9/11 trials in the U.S., says the Department of Justice.
5 The weird wizardry in Paul Ryan's budget plan; Tom Harkin suggests the Democrats are being the adults in the budget negotiations.
4 Embarrassing moves in Israel just before a meeting with the U.S.
3 A move in Texas will lead to the deaths of AIDS sufferers; is a government shutdown the GOP goal?
2 How bad are the conflicts of interest with Florida Governor Rick Scott? Plus, a GOP House move ignores the Consititution and makes a mockery of the House; Fox News practically ignores the good news on jobs.
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March, 2011

31 Bill Moyers may be returning to PBS.
30 Steve Pilgrim; with revelations of their VP for news wildly speculating against Obama, Fox News should be "de-listed" as a news channel.
29 Were states' budget problems brought on by over-optimism and too severe tax cuts?
27 Strange promise of a theme park to a town in Tennessee; GOP fund-raising for profit, in Thomas Frank's "The Wrecking Crew."
26 Tea Partiers feeling swindled over GOP budget cutting promises?
25 Wisconsin's GOP tries to intimidate a university professor who disagreed with the Governor's policies.
24 GE paid nothing in taxes; Doc Watson; how Republicans lie.
23 Newt Gigrich flip-flops on the Libyan no-fly zone; Keith Olbermann's anecdote on Sports Night; Republican resurgence on the state level after the 2010 elections leading to a surge in anti-abortion laws.
22 The Libyan action from a completely political perspective; Christ Christie effort blocked by a New Jersey judge; Texas voter ID bill temporarily blocked; the Daily Caller hires Ginny Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas.
20 A Minnesota bill would make it illegal for those who are on public assistance to have more than $20 on them.
19 John Bolton is anxious to war against Libya; Peter Bergen's "The Longest War;" "Waste Land."
18 No shortage of idiocy, this time it's found in North Carolina; a member of the U.S. House writes condolence letters for every fallen soldier.
17 Ralph Vaughan Williams held as a traitor while sketching "The Lark Ascending;" calendar conflicts for St. Patrick's Day; Alaska's Joe Miller now wants to make his money on the paid-speaker circuit; quote of the day from O.T.I.S.
15 Japan's hopes rest on nuclear fire men putting themselves in life-threatening danger; Marc Thiessen thinks Qaddafi will automatically return to his old ways and therefore we must war; the NRA refuses to meet with the POTUS.
14 The financial crisis, "Inside Job," and the continuing absence of indictments.
13 Colcannon recipe; how Wells Fargo might freeze your assets.
12 Did partisan politics in Washington help kill the Florida high speed rail project? Plus, nuclear reactor failure in Japan.
10 Chris Christie is lying; Wisconsin's legislature pushes through the changes on collectiv bargaining.
8 A huge globe in Maine; in secret, Wisconsin's governor has been negotiating; the Broadway Spiderman show continues to provoke bad press; Bill O'Reilly blames Obama for high gas prices.
7 Republican efforts to repress Democrat voters.
6 Karzai rebuffs an apology from Petraeus: what's that mean for the US staying in Afghanistan? Plus, Powerline's John Hinderaker turns out to be a lazy nihilist.
5 The trade-offs one makes in choosing a transit mode are more complex than Paul Krugman suggested; the Queen of England will be visiting Ireland this year.
3 Powerline's John Hinderaker won't even accept the value of disclosure.
2 Powerline's John Hinderaker also blogs about Koch Industries, and doesn't disclose that they, too, are his law firm's client; Huckabee is pretty scary, based on the little I know.
1 Governor Scott Walker (R, WI) has successfully energized the Democratic Party base, and if the election were re-done today he would lose.
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February, 2011

