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December, 2006

31 Polls show decreasing support for the war in Iraq among those in the military.
30 Is personalizing opinion worse than the Royal "We"? Plus, Digby catches Mallard Fillmore papering over history.
28 Questions about Gerald Ford's disparaging comments to Bob Woodward about Bush's war; Bush won't take questions about Iraq while he tries to act involved and concerned.
27 Gerald Ford.
24 Christmas culture wars over decorating styles; Main and Central.
23 Looking back at the garbage Bush spewed in his debates with Kerry; five more Americans die in Iraq.
21 More allegations about anti-Semitism from publisher Judith Regan.
20 On the Daily Show, Bill Kristol makes arguments for Bush which shouldn't pass muster.
19 What opportunities will the Democrats have, come January, to negotiate Bush out of Iraq?
18 The Feds drop an ACLU challenge they probably would have lost.
17 Roadside protest, a la Burma Shave signs.
16 Beethoven entry at Wikipedia; stupidest phish of all time; how will Bush claim HIS new way forward in Iraq?
14 Novelist Michael Crichton retorts to a critic through a fictional characterization.
13 Why would Bush care about the opinion of 10,000 scientists?
12 Bush's desire to get it right with respect to Iraq comes years too late; best playlist of all time?
10 Horsefeathers wants to bomb Iran; Atrios counts Biden Shots.
9 Will Republicans tolerate Mitt Romney? Plus, reasons the odds are against success for the Iraq Study Group's report.
7 The compromises of the Iraq Study Group.
5 If Gates hadn't been approved, what might we have expected?
4 Jose Padilla's treatment, while presumed innocent; web traffic from Republicans and Democrats; is Iran the most disruptive force in the Middle East?
2 Did Bush speed Rumsfeld's exit out of anger over a memo?
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November, 2006

30 Another place to turn for photos.
28 I'd still like to damn George Bush's soul to hell.
27 The Senate Judiciary Committee's behavior, when dominated by Republicans; the Washington Post needs the Iraqis to tell them when it's OK to call it a civil war; why not blame Clinton for all that's wrong in Iraq?
24 British police seem slow to check the scene where a former Russian spy says he was poisoned; continuing problems with electronic voting in Florida.
22 A Democratic staff member is cleared of accusations he leaked information; deaths in Iraq.
21 Thanksgiving wishes; Thomas Pynchon's "Against the Day;" Bush's reckless gamble in Iraq; Bush won't leave Iraq because it requires admitting a mistake.
19 Bush's toxicity is still strong after the midterm elections.
18 My "top ten" live albums; a "carbon tax," while well intentioned, is merely a consumption tax.
16 Bush (damn him to hell) has foisted an incredible moral obligation onto the United States; will Nancy Pelosi's failed endorsement of Jack Murtha be a learning experience?
15 Giuliani? 2008? GOP? Fuhgeddabowdit.
14 Speaker-of-the-House-to-be Nancy Pelosi looks like she's making a misstep by calling out for Jack Murtha in a leadership position; Cass Gilbert; how Bush hurt midterm candidates.
13 PowerLine wants other media outlets to be less relentless, now that the election is over; Cap Weinberger is unavailable, but Bush 43 is mining others in his Dad's administration.
12 Am I dreaming, or has Horsefeathers gone silent over the midterm elections?
9 Partisan values in the voting booth; George Allen's "macaca moment" freed Gerald Ford.
7 Midterms elections over "Bush," vs. a failure to behave like an independent branch of government; NRO bloggers treat Dem victories as usurpation; sour grapes over RI Senator Lincoln Chafee's defeat; the hidden costs of free content on the Internet; White House hubris over the midterms has echoes of Iraq; pundit perceptions of "reaching across the aisle."
5 Volunteering for the country; Osama sentenced to death (oops, really Saddam, but is there a difference?)
4 Bush's capricious release of nuclear secrets for political gain; mixed signals on November's job hires; terrorists gaming the midterm elections, and a wingnut falls for it.
3 The back-pedaling in which some conservatives engage to defend their poor conclusions; the desperate behaviors of the GOP in the last days leading up to the midterm elections.
1 Republican stagecraft, as they try to act like there's nothing wrong with their party; computer scariness.
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October, 2006

