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December, 2010

30 Failed-Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell being investigated for using campaign funds to pay personal expenses.
28 GOP claiming the majority wants "Obamacare" repealed, but it's not true.
27 Evidence that the GOP is playing "starve the beast" at the state level; stuck in Florida due to the blizzard.
24 Biden's calling acceptance of gay marriage "inevitable" doesn't mean "relax."
20 A proposed Constitutional amendment which would allow federal laws to be repealed if enough states disagree would create a fourth branch of government.
18 A conservative blogger questions whether seantors without military experience are qualified to vote on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"; repeal of DADT makes me feel safer; in creating fervor to cut spending, the GOP now has to find ways to do it.
17 Hawaiian slack-key guitar.
16 GOP Senators cry "Christmas is coming!" rather than work to limit nukes.
13 Richard Holbrooke; a grocery store files for bankruptcy.
11 Bernie Sanders's stem-winder speech challenged the United States to do better.
9 Richard Wolffe's mocking of Palin shows his own ignorance; Republicans block a bill supporting 9/11 first responders; Bloomberg increases the cost of parking meters.
8 John Lennon.
7 Shostakovich; Mike Pence wants our thoughts on earmarks after a trillion dollar, deficit bending deal with Obama; Obama was in a corner over taxes with a deal that should have been struck earlier in the year; "Shoah" will return to US theaters.
4 Lives of the rich, and what else could be done with their extra bonus tax break; people buy silencers for their guns; polls show Americans prefer that tax breaks for the wealthy expire, but the GOP doesn't care what Americans think.
3 Too little too late from Democrats over the Bush tax cuts; making sure you need to be a property owner to vote; Glenn Beck's awful sense of history.
2 Tyranny in the Senate, as a minority contniues to force its way.
1 David Bowie, "Heroes;" a challenge to health care reform thrown out by a Federal judge.
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November, 2010

30 Bees in Red Hook (Brooklyn) are turning red.
27 The interdependence of European economies points to another U.S. vulnerability.
26 An armed man, looking for his Internet girlfriend, is apprehended outside an abortion clinic. Oh, yes, and he's elected.
24 Great photos of American diversity; Tom Delay is convicted.
23 Glenn Beck's willful ignorance makes him a rich man.
22 Are college loans and graduates' jobs another warning sign on the economy? Plus, polls which don't include cell phones skew Republican.
21 Sing the Doors' "Touch Me" to the TSA; Def Sec Gates warns of the consequences of not passing the START treaty; GOP efforts to frustrate the economy; Sarah Palin has a myopic view of JFK's speech on religion.
19 The new edition of Mark Twain's autobiography is out. The publishers underestimated demand, and frustrations abound.
18 The GOP, now the majority in the House, still refuses to commit on how it wants to cut spending.
17 A freshman Congressman, who rode to victory by promising health care repeal, squawks when learning he'll be without health insurance for an entire month.
16 Mitch McConnell jumps on the "no earmarks" bandwagon, but earmarks don't matter much.
15 Should we care that the Beatles are on iTunes? Plus, Eric Cantor; Erland and the Carnival; New York Knicks cheeky Brooklyn advertising.
14 Instability in Scott Rasmussen's "Presidential Approval Index;" GOP and bankers prepare for 2011.
13 Eric Cantor works to undermine the POTUS foreign policy decisions; Bank of America kicks thye can down the road; the rich still get tax cuts under the Democrats' plan; how to prosecute Bush for his torture decisions.
11 Bush channels P. T. Barnum with his new book.
10 How not to write directly.
8 Carl Hiassen has a reality check for Rick Scott, Florida's new governor; the false equivalencies of the Stewart/Colbert rally.
7 Paul Weller; foolish urban explorers try to enter a space where the police would obviously be waiting; how the GOP is a threat to our national security.
6 Ruppert Murdoch supports Glenn Beck, but his ratings are slipping; the GOP candidate for governor of CT won't accept the results.