28 Powerline's John Hinderaker blogs about his law firm's client (3M) without a disclosure statement; is an indictment pending for Fox News's Roger Ailes?
26 Kansas also wants to bust unions; the New York Times' Joe Nocera wants to forgive fraud because it's so difficult to prosecute.
24 Possible ethics violations in the fake "Koch" call with the governor of Wisconsin; the Wisconsin power grab; did the head of Fox News encourage someone to lie to investigators to protect Rudy Giuliani?
23 The hidden costs of privatizing infrastructure to balance budgets.
21 A news article worries about book lovers, but it's really the scholars who should worry; why we need to worry about the unions in Wisconsin.
19 War profiteering in a post 9/11 world; mechanics and parliamentary maneuvers in democracies; living room performances from the Trashcan Sinatras.
17 Wisconsin's governor caused Wisconsin's problems; will the GOP denounce hiring practices which refuse to interview the unemployed?
16 Gov. Haley Barbour won't even denounce the founder of the KKK.
15 The Washington Post promotes an anonymous, unsupported hit-and-run criticism of a government critic.
13 Allen West (R-FL) tells CPAC that Olbermann got fired because he was too critical of West.
12 Still no job bills from Boehner.
11 The US Chamber of Commerce's efforts to spy and spread misinformation to disparage its critics.
10 "Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory," by Traffic; should the House Rep from NY have resigned over a Craig's List solicitation?
8 For your sweetie for Valentine's Day, a gift that keeps on giving.
6 "Oranges and Apples," by the Trashcan Sinatras; "The Changingman," by Paul Weller; Sarah Palin imagines a CIA that knows more than it does; a home buyer loses a $20,000 deposit on a home thanks to the efforts of the construction company's lending arm; Reagan recollections aren't all positive.
5 Haley Barbour visits Israel, but only under the sponsorship of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
4 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's wife is a lobbyist. Will he recuse himself on any case that's aligned with hr business?
2 The individual mandate in the health care reform bill is VERY consitutional, says the Solicitor General from the Reagan White House; the need to call states Attorneys General; toxins in the Gowanus Canal; 12 o'clock rock for Mubarak.
1 Criminality in the financial crisis; Meg Whitman spent $135 million more than Jerry Brown in the California gubernatorial campaign.
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January, 2011

31 The governor of Illinois signs a law allowing civil unions.
30 A sudden lack of interest in Middle East Democracy from John Bolton; a worker in a tortilla factory dies in the machine.
28 The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) report.
27 The concept of a state nullifying a Federal law gets no approval from Idaho's Attorney General.
26 Obama's 2011 State of the Union speech; Powerline goes Chicken Little over CFL bulbs; Harps grocery store hides a magazine cover with Elton John.
25 Michelle Bachmann thinks the Founding Father ended slavery (not Lincoln).
22 Banks and so on fill Republican campaign coffers; Keith Olbermann's exit: clues in his intro to "Oddball"? ; how could an 8 PM show be called "The Last Word" ? Plus, threats made to a Glenn Beck target; laser pointer dangers to pilots.
21 MSNBC and Keith Olbermann part ways.
19 The heartlessness of trying to repeal health care reform; only a minority of Americans want it repealed; bomb found at a Martin Luther King unity march in Spokane.
18 The GOP's stance on health care reform is a risk to Americans' health; Jon Stewart on the Democrats' failure to frame the questions; faith in the markets helped create a museum of questionable value.
17 Never the Bride vs. the Muppets.
16 Residual oil in the Gulf of Mexico; environmentalist campigner against mining dies of lung cancer; Congress wants to maintain spending in their districts, even if the Secretary of Defense cites unwanted programs; retreating glaciers in the Andes reveal ruins of crash sites.
14 Michelle Malkin is not a primitive nematode.
13 Conservatives' reactions to the Tucson memorial service show a deep-seated desire to believe the worst.
11 Obama hates Scottish-Americans; Glenn Beck uses an anti-violence screed to go after Obama; surprise: Paul Ryan isn't a deficit hawk.
10 Impact of Gabrielle Giffords's shooting on Capitol Hill; Tom Delay gets sentenced to three years in prison.
9 Overheated rhetoric and persuasion; GOP helping increase Obama's brand equity for 2012.
8 Gabrielle Giffords's shooting; Speaker John Boehner won't name cuts, and the "Pledge to America" was a sham.
7 Eric Alterman's "Kabuki Democracy;" the House read the Constitution, but not all stayed to listen.
5 Obama considering William Daley for Chief of Staff - - not exactly a winner.
4 Having two chambers in Congress allows the GOP to make token efforts, and puts the Democrats in the position of keeping the dike from crumbling.
2 Beethoven's Ninth and the Huntley-Brinkley Report; how bills get blocked in the Senate, and how it can stop; Fox News resurrects falsehoods; Washington Post failing at putting Republican claims in context.
1 The New Year begins with Powerline's John hinderaker losing his radio show.
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