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December, 2009

31 Saying good bye to the unofficial decade; Eugene Robinson parses out Dick Cheney's lies.
30 Politicizing the Christmas bombing attempt.
29 No one in charge at the TSA thanks to Jim DeMint; truths about Joe Lieberman bear repeating.
28 Trade-offs between being an open country and security; All Along the Watchtower.
24 Christmas xenophobia.
21 How Senate Republicans could have prevented the Democratic Party deal making to reform health care.
20 How would Snopes (the urban legends web site) handle the nativity accounts? Plus, Sarah Palin for President in 2012.
19 Senator Tom Coburn complains about wasteful spending, citing an initiative his own party launched; I have the flu.
17 Beethoven's Birthday: Alfred Brendl; Electric Light Orchesatra. Plus, Axelrod tries to defend the Senate health care reform bill by saying the insurance companies hate it (failing to recognize their charade); Joe Lieberman spins his flip flops.
14 Joe Lieberman's flip-flop on Medicare buy in; Fluttr Effect.
13 Blair tries to tell us that Iraq's lack of WMD's, had it been known, would not have stopped the invasion.
10 Politico makes too much of the relative preference between Obama and Bush.
9 Andy McCarthy's inflated numbers.
8 Peters and Lee; Joe Lieberman.
7 Cell phone pioneers knew they were a driving risk early on, and chose the dough.
4 Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals; NYC Council bans roll-down store gates, having nothing else to do.
1 McCain complains about Obama's Afghanistan exit strategy havng a timeline; Chris Matthews compares cadet reactions to Gone With The Wind; cadets nodding off during Obama's Afghanistan speech; Matt Yglesias skewers Ben Nelson.
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November, 2009

29 Did Bush let the military guide diplomatic decisions about Iraq? Plus, how one thinker used TV shows to guide his perceptions of Iraq's truthfulness.
28 Marco Rubio's fears; Australian feral camels.
27 Bloomberg spent $102 million of his own money to get reelected; hedging on the stability of Republican principles.
26 Bloggingheads video on the filibuster; Reagan would have failed a Republican test on principles.
25 More on escalating in Afghanistan.
24 Obama to escalate in Afghanistan, while Cheney needs a cave; in Iraq, US military wasn't so appreciative of the "special relationship" when dealing with British forces.
23 Local news team in Chicago doesn't know when to use a pie chart.
21 Confusing a Senate cloture vote as the final cloture vote; Brian Williams's praise for Jon Stewart; Goldberg Variations for mandolin and mandocello.
20 Although Obama's bow to the Japanese Emperor ticked off some conservatives, America as a whole approved.
19 Giuliani not running for governor could allow a return to a truer meaning of 9/11; reading e-books without hurting the trade.
18 Further Fox News difficulties with video editing; implications of equating cloture votes with votes to pass a bill.
17 Sarah Palin's odd ability to take offense for others who aren't offended.
16 Clear cases of legislators switching opinions after receiving donations.
14 Powerline wants Obama to follow Douglas MacArthur's example and not bow to the Japanese Emperor, forgetting the jerk that MacArthur was and his context; the need for scenario tools when evaluating government projections; rising temperatures and the threat to sea turtles.
13 "People," by the trashcan Sinatras; former Representative William Jefferson gets sentenced to 13 years; Jon Stewart tries to sit through a Sean Hannity show to see Hannity issue his correction.
12 Pfizer provoked an important eminent domain case all the way up to the Supreme Court, and it went through, it now wants to abandon the project.
11 A web site fails to rewrite the out-of-the box boiler plate; Jon Stewart catches Sean Hannity using the wrong footage - - footage suggesting a conservative rally was better attended than it was.
10 Guardian's attempts to dump an expensive customer fail, and provoke a bill in New York.
9 Circulation at the New York Post is plummeting.
7 School band playing Ellington's Koko; stride piano; Obama's care in decisions; the foolishness of looking to polls to confirm your opinions.
5 The Republicans' health care "plan."
4 The Right Wing believes it won by allowing a Democrat to win a district that's been Republican for over a hundred years.
3 What do they really mean, that the winner of the NYC marathon isn't American?
2 Campbell Brown's bull.
1 To the chagrin of conservatives, local leaders choose their candidates.
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October, 2009