5 Keith Olbermann suspended from MSNBC for donations to political candidates.
4 Gorman Thomas; how to react to the GOP's "no compromise" position; Leo Kottke.
3 Obama's continuing belief in opportunities to compromise is astonishing.
2 The limitations of having a majority in the House but nowhere else; reminding you to vote.
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October, 2010

31 Plenty of reason to vote.
30 Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally; a Republican distances himself from Tea Partiers; a noble American to celebrate.
28 Having fun with a portrait of Rudy Giuliani.
27 Registered Democrats need to treat Tuesday's election like a goal line stance.
26 When Glaxo Smith Kline can't police itself, why would you want a government smaller and less capable of filling the void?
25 A Meg Whitman comment provides a huge opening for Jerry Brown's campaign; an island in the Chesapeake Bay disappears.
24 Phil Woods doing a blend of Miles Dacis and Willow Weep for Me; GOP not letting voters know what they're getting; a House of Representatives with the influence of wackos.
23 Is it okay to bring up Rand Paul's college-age misbehavior if it provokes rethinking about his current positions?
21 George Soros is a US citizen, but the Right characterizes his contributions as "foreign."
20 Paul Weller; rapid response changes a fine point in a NYT article.
19 Clarence Thomas's wife calls Anita Hill to ask her to apologize; AK Senate candidate Joe Miller's hired security detail included off-duty military personnel; the stimulus was a success and it needs to be communicated.
17 Banks' conscious decisions to ignore laws over mortgages; an American terrorist was also a DEA informant; Ron Paul doesn't deny the "Aqua Buddha" story.
16 Fox's Brian Kilmeade foolishly thinks all terrorists are Muslims; library negotiating to take over an anchor store space in a mall; is Obama calling the GOP's bluff by filling in the blanks of the GOP's vague promises to cut spending?
15 Murdoch's contributions to the GOP Governors will change Washington through redistricting; Madoff's Palm Beach home sells for a lower than expected price; LA Times' writer thinks Sharron Angle came across as competent in her debate with Harry Reid (I disagree); liberals shouldn't complain about the House of Representatives.
13 Obama team admits they overestimated their ability to overcome partisanship; Orren Hatch hates the stimulus, except when he doesn't.
12 Fear of Red Scare backlash and a baseball team's name.
11 Karl Rove, of all people, questions whether Democrats have any shame.
10 NY GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino goes anti-gay; the Kinks' "Shepherds of the Nation;" Brooks Conrad; the lost meaning of "United We Stand;" Kevin Drum catches Maine's Susan Collins claiming that the GOP only filibusters because they get shut out of bill shaping; seasonality in a poll on religion.
9 John Lennon plays "It's So Hard;" GOP points to figures which actually reflect poorly on GOP policy recommendations; SCOTUS wife Ginny Thomas and potential conflicts; the sacrifices of riding on Carl Paladino's bus.
8 After successfully fighting White House initiatives, Boehner complains about a lack of job growth.
7 When the White House downplayed spill estimates, were they working independently of BP?
6 "Fox and Friends" gets punk'd by Weekly World News.
5 A fine version of Bob Dylan's "It Takes a Lot to laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry," by the Band of Heathens; Jon Stewart's very classy response to CNN's Rick Sanchez calling him a bigot and claiming Jews control the media; the GOP won't say where they'll cut spending, and Rachel Maddow talks about the power of organization.
3 Sharron Angle and her ilk should be a national issue; regardless of George Carlin's routine about not vopting, the differences between the parties are stark; Powerline's John Hinderaker was too bored on Friday night, and posted some pretty hateful stuff.
2 The Powers That Be in Michigan finally notice that one of their Assistant Attorney Generals has been hounding the student assembly president at UM for being gay.
1 Carl Paladino is unfit to be governor of New York.
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September, 2010

30 Major League Baseball wakes up, and decides to start a World Series game earlier, giving younger kids a chance to watch.
