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December, 2007

31 Demanding resolution of national questions from the Iowa caucuses; the RIAA claims that when you copy your own music onto your own PC you're making an unauthorized copy; funny math with the stock market.
30 The New York Times' hiring of neocon Bill Kristol as an op-ed columnist is wrong-headed.
29 "Amazing Grace" wasn't a Top Ten movie of 2007, but you should still notice it; Bush now wants to veto a bill he demanded from Congress.
27 Bhutto's assassination and empty speculation.
26 Retailer optimism over continual increases in holiday spending is unfounded; support for the war in Iraq erodes among military families.
25 Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood straddles its past and newfound popularity, with the old-timers confronting the change.
21 Fresh Direct, a NYC internet grocery delivery company, isn't all it's cracked up to be.
20 "Stairway to Heaven," as if on Spanish guitar.
19 "Stairway to Heaven," as if by the early Beatles.
18 Does the CIA have greater reason to lie about the efficacy of torture than the FBI?
16 Bush Administration working to enable telecommunications companies to use anti-terrorism surveillance techniques in arenas having nothing to do with terrorism, and again with little evidence of a crime.
15 Video: "Hard Times Come Again No More," from the BBC series "Transatlantic Sessions." Plus, the value of having someone independent of the AG investigating the CIA's destruction of the interrogation tapes.
13 A bill banning torture has passed in the House, and the White House is threatening to veto it.
12 Watching the 1991 Braves on DVD.
11 Exploring "torture;" online candidate matcher.
10 A former employee of KBR says that while she was in Iraq, other KBR employees gang raped her and locked her away in effort to keep her quiet.
9 Key members of Congress were apparently aware that torture was being used, and didn't object when told.
8 The CIA reveals (after a prod from the New York Times) that it destroyed tapes of interrrogations where torture was used.
7 Subway busker on YouTube.
6 In an effort to provide the middle class relief from the Alternative Minimum Tax, GOP senators block taxing hedge fund managers at a higher rate than 15%.
4 Given how hard Bush tried to justify the Iraqi invasion long afdter it was clear Iraq had no WMDs (and dug in his heels), we should be relieved we haven't invaded Iran yet.
3 Does the new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran — concluding that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003 — represent a turning point in courage?
2 The New York Times' "public editor" (ombudsman) complains that reporters aren't digging hard enough to resolve conflicting claims.
1 Remembering James Lileks' plea for more boisterous music as we invaded Iraq; Giuliani is self-imploding over NYC finances and his mistress, but is a larger story being missed?
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November, 2007

29 Stray anachronistic references in "The Leopard" are driving me up the wall!
27 Pictures of a neighborhood as it changes; dude, where's my camera?
25 The Bush move to lower expectations for the Iraqi government even further stresses the unfair burded we've put on the troops, and why they need to come home.
24 Were Shiite militias behind an attack, as a ruse to persuade the citizenry of their value?
23 John Sebastian on YouTube; more attacks in Iraq, and a former commander calls for withdrawal over the lack of political progress; a Baghdad search for Thanksgiving ingredients.
20 The Supreme Court is going to finally weigh in on the Second Amendment and the "right to bear arms."
18 McCain's suggestion that he'll limit the use of the Secret Service to protect him reeks of cowboy-dom; Bill O'Reilly dates the book of Revelations to a thousand years before Jesus.
17 Bush's radio address shows that he's not handling the concept of three equal branches of government well.
15 A rape victim in Saudi Arabia is sentenced to the lash, and you should think twice about filling up the tank; Barry Bonds is charged with perjury and obstruction of justice over sworn testimony on steroids; Newsweek hires Kos and Karl Rove to write columns.
14 NYC wisely, belatedly, decides against prosecuting a demonstrator arrested for reading out the First Amendment.
13 Warnings about the annual release of the "Generosity Index." (They seem to be unmerited, in retrospect.)
10 I passed Senator Schumer on the street, and regrettably failed to press him on his vote to confirm Mukasey; more American troops die in Afghanistan, highlighting the problem with abandoning an unfinished project before taking on others.
9 More Giuliani guffaws; Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto is under house arrest, militating against the concept of democracy in degrees.
8 Wouldn't it be great, if in the face of the current writers' strike, the television networks resurrected Golden Age shows like "You Are There"?
6 Authors at a conservative publishing house sue their publisher, feeling their retail sales (and royalties) are undercut by deep discounts through the publisher's other distribution channels.
5 Giuliani defends his association with Bernie Kerik by claiming we should all have Kerik's success.
4 Problems with Rudy Giuliani; can we get the Brits' "Question Time" here?
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October, 2007