31 The GOP-approved candidate in NY23 withdraws.
30 Bernie Madoff's stress over not being found out; early Trashcan Sinatras video; polling differences due to interview methodology.
29 Former Republican Senator calls on current GOP Senators to be more bipartisan.
27 Joe Lieberman threatens to block a vote on health care reform, siding with Reublicans; self-identified Conservatives outnumber independents and liberals.
25 Ian Hunter.
23 Humpback whale courting competition, filmed for the first time; NPR commentator foolshly defends Fox against Obama; old NYNEX yellow pages commercial.
22 Cheney's charges against Obama don't pass muster, and show he has a very selective memory.
21 Did any of the conservative blogs notice Obama's recognition of Vietnam Vets?
19 New poll results show, again, majority support for the public option.
18 Bad food at FDR's White House; denying global warming; how Moody's sold its credibility to get more business.
17 Marketing fear through potential cuts to Medicare Advantage.
14 Rich Lowry tries to make Frank Rich look illogical, by putting words into his mouth.
13 The unforeseen consequences of trying to clean up coal emissions, and other environmental efforts.
11 John Hinderaker's "chicken little" routine over the mere filing of a suit; Carlos Carmelo, Peruvian music.
10 The Right's disbelief over Obama's Peace Prize.
9 Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.
7 Mitch McConnell's new complaints about health care reform, but it's not like he was going to be in favor as it was.
6 Betsy McCaughey can't really respond to truthful discussions on health care; Chicken Little characterizations of Obama "czars;" Jonah Goldberg's silly idea to increase the size of the House of Representatives.
5 Glenn Beck advertising boycott extends to the UK; Obama targeting feels like what Clinton went through.
3 Manhattan parents try to cope with the difficulties of their buildings' own dedicated playrooms.
2 We Were Promised Jetpacks, "Quiet Little Voices;" Right Wing exuberance over Chicago losing its Olympics bid; Mark Steyn's poor sense of history and Olympic bids.
1 Roman Polanski, and the limits of identification.
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September, 2009

30 Sarah Palin's difficulties getting speaking engagements; Boehner thinks Obama won't be productive in traveling to support Chicago's Olympic bid; WQXR dumbing down its playlist?
29 GOP being irresponsible about health care costs; a large fish faces extinction.
28 The costs of health care through the emergency room.
27 Mark Foley, poster boy of the 2006 Republican handover, is now doing talk radio.
26 Orrin Hatch's deceptive amendment to insure people keep their health care was en effort to stop the whole thing.
25 Technology: a judge in Queens allows testimony from India, via Skype.
19 Racism's impact on disagreeing with Obama.
18 Media fail to cover massive Samuel Johnson birthday rally.
17 Tea Baggers attending a rally in Washington DC complain they didn't get enough subway service.
15 Rapid rise of health care costs in Washington State; birther Orly Taitz.
14 Although both the Left and the Right have fringe elements, the Right's fringe is actually dangerous.
13 Governorn Tim Pawlenty shows his qualifications to be the GOP Presidential nominee by making crap up.
12 Conservative anger over 9/11 as a day of service.
11 I always see 9/11 as an indictment of the Bush Administration.
9 GOP response to Obama's speech to Congress makes it look like they're not even trying.
8 Conservative pundit discredits the White House for not undrstanding the political atmosphere, and never mentions how he helped create it.
4 Al Franken explains health care reform at a state fair; New York Times wants to find out what people read on the subways.
2 A couple highlights the pro-family benefits of health care reform; ethicists suggest that the Veterans' Administrartions pamphlet on end-of-life decisions is entirely appropriate.
1 John McCain wants the already slow process of health care reform to go even slower; Duncan Hunter trots out the tired idea that training soldiers to resist torture means its OK to torture detainees.
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August, 2009