29 Newt Gingrich's newest harangue is well funded.
28 Senator Jim DeMint wants to block everything in the Senate; Americans for Prosperity takes us for fools.
27 David Stockman is against extending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy; slow financial reporting from the New York Times.
24 Braves in a death spiral; Paul Simon's "American Tune;" urban noise; Senate Democrats flich, and fail to push for a winning issue.
23 The Republicans' "Pledge to America" is junk food.
21 Getting people to the polls in November, and the long path of change.
20 Regarding the expiration of Bush's tax cuts, and how painful it is to be rich.
19 Arizona governor Jan Brewer's debate stumbles make it into an opponent's ads; are we expecting too much of Elizabeth Warren?
18 A graffiti tag so large it spand Manhattan; O'Donnell tomfoolery; Bach for guitar.
16 Missing the target on Tea Party Republicans; tornados in Brooklyn and Queens.
15 Can the Dems succeed by pointing out how much worse the GOP is? Plus, Media Matters gives you your Powerline gossip.
14 O'Donnell's primary win in Delaware is more evidence that the GOP is bankrupt.
12 NYC police and ticket quotas; Newr Gingrich insanity; Rasmussen's daily presidential approval tracker.
11 The plans Republicans have if they take over Congress; e-readers.
9 The potential repercussions of Koran burning, and KSM; the Gainesville pastor's checkered past; more on voter enthusiasm.
8 Myopia at Powerline; the issue of voter "enthusiasm" and the enthusiasm "gap."
7 An Arizona Republican puts homeless people on the ballott to supplement the Green Party slate; Michael Moore's Labor Day message to Rahm Emmanuel; the public has more faith in Republicans than Democrats on the economy?
4 "Hot Fun in the Summertime" on solo guitar; mosque fire ruled arson by the Feds; spinning job hires and losses for political gain; why Muslims will never be able to convince some critics; better times years ago; Pennsylvania politics.
3 The "Ground Zero Mosque" and the First Amendment.
2 BP pleads poor over the moratorium, saying it threatens its ability to pay damages over the Gulf of Mexico leak.
1 Why it's too soon to "turn the page" on Iraq, as Obama suggests.
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August, 2010

31 My chief regret over the invasion of Iraq.
30 Failure to appreciate working class Americans.
29 Joe Miller, Alaskan candidate for Senate, wants federal responsibilities to devolve to the states; arson at a Tennessee mosque.
28 Government corruption in Afghanistan; Glenn Beck's history lessons; Sarah Palin's imagined threats; the NRA declines to endorse either major party candidate for Senator from Nevada.
27 Are the Feds fueling the fires for terrorism in order to make convictions more likely?
26 Islamophobia manifests itself in South Florida; the GOP dilemma in Florida over its nominee for governor.
25 Manhattan's borough president points out Laura Ingraham's flip flops on the "9/11 Mosque" to her; Bloomberg gives a speech stressing religious freedom, and a web site objects to the term "Muslim American."
24 RNC exec jokes that Obama might be a Muslim, plus other thoughts on Islamophobia.
22 Lower stock prices due to investors lack of market confidence? Plus, poll indicates America doesn't want the old days of health care.
21 Wikileaks founder indicted for rape? How curious.
19 Why the "9/11 Mosque" shouldn't move; 18% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim.
18 Strangely conservative TV offerings in a Vermont hotel.
11 Martin Van Buren; the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain does Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights."
10 Governor Paterson wants to find an alternative piece of land for the "9/11" mosque; changes in voter registrations in Florida.
8 Minority leader Mitch McConnell's fantasies on what the founders intended for the Senate; William Penn's religious tolerance, contrasted with those who fear "others" in response to Fox News.