30 The GAO finds political progress in Iraq is lacking, despite the surge. Will the Bush Administration invent all new criteria for success?
29 A Disney-produced State Department video uses footage from the Canadian side of Niagra Falls as if it's in the United States.
28 Does a local newspaper need a local movie reviewer?
27 Yemen releases a terrorist to house arrest; the movie "Michael Clayton."
26 A FEMA official tries to get away with faking a "press conference," with all the questions coming from staffers. And the White House is fairly calm about it all, given that the Administration has put out PR pieces disguised as news.
25 What's a "troll"? prohibits new registrants from talking about Ron Paul.
23 Tolerance of art: Trevi Fountain went red, but in the meantime an art project involving petri dishes creates problems in the US, because it's being charged under the Patriot Act.
21 PKK intrusions into Turkey's territory call into question all claims that Bush is revolutionizing the world.
19 Limbaugh's charity effort will cost him plenty; plus, what rhymes with "Amphetamine"?
17 War President, War Nation: Congress has responsibly focused on the Iraq war, the major issue confronting the country.
16 How suspicious should we be when Republicans switch parties? Are they being opportunistic?
15 Book notes: even if authors we like are hurt by a boycott of Ann Coulter's publisher, it's still a good idea.
14 Book notes: I suggest we boycott Ann Coulter's publisher; Norman Podhorotz confronts genuine disagreement over bombing Iran.
13 Bush wants blanket amnesty for telecommunications companies who broke the law along with him, and one exec reports that for his failure to go along his company was penalized; external hard drive difficulties.
11 Right wing bloggers work to tear down a testimonial from a 12 year old and hound his family, rather than deal with the substance of argument.
9 The White House blows a very carefully nurtured intelligence resource.
5 Marion Jones' very sincere sounding admission of her guilt is completely different from Scooter Libby's failure to accept any blame.
3 Don't interrupt the commercial for "Across the Universe;" the U.S. secretly endorsed extreme interrogation measures; the State Department now has a blog.
1 The failures of Bush's foreign policy, starting with much less than success, and taking us into Iran; the words of Chuck Hagel remembered.
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September, 2007

30 The religious right threatens to bolt the GOP and support a third party candidate if Giuliani gets the nomination.
29 The difference between Hitler and the President of Iran.
27 Chris Matthews may not want to debate women.
25 Responding to Petraeus's claims of success, Iraqi insurgents start assassinating security people.
24 New York is so tough, it can even survive a speech from the President of Iran.
23 Is the US intimidating allies from seeking their own justice?
22 Iraq's champion soccer team can't return to Iraq, over security concerns; Giuliani's shenanigans with cell phone calls from his wife; is Blackwater's return to business in Iraq emblematic of the old invading alien movies?
20 Crying wolf over terrorism, in order to get legislation passed.
19 How to hide GOP stonewalling in the Senate; the disconnect in crediting the "surge" in Iraq with success.
18 Richard Scaife funds losing publications, and apparently bets badly on love;'s Petraeus ad, and its rates, draw Cheney's ire; happy birthday Samuel Johnson.
17 The New York Times says goodby to subscription fees for much of its online material.
16 Troops are spread too thin: if Bush really cared about Iraq he'd call for a draft.
14 Mixed messages in a book cover; why did Bush inflate the number of nations with troops on the ground in Iraq, when he really really needed to be credible?
13 Was it a surge or an escalation? And what do you call the troop draw down?
12 Joe Zawinul; more unconnected 9/11 dots; a law school dean is hired and fired over his progressive thinking, but so many of our schools are named after progressives like Jefferson and Madison...
11 In Senate testimony, intel chief Mike McConnell miscredits a new law in foiling a German law plot, and argues that its "use" there is why the law needs to be extended.
9 Some kind of GOP fax point? A number of pundits claim that the latest tape from Osama Bin Laden sounds like left-wing bloggers.
6 Supposedly Bush had already heard there were no WMDs in Iraq, and chose not to believe it, which may have explained his desperate refusal to give the inspectors more time.
5 The moving goal posts in Iraq clearly demonstrate that Bush wants us to be there forever; the need to not just allude to press bias, but explicitly restate the evidence.
4 Josh Marshall ("Talking Points Memo") garners well-deserved praise; avoiding the term "liars."
3 Bush's surprise visit to Iraq, cloistered within a military base, is only for show.
2 GOP pride in swiftly guiding Senator Larry Craig to the doors is misplaced.
1 Is it time to tone down the 9/11 observances yet? Plus, the dinner you missed.
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August, 2007