30 Why are people who are against torture against ferreting out those who broke the law? Such as John McCain.
29 Glenn Beck and supporting staff miss their point by misspelling 'oligarchy.'
28 Dick Cheney supports interrogators who broke the law.
26 Edmund Burke's progressive streak reminds me of Ted Kennedy; a clip of Kennedy haranguing the GOP over refusal to increase the minimum wage.
25 Conservative resentment over Obama trying to turn September 11 into a day of public service.
24 While cheerleading the GOP, Fred Barnes demonstrates why Obama is barking up the wrong tree trying to pursue bipartisanship.
23 The press's ability to shout down claims like Palin's "death panels" was undermined by prior reporting on the run-up to the Iraq war.
22 Revisiting the My Lai massacre, and William Calley's late apology.
21 Some Republicans now claiming that a "good" health care bill needs 80 Senate votes.
20 Refinement in the "death panel" claims; Massachusetts law creates a gap in replacing Ted Kennedy in the Senate.
18 How the rightwing demagogues created and unleashed monsters; population in the state of Florida drops for the first time since 1946.
17 Trashcan Sinatras; discrimination in Alaska; impact of Mel Martinez's senate exit on Florida's clout; time for Ted Kennedy to step down?
16 How the corporate board rooms impact the news.
14 Senator Grassley shows the GOP disinterest in healthcare compromise.
13 Carleen Hutchins, and her re-designed family of string instruments.
11 How the Bush Administration let unqualified conultants advise on interrogations; Karl Rove implicated further in US attorney firings.
10 A sarcastic email about government and health care reform.
9 Washington Post's Charles Lane misinterprets a health care provision on end-of-life decisions as if it's something new, special, and evil.
8 The hidden common element behind three diverse songs; Sarah Palin quit so she could lie more.
7 Tal Farlow and Red Norvo; Senator Mel Martinez resigns midterm.
6 A vested interest behind health care reform protests gets nailed on CNN.
4 Disruptive mobs at town halls; blaming Obama for something he couldn't possibly be responsible for.
3 Obama's so-called "Kenyan Birth Ceritificate."
1 "I Wish I Was Your Mother;" lying about the health care plans and scaring the elderly.
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July, 2009

31 Failure to dig shows how easy it is to blog something stupid; GE and NewsCorp heads forcing a truce between Olbermann and O'Reilly?
29 The public knows who to blame for the economy.
28 Convoluted math to explain Canadian health care.
27 New info on Henry Louis Gates's arrest.
26 An Iraqi refugee can't get US residency because of his actions as a teenager, in spite of what he's been through since.
24 Obama revises his statements on the Cambridge police; the Trashcan Sinatras.
23 Mark Buehrle pitches a perfect game.
22 Although Birthers are being challenged, they probably would have found another complain in its absence.
21 Seems like everyone at CNN rejects birther conspiracies except for Lou Dobbs.
20 Obama needs greater transparency on the healthcare plan; the housing bubble.
17 Walter Cronkite dies; Amazon swallows back e-books on its Kindle.
16 Birther's suit against serving under Obama thrown out as moot.
14 Birther claims his conscience won't let him serve in the military under Obama; projecting Al Franken from his first vote.
12 Powerline claims to moderate comments, but lets comments through which talk about murdering journalists.
11 Chuck Berry; Cheney's directions to the CIA to not tell Congress all it's considering.
7 The resumes of health lobbyists include lots of work as aides to Senators in charge of reforming health care.
5 Sarah Palin is a quitter.
3 Gordon Wood on the American Revolution; Sarah Palin stepping down from the governorship of Alasks; scientists visit a creationist museum.
1 Macy's moves its NYC fireworks to the Hudson River; Governor Mark Sanford in lockdown mode; Glenn Beck thinks we bought Alaska in the 1950's.
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June, 2009

30 Minnesota finally has a second senator; Conservatives like activist judges who rule along with their own beliefs.
29 Right Wing new math on the 5-4 SCOTUS decision overturning Sotomayor.
28 Catching the terrorists amidst us.
27 Tim Hardin's "Reason to Believe," performed by Billy Bragg and Lisa Miller.
26 What if Governor Mark Sanford's mistress had been a spy?
25 Andy McCarthy complains that New York Times' web coverage of Governor Mark Sanford isn't as thin as coverage of Clinton-Lewinsky, even though the web was different in 1998.
24 Deaths in Iraq; South Carolina's pea-brained governor Mark Sanford.
23 Stars and Stripes blocking an embedded reporter in mosul; a premium service promising to whick you through airline security ends its business.
20 Obama's reactions to Iran contrasted with John McCain's tempestuousness.
19 Obama approval ratings; Thomas Bailey.
18 The Justice Department wants to limit the discovery process out of fear that late night comics might pick on politicians. (Sniff.)
17 News that Khalid Sheik Mohammed fabricated stories while being waterboarded receives too little press attention.
13 Two op-ed pieces, one on intolerance, and another appreciating Chris Dodd; an old song calls on God to strike the world because of personal offenses.
12 Sarah Palin's statement on her offense at Letterman's joke gives him too much credit, and exaggerates his importance.
11 O.T.I.S., Odd Things I've Seen, is a web log about travels to strange tourist destinations.
10 An attack at a Holocaust memorial museum reminds of warnings in a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security.
9 David Letterman's Sarah Palin jokes provoke anger among those who don't remember worse from John McCain.
8 Goals for Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards project are compromised beyond belief.
7 National Review Online's Ed Whelan maliciously reveals the identity of a pseudonomynous blogger.
6 Blog abandonment.
5 Vibraphonist Steve Nelson, "Sophisticated Lady."
3 Osama Bin Laden's ongoing love for George W. Bush; Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do; Israel should have gotten secret agreements with Bush in writing.
1 eMusic reformulates, upping its prices significantly and adding stale music from Sony.
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May, 2009