6 Christoph von Dohnanyi conducts Bruckner; Eric Alterman's "Kabuki Democracy;" newspaper music critic loses his suit against his newspaper and the Cleveland Symphony; Paul Krugman discover's holes in Paul Ryan's "plan;" how Nixon helpred disgrace a general in order to protect himself.
4 California's Proposition 8 overturned by a federal judge.
1 Government works.
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July, 2010

31 The Portland Police close the case on Gore and the masseusse; traffic in Wascasset (ME); Andy Griffith signs on as a government spokesperson for healthcare reform.
30 The GOP's continued Lucy-and-the-football trick.
28 Grocery store closings are ominous for real estate; Rory Gallagher sings Bob Dylan; key parts of Arizona's immigration law stayed by a Federal judge; 51 votes to overcome filibusters?
27 Is Wikileaks Afghanistan info the same kind of unidigested, raw intelligence that got us into Iraq?
26 Democrats lead in generic poll two weeks in a row.
25 Afghanistan and Wikileaks.
24 GOP efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts; the effects of mis-clicking; every critique looks like a partisan attack to John Boehner.
23 Developers who speculated on the Gowanus neighborhood bummed by superfund status; Ron Davies and "It Ain't Easy."
22 More Shirley Sherrod: rushing to judgment, and the guilty parties ignoring their own roles.
21 Andrew Breitbart has zero credibility and should be ignored; thoughts on electronic publishing, as Amazon's sales for ebooks surpass its sales of hardovers.
20 Playing the oud; Shirley Sherrod and Andrew Breitbart.
19 A GOP interest in running on the "good old days" of Bush seems bound to fail; New York Times surprised to find that blacks aren't monolithic; video of The Creation, 1960's British band.
18 GOP deficit hawks Cornyn and Sessions refuse to be specific about where they would cut spending.
17 Cranberry ice cream; a vendetta to "get" Obama, this time over the New Black Panther Party; was George Steinbrenner lucky?
16 Hope in the Gulf, as a cap works.
14 The lucky duckies who benefited from the Bush tax cuts have to confront their planned sunset, and Republicans want to keep them, rather than extending unemployment benefits.
13 New indictments over police shootings post-Katrina give New Orleans an opportunity for rebirth; U2 and the 25th anniversary of Live Aid.
10 Coming changes in healthcare look promising; have private sector job losses stopped? Plus, an aria from Orff's Der Mond, for his birthday.
8 Wingnuts go batty over an "Obama" policy that dates back to Bush, NASA reaching out to Muslims.
6 Powerline says if you don't agree with them you're stupid; the NY police "people we've frisked" database.
5 Charlie Crist as the "safe harbor" option for Florida Democrats.
3 Todd Rundgren, "I Can't Stop Running;" the New York Times refusal to call torture "torture;" NY police want to maintain a database of people they've frisked, even if they're innocent.
1 The pervasiveness of mortgage fraud; Boehner's take on "childish partisanship."
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June, 2010

29 Transit cutbacks in New York City.
28 Paul Krugman's concerns that recent growth is illusory, we're in the midst of a long depression.
27 Health care abuses; private sector job losses are lower under Obama than under Bush.
26 Long list of Obama accomplishments, from Rachel Maddow; a journalist's listserv closes over privacy abuses; a South Carolina police departments warns that flash mobs can be dangerous.
24 Count your blessings, for God Gave Rock and Roll to you; an irrelevant statistic regarding Isner-Mahut Wimbledon match.
23 Past generals who have succeeded in war and politics raised the bar too high for McChrystal; Senator McConnell digs deep for an Elena Kagan complaint; painting video.
22 General McChrystal's inconscionable behavior in Rolling Stone.
21 Obama should listen to more Nobel Proze winners, such as Paul Krugman.
19 Increased threats to Census workers; three more die in Afghanistan; Rand Paul solves unemployment.
18 The Gaslight Anthem; Ezra Klein on the costs of controlling obesity; new edition of Johnson's Lives of the Poets; the meaning of Cheney's silence over the government's response to the oil spill.