31 Evaluating troop deaths during the surge; Ovation TV; someone is distorting the records of Democrats in the Congress before they meet the troops in Iraq.
29 Music for a Summer's day: Feist on Letterman; the small moral ground the GOP claims after pushing Senator Larry Craig out.
28 A one-sided way of viewing Senator Larry Craig's actions; Patrick Fitzgerald as a "bold" choice to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.
26 Bush cherry picks historical details to create doubt among pessimists on Iraq; in honor of the picture of the coffee pot.
25 Giuliani radio ads only tell half the story, the part that makes him look good.
23 Senator Warner offers Bush a fig leaf with a mere 5,000 troop withdrawal; employees in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration aren't even allowed to tell the press who's at the top.
21 Newly released report (declassified version of a year old report) concludes that the head of the CIA didn't have what it took to reshape the organization to face the growing terrorism threats; other priorities, apparently.
20 Under the threat of subpoena, the White House waits until the last minute to ask for an extension of the deadline; average incomes in 2005 were lower than those in 2000.
19 Gays feel the impact of Giuliani's efforts to move from his prior positions as NYC mayor.
18 Orlando's gun "buy back" program yields a missile launcher.
16 Tour rotations now mean less time at home, and by the way: army suicides have hit a 26 year high.
14 Aspirational purchasing: how much does it inflate GDP? Plus, 175 dead in Iraq.
8 Mitt Romney's kids do public service by working for his campaign.
7 How the Rolling Stones' "Moonlight Mile" stretches our concepts of a pentatonic song; the Anderson Cooper transcript about the bridge collapse in Minnesota was just as damning as I'd thought, when I'd heard it.
5 The Wall Street Journal fights for nothing in the Rupert Murdoch takeover; Democrats ask for an early sunset on the revised FISA bill, but it's not going to happen and it's too late.
4 Democrats feeling unnecessary pressure to cave in to Bush's warrantless wiretapping program; Bush's promises over Minneapolis's fallen bridge fall short of the opportunities.
3 Ghost Neon Signs; an effort to launch a one-man submarine in NYC's East River runs into the authorities.
2 I'd swear I heard the wildest thing from Anderson Cooper...
1 Increased rate of troop deaths in Iraq.
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July, 2007