31 How to kill a good brand of cookies; the Republican Party complains about the Obamas seeing a Broadway play.
30 Defending Dick Cheney's visibility.
28 What's the GOP's game over the Sotomayor nomination for SCOTUS?
26 Mistaken attacks on Sonia Sotomayor; Matthew Alexander on Dick Cheney; credit to Powerline for new comments policy.
25 The politics of Memorial Day.
24 A GOP member of the House criticizes his party for an anti-Pelosi ad.
23 Segregated proms; what's behind cavalier discussions of torture?
21 Dick Cheney vocal on what he's wrong about, silent about the failures he knows well.
20 A report on the tolerance of child abuse in Ireland casts Sinead O'Connor's Saturday Night Live appearance in a new light; Democrats' refusal to fund shutting down Guantanamo makes them look like schmucks.
18 Nobody knows the whole truth about our torture programs.
16 How NOT to conduct an online poll; a "Take Your Kids To Work" goes wrong in Florida prisons.
15 Warm up your "flip dlop" antennas for Obama.
14 In spite of poor approval ratings, and the public appreciating Bush's absence, conservatives think Cheney is good for them.
13 A German word, sitzfleisch, is an apt description of the Republican's stategy for success through obstruction.
12 The quick disappearance of some of Bernard Madoff's billions; Paul Rodgers.
11 Todd Rundgren to perform "A Wizard A True Star" live for the first time; a Republican fails to understand the value of moderating language, and compares Obama to cult leaders.
10 The Los Angeles Times is late to a torture story, and fails to credit a blogger who provided much of their content.
9 Powerline's John Hinderaker is a liar; a composer at work.
7 Bad bets on tracking polls.
5 Torture is effective.
3 Arlen Specter's marriage of convenience with the Democrats; mechanized bicycle garages.
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April, 2009

30 A Republican video meant to highlight Obama's supposed weakness on terrorism shows him meeting with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.
28 Ex-CIA agent explains his underestimation of torture by calling the CIA "fiendish;" Arlen Specter leaves the Republican party, joining Democrats in the Senate.
27 Stupid photo-op over lower Manhattan for an Air Force One scares the bejeebus out of all who remember 9/11.
26 The Right Wing things they can scuttle a torture investigation by pointing to seeming complicity on the part of Democrats.
25 iTunes "Genius" connections when the data is limited; Dick Cheney's claim that attacks were prevented by torture is undermined.
24 Two little boys commit suicide; did Representative Jane Harman have any idea that she was being protected by the Bush Administration?
22 Not going to write about all the torture reports until I read more.
21 As the Obama administration announces willingness to prosecute for torture, it's not enough to "wait and see;" Siegel-Schwall Band with the Boston Pops.
20 If we need a special prosecutor to investigate the torturing, then let's get one.
19 The frequent water boarding of Khaleid Sheikh Mohammed gives the lie to the "ticking time bomb" scenario.
17 George Will despises blue jeans.
16 One of the torture methods our government considered was oddly evocative of George Orwell's Room 101.
15 Glenn Beck; Susan Boyle; NYCLU suing NYC over the handling of an attendee at a Yankee game who wanted to use the bathroom during "God Bless America."
14 Tea Parties.
13 Al Franken moves closer to the Senate; Rick Warren denies his own positions on gay marriage.
12 An accident at 5 Pointz, a graffiti covered building in Queens, shows it wasn't being properly maintained.
9 Michaela Petri; confusing road signs; politics of defense budget "cuts;" Rich Lowry called out, on air, as being a guest of little or no value.
7 A judge demands that the psychological history of Guantanamo detainee - - who had been used as a witness - - be revealed.
5 Finding Waldo.
2 The Republicans say that they might not be so bipartisan if the Democrats attempt a budget maneuver, disregarding their having done the same as the majority.
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March, 2009