16 BP's $20B escrow fund; how ominous are Obama's approval ratings?
13 "Carrickfergus," over-wrought; Alvin Greene asks to be paid for an interview; BP and the "special relationship."
12 Charlie Crist walks a line and vetoes an anti-abortion measure; Mark Steyn just fabricates for a column.
10 Evaluating drill cap success requires knowing how much is spilling, and we don't.
9 Crist-Rubio poll results.
8 Warnings about Gulf spills back in 2000, apparently not acted on by the Bush Administration.
6 D-Day; failure to manage expectations surrounding the Gulf spill.
5 Democrats decide to retain new voters; GOP concerns about the broader appeal of its Tea Party-backed candidates.
2 Obama increases the pressure on the oil companies; I, too, have a crazy idea for plugging the oil; Moody's expresses its regrets; Portland house show by the Trashcan Sinatras.
1 The UN takes a "learn more" approach to Israel's storming of the Gaza relief ship and subsequent mortalities.
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May, 2010

31 As some veterans object to Obama observing Memorial Day someplace instead of Arlington, birtherism continues.
29 BP's next effort is very similar to one they've already tried; Robert Rausch; a Michigan legislator wants to regulate who can be a journalist.
28 Rasmussen's poll on American Idol was especially suited to show the problems with his methodology.
27 BP's public face is at variance with the efforts of those working hard to solve this.
26 A gushing judge at sentencing; Simon Cowell studies?
24 All of a sudden America wants "big government" in the Gulf; avian civil war in Prospect Park; new video from The National, shot 'round here; the gulf spill was preventable.
23 Although the government can't plug the BP faucet, there are other things the government should do.
22 Government innovates slowly, and people should not expect the Feds to plug the BP faucet in the Gulf of Mexico.
21 Professor Longhair; Rand Paul, trainwreck.
20 Immigration deportations increase under Obama; the GOP "block everything" plan shows signs of crumbling.
19 How not to use a wide-angle lens.
16 BP's poor PR over the spill; theater critics discuss the need for stars on Broadway.
15 AAPOR conference; catastophic oil plumes beneath the water surface in the Gulf of Mexico; Sarah Palin more like a comedian.
13 David Bromberg plays "Maple Leaf Rag;" Manicheanism over the Arizona anti-immigration law; BP's oil faucet in the Gulf of Mexico; Arlen Specter and Anita Hill.
12 New Arizona law targets ethnic cultural studies.
9 Senate candidate Marco Rubio wobbles over Arizona's anti-immigration law; implication of Utah Republicans abandoning Bob Bennett; using Tasers on drunks.
8 Paul indemith; bad store layouts.
7 The Grim Reaper of real estate evictions.
5 Was the Times Square terror attempt an effort to lull us into overconfidence?
4 Is the amateurish, failed attempt at a terror attack in Times Square an exploration of "all the terrorists have to do is get lucky once" theory?
3 Free download of the Trashcan Sinatras' "People."
2 John Sebastian and Annie Raines play blues harps; an oil spill vs. a continuing ooze, and Charlie Crist; is the Washington Times being sold?
1 Fox advertises its biased "not newscasters" as if they are newscasters.
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April, 2010

27 Oklahoma legislature wants to force aborting women to view their fetus through a sonogram; the need to recycle phosphourus in light of diminishing supply.
25 Lindsay Graham withdraws his support for a climate bill.
23 Video for the Trashcan Sinatras' "People," in light of their new release; the oil rig explosion and unknowns about what's below; sharing too much on the Internet; credit ratings bureaus' misbehavior.
21 Liz Cheney gets quiet.
18 Is CNN's Candy Crowley deliberately obtuse? Plus, polling pitfalls; Obama calls out the Tea Party, legitimately.
15 Will GOP Senate unity crack over financial reform? And, an intra-mural argument between columnists at the New York Times.