31 VP Dick Cheney tries to support the war in Iraq by calling on an unverifiable source, future "history".
29 Repair appliances instead of trashing them; Web page frames; Iraq's soccer team victory.
27 Usability issues surrounding my efforts to download and use a ringer for me cell phone.
26 Scrutiny about Alberto Gonzales' truth telling suggests perjury.
25 Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General, weasels on the truth.
24 The sub-prime mortgage market tanks: Country Wide Financial announces difficulties, and on the PBS Newshour the human aspect of losing your home gets notice.
23 Love-him-or-hate-him city developer Robert Moses shortened Throggs Neck's name so it would fit on signs?
21 The Republicans' continuing blockage of Iraq bills in the Senate amounts to a deadly game of unsupported hope; Bud Selig can stay away from Barry Bonds' home run chase and still not bear a burden of racism; the importance of John Edwards' haircut refuted; Bush wants to renege on the sunset clauses in the tax breaks he pushed through, and shows how "worst President ever" doesn't begin to cover it.
19 Tony Snow tries to claim that the White House never linked Saddam Hussein to 9/11; an effort to recreate a 1775 single-man submarine off Red Hook.
18 Immediate reactions to Manhattan's steampipe explosion show how far the President has to go before Americans will feel safer.
17 NY vs. California, and kudos to Mayor Mike in his efforts to start congestion pricing in Manhattan.
16 After the Republicans successfully block an effort to give troops proper at-home time, General Peter Pace discusses the strains on soldiers. But only afterwards.
15 The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles settles abuse suits to the tune of $660 million. You hate to see the need for this, as it will doubtless take funding from several charitable efforts. Still, the victims deserve their due.
14 In writing about a murdered colleague, the New York Times' John Burns describes the evasive actions which Iraqi fighters have taken, making sustained, general progress unlikely.
13 If "progress" is an important yardstick for No Child Left Behind, why isn't a hard metric applied to Iraq?
10 Bush again links Iraq to 9/11.
9 If the Global War On Terror is so important, why are so many positions at the Department of Homeland Security unoccupied?
8 Thoughts of having prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald testify to Congress about the commutation of Libby's sentence don't impress me; the New York Times publishes an editorial insisting for an immediate, orderly withdrawal from Iraq.
6 The government opens up a feedback period to a nuclear spill, but keeps it secret; impeaching Bush.
5 Senator Pete Domenici distances himself from Bush's Iraq policy, but needs to do some persuasion; Michael Kinsley, normally smart, makes an inept comparison between Scooter Libby and President Clinton; Microsoft regrets people buying the extended warranties for at least one of their products.
4 Bush's favoritism in commuting Libby's sentence.
3 Celebrating the Constitution on the 4th of July; refusing to accept Bush's commutation of Libby's sentence; not sure anyone is truly surprised that Bush commuted Libby's sentence.
1 Connecting the dots between purging federal attorneys, organizations who try to keep minority voters out, and the GOP.
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June, 2007

30 The official UN committee investigating WMD's in Iraq finally calls it quits; Fred Thompson dissatisfies in New Hampshire, with a nine minute platitudinous speech.
28 A black mayor, the first, is elected in Ireland.
26 Issues surrounding congestion pricing in NYC should have been dealt with decades ago; another great Internet idea; Fairness Communication Doctrines; Senator Lugar's distancing himself from Bush over Iraq will not have an impact.
25 White House spokesperson Dana Perino has a very bad day over defending Dick Cheney.
23 Remember when the Administration was thinking of marching on into Syria? Plus, the inadequacy of the number of troops in the Iraq escalation could lead to asking for even more.
22 Our military's "Arrowhead Ripper" would have had more impact if the enemy's leaders hadn't skedaddled in advance; Bush personnel moves and other actions designed to avoid scrutiny; Rudy Giuliani's claims to have run NYC as a business before Bloomberg did.
19 NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves the Republican party, only having joined it, really, to become mayor.
18 White House staff were violating regulations by sending emails through the RNC rather than the White House system; Fox and CBS refused to air condom ads because they didn't talk enough about disease prevention, only suggesting sex instead.
17 One of the warmest Springs on record.
16 Carefully parsing Petraeus's promises of what to expect in September.
15 Iraq can't be forced to progress, and knows that Bush is enabling them; Brooklyn's industrial waterfront is singled out as an endangered historical area.
13 The Vatican ends its support for Amnesty International, over perceptions that Amnesty supports abortion.
12 Three more photolinks for you.
11 A court rules that uncharged detainees, picked up in the US, can't be held in the US without legal protections; Libby's supporters wanted their support letters kept private, for fear of being discussed on the Internet; the San Francisco Chronicle trims its staff, probably another casualty to 'free' news on the Internet.
9 Plans for a Bible-based theme park in Tennessee arouse detractors.
7 Justification for Libby's sentence, if you need it.
5 Petraeus's equivocation over progress (or lack) in Iraq.
4 Louisiana's Representative William Jefferson is finally indicted, and a right wing blogger acts like the scandal that fell on Republicans was undeserved; a court overturns FCC indecency rulings against broadcasters, citing Cheney's obscenity on the floor of the Senate.
2 US modeling long term plans for Iraq after Korea? How does that square with the 2002 "Authorization of Force"? Plus, the insult of being called "outspoken."
1 Windbag speculation hour: in an age of precision marketing, book publishers still look for the mega seller instead of fine profits on well-targeted books.
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May, 2007