31 Another setback for Norm Coleman in his pursuit to defeat Al Franken.
29 Anner Bylsma plays Bach; torture.
28 Spain is considering charging Bush Administration members with war crimes; in an editing glitch, the LA Times runs a page with "form" content.
25 Prague's Franz Kafka International Airport graded poorly; CNN's Ed Henry and his question to Obama.
24 British judges reveal that our government tried to work plea deals on Guantanamo detainees without specifying the terms; Chuck Todd's stupid question at Obama's press conference about more sacrifice from citizens during the recession.
20 Chicago integrates car sharing and mass transit; banjo performances on YouTube.
17 Hybrid sales are slumping. Increase the gas tax?
15 When the Washington Post pushes back against Obama blaming Bush, are they defending their own failures?
13 Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer.
11 Spend your February inventing new musical instruments; arguing for a "do over" in Minnesota.
9 A BBC reporter thinks it's unfair to judge a President's first 100 days, but will do it in 50.
8 For the right money, New York will host YOUR convention, too; Michael Steele an agent of change?
7 Car sharing: to get around and maybe even save the planet.
4 A little "Bobcat" Goldthwait to help you through these tumultuous times.
3 Michael Steele, the new head of the RNC, is behaving oddly, and I wonder where he's getting his advice.
1 Are the Rockefeller Drug Laws on their way out in New York?
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February, 2009

28 Wrapping up some small stuff; Jindal's poor speech after Obama doesn't really rule his hopes for running for President out.
25 Powerline's Paul Mirengoff resents Obama's rejection of the high school frop-out path.
22 Republican Governors who don't get the memo and agree with Obama's stimulus plan.
21 Kevin Drum misses the obvious while looking for subtleties.
17 Roland Burris's failure to disclose that he was asked to raise money for Governor Rod Blagojovich; putting the mother-in-law in a nursery home.
16 Cops arrest a subway rider for photography, even after he quotes them the law which says it's permitted.
15 Darlin' Be Home Soon; who do baseball records belong to, MLB or the record holder? Hank Aaron says the home run record "belongs" to Bonds.
12 The failure of a Republican Senator as a nominee for commerce secretary suggests that bipartisanship has its limits.
9 Obama's command of the facts, and ability to riff on them, was like the Allman Brothers' "Mountain Jam."
8 Bush didn't really inherit a recession; the required adjustments implied by a $500,000 salary cap.
7 Did the new head of the RNC funnel campaign money to his sister's kaput company for work it never did?
6 Fading support for the stimulus package?
3 The myth of Obama's $100 steaks; the death of a NYC street peddler with a cult following.
1 "Reflections;" Daschle's tax problems.
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January, 2009

31 The former commander of the USS Cole comes out against Obama's interest in closing Guantanamo.
30 Does the media hide the party affiliation of corrupt Democrats?
29 The House Republicans are so stand-offish, they even refused to delay the television signal switch.
28 Howlin' Wolf.
27 Republicans' newly revealed regrets over having had to support Bush; Norm Coleman's campaign to retain his Senate seat is getting more protracted.
26 Does approving a nominee with tax problems mean you approve of the tax problems? Plus, differences in "Speed the Plow" due to cast changes.
25 Burns Night; no centralized files exist for detainees.
23 The career employees at the State Department thought Condoleezza Rice was the Wicked Witch?
22 The Obama Administration has killed all the old White House Web site links.
20 Thank Howard Dean; the inauguration.
18 The Big Hug in Washington; Calexico.
17 The New York Post's answer to flight risk from birds is to kill all the Canadian Geese; Todd Rundgren's Utopia and "Freedom Fighters."
14 Cheney sees the relevance of elections as limited to his own term in office, forgetting popular opinion's continual impact; the US and past torture.
13 Candidates to head the RNC unanimously prefer Reagan over all other Republican Presidents, including Lincoln.
12 Concerning the tolerance on the Right for mediocrity, in Governor Palin and Joe the Plumber.
10 Judicial ruling against the secrecy on the White House visitors' list; Bush threatens to veto a pro-justice bill because he finds it burdensome.
9 Glenn Gould plays Paul Hindemith; my wife got an invite for the inauguration.
8 Did I really see a fast food commercial showing people playing Go?
5 Jerry O'Sullivan on the uillean pipes; configuration of Obama's legal team suggests a departure from Bush policies.
3 "Red State" names Roland Burris as the Senator from Illinois, even though the Senate hasn't accepted him yet.
1 Realities for the new year.
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