14 Republicans continue to block extending unemployment benefits.
13 A coffee shop's entire staff walks out; GOP insensitivity over slavery and the Civil War.
12 Washington Mutual's financial shenanigans.
11 Barney Frank for Supreme Court! Plus, Henry Kissinger's skeletons.
8 Former Citibank execs tell Congress they had no way of knowing all that was wrong with their assetts; is the Catholic Church's child abuse scandal a fitting topic for humor?
5 In spite of his presidential campaign, John McCain says he never considered himself a maverick.
4 Florida GOP has accounting issues.
3 Butler makes it to the NCAA basketball finals; separating bounces in Obama poll ratings from genuine shifts; newspaper mocks hatred of Duke coach, and apologizes to the coach.
2 A Florida urologist discourages visits from patients who support Obama; conservative efforts to reshape settled history.
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March, 2010

31 With heightened awareness of Roman Catholic Church sexual abuses, Sinead O'Connor reemerges; college tour travel tales.
29 Republican national offices spend $2000 for meals at a strip club.
27 Amateur paleontologist finds oldest bird fossils in the US; Republicans are too resistant on extending jobless benefits.
26 "Paddy's Lamentation," by Sinead O'Connor; wondering why the Republicans never improved health care in all those years they held the majority; Fox's "24" is going to end; American Enterprise Institute fires David Frum, and internal politicking is uncovered.
24 Democrats preparing to defend health care bill by asking "repealers" what they'd cut, and putting the bill's benefits in specific local terms.
23 Poll results, post health care bill passing.
22 John McCain's lack of patriotism in evidence after the passing of the Health Care bill.
21 Conservative heads exploding over the passing of the Health Care bill; appreciating John Edwards' impact on bringing health care to the forefront; Obama poll numbers improve thanks to health care; racist elements within the Tea Party.
20 Texas textbook changes; Band tunes by Widespread Panic; a Kansas City public school district implodes from low enrollment and no funding; the pro-life aspects of health care reform.
18 The Congressional Budget Office score on the House health care plan says it reduces the budget, but should such a positive thing be required to break even?
17 An Irish-American blogger at National Review objects to the term McCarthyism, since "McCarthy" is an Irish surname.
16 Lindsay Graham warns that if health care reform goes through, Republicans might get uncooperative. Unlike now, of course.
15 Is Marco Rubio in danger of losing his sheen?
14 Memphis Slim.
13 An NC legislator's failure to understand the value of celebrating diversity; Powerline highlights a cartoon comparing Democrats to terrorist suicide bombers; pollster misses the analysis; Robert Reich is not impressed with the economic news..
12 Solid take-down of Andy McCarthy.
11 Jon Stewart joins the fun of ribbing Glenn Beck over his Eric Massa interview; liberal pragmatism over a sub-optimal health care reform bill.
10 Glenn Beck wastes our time; right wingers refusing to answer the "race" question on the Census.
9 Trashcan Sinatras in Japan; Glenn Beck's pratfall-like interview with Eric Massa; potential economic savings from health care reform.
8 Obama rallies the troops on health care reform.
6 Francis Cabrel; profile of Vinegar Hill, tiny Brooklyn neighborhood; Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell's political leanings.
5 Gordon Brown joins those not accepting blame for invading Iraq.
2 Why the Census is Constitutional, in spite of what Jerry Day says.
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February, 2010

27 Overreactions to Fort Hood shootings hearken back to September 12; missing emails surrounding John Yoo's torture memos; George Will's hypocrisy over reconciliation.
26 Bush speechwriter's efforts to use Roman Catholicism to justify torture fall flat.
25 The health care summit; the interdependence of reforms negates the concept of an incremental approach to reforming health care; John Boehner dances again to ruin the summit.