31 Early word that the University of Florida's repeat-champion basketball coach is headed to the NBA (he didn't); PowerLine wants the US to diss the rest of the world.
30 With a final determination that Valerie Plame was covert, a summing up of the White House's misbehaviors.
28 A Boy Scout in Delaware does public service by making a map of a fairly untended cemetery. Are our opportunities for public service merely limited by our imaginations?
25 America sees we're moving in the wrong direction, but Bush doesn't: do we remember how Osama Bin Laden basically said Bush was falling into his trap?
24 Continued promises from Bush sound like old refrains.
22 Yet again Bush shows how little he supports the troops, by using them as pawns in a funding battle.
21 Jimmy Carter was more on target about Bush before he back-pedaled.
17 Writers held by publishers who won't "publish" them; Rudy Giuliani tries to take credit for national trends in abortions and adoptions; word of a pending "no confidence" vote on AG Al Gonzales.
16 Rudy Giuliani tries to portray CNN as being just as liberal as Fox is conservative. Really.
13 Bob Geldof doesn't think Gore's summer concert series is doing enough about global warming: awareness, he says, is too little to ask.
12 Politics played a role in how deserving federal attorneys were passed over for promotions.
10 Bush suggests he's open to the idea of benchmarks for the Iraqis, but why believe it?
9 The lack of affordable housing makes one think NYC has gotten too big; Senator Mitch McConnell's dissatisfaction with progress in Iraq should have him siding with Democrats, but it doesn't.
6 The GOP tries to talk tough on Bush's Iraq policy while continuing to give him a blank check; the NBA is taking its games direct to fans through downloads.
5 Disturbing willingness to hide the truth in Iraq; employee records in the TSA lost.
4 Jumbled history of the Vietnam War, thanks to a misbound book.
3 Ignoring tax cheats.
1 Bush's unaccomplished mission in Iraq.
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April, 2007

30 How the benefits which the GOP has received from the Electoral College may be diminishing.
29 Great fish-eye; Bill Moyers, the sleeping press, and Scott Ritter.
27 How George Tenet sold out his country; the ridiculous claim that Congress is trying to "micro-manage" the war.
25 Polls show more Americans side with the Democrats' views on Iraq than otherwise.
24 Dennis Kucinich introduces Articles of Impeachment against Cheney.
22 NYC Mayor Bloomberg proposes congestion pricing; Iraq's Prime Minister ends US efforts to segregate Baghdad.
20 Using your iPod as an audio aid for books on music.
19 Criteria for evaluating the "surge"; Gonzales' poor testimony before the Senate..
18 High approval ratings for Pelosi and Reid argue that Bush's poor approval ratings really are a problem; arguing for change after violence.
15 Even if the "surge" isn't working, McCain has no Plan B, but claims he'll listen to public opinion which he's already ignoring; Paul Wolfowitz may not be able to argue against corruption when he's showing signs himself...
12 Bushies maintained non-White House email accounts and used them for governmental business; an apparent attempt to avoid scrutiny.
10 Bush lies about the laws which Congress has passed on support of the troops.
7 Bush's understanding of the Constitution questionable; McCain steps back from his comments on how safe Baghdad is, but in doing so claims a right to misspeak for fun.
4 The many ways in which the Administration doesn't support the troops.
3 USA Today's collection of top quotes ignores Bush's "Bring 'em on;" hat's off to my wife; problems with page loading due to Norton and haloscan? Add to your Norton firewall as a trusted site.
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March, 2007

24 Connecticut high school won't let its theater group do a play based on Iraq experiences; contrary to statements to Congress, the Attorney General met with staff over the US Attorney firings prior to the ax falling; vacation warning.
22 Right-winger tries to justify Bush's poor approval ratings by pointing to approval ratings of Congress, which no one elects directly (beyond their own member); how the White House is avoiding accountability over the US Attorney firings.
21 New York advances its 2008 Presidential primary early, and I'm not pleased; Bush resorts to a "partisan" charge in trying to get Democrats to not probe the firings of the US attorneys.
18 Bushies continue defending invading Iraq, and our fear of terrorists still grips NYC.
17 Open mic night; what will it take before the President recognizes failure in Iraq? plus, Washington DC's efforts to obtain a voting representative in the House evokes slave-era compromises on admitting new states.
15 Senator Schumer (D-NY) says he's heard reports that the White House is discussing the Attorney General's exit.
13 The scandal over the firing of the US attorneys highlights how inept the White House is at hiring qualified people: let's look at the Attorney General himself!
12 Cheney can't acknowledge or recognize how badly he's screwed up the country.
10 Over-optimistic reactions to the escalation in Iraq; Nevada Democrats pull out of sponsoring a debate which Fox would broadcast.
6 Scooter Libby's conviction reminds me of Lincoln's words, and what has happened to our country since September 11.
4 Connecting the dots on the federal prosecutor firings; national security strategies of the UK may promote war rather than prevent.
3 Ann Coulter's remarks on John Edwards being gay; the New York Times starts to weigh in the on the scandal of the federal prosecutor firings.
1 The failure of America and the press to recognize the spin from Bush as early as 2005.
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February, 2007

27 Global warming's impact on tigers in India.
25 Another bad day in Iraq, and a leading cleric says the "surge" is doomed to fail.
24 Powerline hasn't mentioned the scandal over the treatment of recuperating soldiers at Walter Reed hospital facilities, perhaps because the news came from the Washington Post.
22 Bad statistics used to try and make people care more about immigration than the war in Iraq.
21 US statistics on terror within the country have been overclaiming the number of occurrences for the glory of the prosecutors and so on.
19 When Right wing fundocrat Richard Scaife has second thoughts about Clinton, its clear he needed a rudder years ago and may even have helped get us into Iraq; how PR people manage photo ops with the President; death of a hard drive.
18 Claims that leaving Iraq will play into the hands of the terrorists ignore the fact that Bush did the same by going into Iraq.
17 Has the White House articulated an action standard for what constitutes failure in Iraq?
14 CNN correspondent learns nothing from the pre-Iraq war journalism mistakes, and goes overboard on the US intelligence on Iran.
12 Scooter Libby defense tactic: defend him against something he's not been charged with.
10 Did Hollywood predict Abu Ghraib in 1998? University of Phoenix faltering as a business concept? more bad economic news.
6 Stupid hints about Valerie Plame; a call for Republican "centrists" to be genuine or leave; suggestions that Scooter Libby won't testify.
4 Sometimes seasonally adjusting the economic news hides poor performance.
2 Republicans refuse to be pinned down on Warner's nonbinding motion; did you know the Washington Post is the Democrats' "house organ"?
1 After 2004, Bush referred to reelection as his "accountability moment," but then lied in 2006 about war's progress.
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January, 2007

31 Vice President Cheney's lesbian daughter defends her decision to become a mother.
28 Senator Clinton calls out the White House on passing the Iraqi "buck" to the next President; "Babel."
24 The White House's original request for the authorization of force against Iraq had a scope including anywhere in the Middle East they chose.
23 Scooter Libby claims he was being made a scapegoat by the White House.
21 27 more US casualties in Iraq; how corporate owners constrain news reporting.
19 In an odd bit of PR, a general suggest that the so-called "surge" could be over by the end of Summer. Yeah, right.
17 Chuck Hagel's long history of skepticism about the war in Iraq.
15 Lack of winter in NYC.
14 Idly gathering intelligence, just because.
13 A Pentagon official complains that detainees at Guantanamo are getting legal assistance which is too good, and tries to provoke a backlash against the lawyers' firms.
11 Polls show that by escalating in Iraq, Bush is out of touch with mainstream American values; Bush pulls back on divisive judicial nominees; US strikes against Iran, in Iraq; controversy over the ownership of the "iPhone" name.
8 California's move to universal health insurance; that special Manhattan smell; Florida's left-handed quarterback.
7 "President" Gore; shifting the discussion to reckless endangerment of the troops.
6 Hug your family.
3 FBI observations of abuses at Guantanamo lend credence to Newsweek accounts which had been put down by the White House.
2 The shame surrounding Saddam Hussein's last minutes; little or no press attention to polls showing the troops questions about Iraq.
1 Hidden tax "cuts," through looser audits.
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