22 More evidence that torture is unnecessary: a suspect in NY is talking.
21 US hockey team beats Canada's.
20 America approves of Obamacare when it hears what it includes; Obama musn't expect the GOP to have the same goals in health care reform as he does; Tim Pawlenty swallowed right wing gossip about Obama and teleprompters too unquestioningly.
19 Has Fox been coaching quiz show contestants with the questions to anticipate?
18 Virginia's new governor seizes the opportunity and eliminates gays from protection as state employees.
17 WH Press Secretary Gibbs is against Obama going on the Colbert Report.
16 Several measures point to the effectiveness of the Obama stimulus.
15 Obama anti-terrorism action; Right wing complaints about the positioning of Guantanamo recidivism are hypocritical; how Republicans are trying to initiate minority rule.
14 Valentine's Day videos: Utopia's "Love is the Answer;" Trashcan Sinatras's "People."
13 Honorifics when ordering online in the UK; religious intolerance, including The West Wing.
10 Why not to miss George Bush.
9 A Wyoming billboard askes if we miss George Bush yet.
8 Republicans making noises about not attending Obama's February 25 health care summit.
7 Palin's crib notes in her hand; reversal of job loss trends under Obama.
6 The governor of South Carolina decides that taking some of the simulus money wouldn't be so bad after all.
5 Harold Ford's odd sense of geography in his adopted home town; Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly; calm down about short term deficits.
4 John McCain flip flops, no longer so maverick; Leo Kottke.
3 A right wing talking point over reading the "underwear bomber" his Miranda rights vanishes into thin air.
2 Lindsay Graham's arbitrariness over where detainees should be tried; James Joyce.
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January, 2010

31 Update on Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index; Mom Tebow ad argues against a world that doesn't exist.
30 Uncle Earl; significant pollong boost for Obama post State of the Union.
29 Republicans in the Senate try to block "pay as you go" fiscal tactic in a fruitless filibuster effort; McCain joined in, even though he used to support "pay as you go."
28 Arrested activist claims he only wanted to film senator's aides ignoring phone calls; Senate scolds Ben Bernanke, then keeps him anyway.
27 Right wing activist and three cohorts arrested for a plot to tamper with a Senator's phones.
25 Al Qaeda confirmed to have pulled back US attacks of its own accord, not Bush efforts; and they're still deadly.
24 Samuel Johnson quote on perfectionism and health care reform; aides to a member of the House of Represenatives not on the ball on her positions; Little Green Footballs fall out.
23 Django Rheinhardt; Tom Toles, health care reform, and public option pledges.
22 MA's new Senator needs to learn more about Washington; plus, Jan Akkerman.
21 Chapter-verse biblical references on US military scopes are not a happening thing.
19 Following the MA Seante loss, it's time for Obama to show some vehemence.
18 Scott Brown's point that it's not "Kennedy's seat" undermines the significance of his potential win; Doug Flutie thinks the world loves every underdog story.
17 Kansas is considering requiring taxpayers to file their returns electronically.
16 Friday night White House dump of prisoners being held in Afghanistan; experiment observes people taking free chairs.
15 Scott Brown's disinvitation of Obama is actually a challenge.
14 Rush Limbaugh's sponsors, if you're in the boycotting mood.
12 Rumsfeld's concept of "New Europe that supports us" undermined further by reviews in the Netherlands.
10 RNC chairman Michael Steele's foolish comparison of Harry Reid and Trent Lott; huge bank bonuses.
9 John Hinderaker says he has no idea what "Comedy Central" is; Ralph Nader deterred from running for Senate (CT) in 2012; right wing vitriol worse than that from the left.
8 Nikki Yanofsky; Giuliani forgets about 9/11; the '68 Comeback Special for Elvis's 75th; KKK in Indian political cartoons.
7 Lieberman's possibilities in 2012.
3 Pundit abstractions on fiscal responsibility.
2 The US-UK "special relationship;" bad customer experience with Verizon.
1 2010 for dyslexics; what constitutes control in the US Senate.
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