30 Campaigning, the President rejects the conclusions of the intelligence agencies that our invasion of Iraq has been a recruiting tool for terrorists.
29 Money spent on Internet companies post-luster.
26 At the foot of the President, conservative writers buy his argument that the problem in Iraq is that we're not counting and reporting how many enemy combatants have been killed.
23 Were people in the Bush White House rooting for North Korea to test nukes?
22 The costs of war in Iraq; Bush's "stay the course" denials; a U.S. State Department official has to retract his characterizations of the Bush Administration's policies in Iraq.
21 Lady Deborah Moody; the GOP wants to use the terrorism appeal, but how successful will it be?
20 Why the U.S. government is a "coalition" government, and why you can't tell what Republicans stand for.
18 Bloody day in Iraq.
17 Ohio wavers in its support for the GOP, and there are plenty of reasons why.
16 Arlen Specter's moves over torture amendments invite scrutiny.
14 Air America files for bankruptcy.
13 A convicted criminal refuses to resign from Congress; how Wal-Mart brings you your savings; a conservative columnist is thrilled by the debate performance of a candidate she supports, but probably didn't vote for John Kerry in '04.
12 A British general cites a need to leave Iraq "soon."
10 Fox News' Chris Wallace drips with smarm; Iraq, as viewed by the press in 2003, certainly didn't hurt view of the President.
7 Is Libby acting like a terrorist?
6 Jobs report disappoints, again; victims groups call out for former House Representative Mark Foley to identify his alleged abuser; a White House employee in the Jack Abramoff-to-Karl Rove tunnel decides to pursue employment elsewhere; the US government refuses to turn over someone others see as a terrorist.
4 Separating the expected costs of Medicare from those for Social Security; why the Dow Jones' passing of its high from six years ago isn't a watershed event.
3 Pre-war refusals to discuss a post-Saddam Hussein plan for Iraq were clear, even from Richard Perle.
2 Condoleezza Rice's denials that a pre-9/11 meeting between her and the CIA Director prove to be invalid: the meeting occurred.
1 The Bush Administration's failure to attend to al Qaeda prior to 9/11.
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September, 2006

30 Three fine pictures, from others; spam.
29 Why do the Democrats "need" a plan? It's not like Bush is sharing all the intelligence with them, afterall.
28 Removing habeas corpus protections for suspected terrorists takes us back to pre-Magna Carta times.
26 Powerline's continued adulation of Bush; Condoleezza Rice's silly assertion that Bush was at least as aggressive as Clinton in targeting terrorists prior to 9/11; the White House now shies away from doing the math on terrorists.
25 US intelligence agencies conclude that the war in Iraq is abetting terrorists.
24 Using the ability to explain violence in Iraq to discount its importance; election shenanigans.
23 A potential fallback response for the Democrats over their poor handling of Bush's efforts to deny habeas corpus to detainees.
22 9/11 hijackers were not identified in advance by a fata gathering program; the "Today" show wastes time on a fast food idea which may or may not happen, years away.
19 The U.S. has concerns about the Iraqi PM, failing to recognize the magnitude of the challenge the U.S. provided; Bush's use of the phrase "Islamic Fascists" may be short-lived.
18 Recommended reading: U.S. military efforts to ease tensions at Guantanamo.
17 The failure of the Democrats to argue for detainee rights; Pope Benedict's tin ear.
15 Eric Alterman's new home.
14 Claims that Democrats don't understand the treat in Iraq ignore how much the White House has gotten wrong.
13 DHS and the US government finally announce Bin Laden's intentions in his November, 2004 message; Dick Cheney's new excuse for why we haven't been greeted as liberators yet.
11 September 11: my take on broader implications.
10 September 11: personal experiences.
9 White House attempts to sidestep accountability and ignore a Senate report concluding Saddam Hussein was not in cahoots with al Qaeda; the fascism continuum: are we moving further down it?
8 The convergence of the anniversary of 9/11, the President's politicizing of it, and ABCs distorted "docu-drama."
7 The President's interest in marketing 9/11 seems to require that he ignore all prior acts of terrorism, such as those from the KKK; the President's assurances that torture is against our values ring hollow.
5 ABC's 9/11 Fairy tale: full of giants and goblins and too little truth - - why wasn't it handled by the news division, rather than sacrifice truth at all?
3 The terrorist Banksy hates Paris Hilton and our way of life; Fox cable ratings, big in a small pond, may still be an issue of ho- hum; Power Line achieves beneficence by reminding me of Van Morrison's birthday, but they seem lost in 30 year old material.
2 James Wolcott again exemplifies the brilliance of left-wing humor.
1 For once, monthly job figures exceed expectations (soft ones, though); inside shots of the Revere Sugar Factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
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August, 2006

30 Stephen Rittenberg (at Horsefeathers), in his lust to push a viewpoint, gets practically nothing right over Richard Armitage and Valerie Plame.
29 The media's failure to think independently led them to act like lemmings over the latest twist in the Jon Benet Ramsey case; President Bush supports the renomination, without any mention of skepticism, of an official accused of corruption.
27 Right wingers forget why the Plame case matters; Richard Armitage's role in one aspect of the Plame case.
26 Real estate economics, Alan Greenspan, and fueling the economy.
25 How to get labeled as an uncooperative terrorist by the FBI (a beginners guide); some Republicans, unabashed by the Iraq experience, worry that intelligence about Iraq is too soft.
23 When the President is supposed to campaign against "the left," the target is really the majority of Americans who disapprove of his job performance.
20 Why voting for Democrats is not a vote for terrorists.
19 Abandoning Ned Lamont out of boredom; why doesn't a pundit like Chris Matthews work to understand what the truth is? Plus, notoriety for my efforts, but I'm not named.
18 The media's real bias is towards commerce, of course.
15 White House Press Secretary Tony Snow shoots the messenger, plus other observations.
14 The GOP's profits from terrorism.
13 The Bush Administration's myopic efforts to define progress in Iraq in terms of establishing government, no matter the carnage that surrounds it.
9 Horsefeathers continues to see anti-Semitism where it isn't, this time in the Connecticut voters who chose Lamont over Lieberman.
7 Further thoughts on the Presidential Daily Brief which warned that Osama Bin Laden was determined to strike at the US, and White House claims that there had been no warning.
6 Impressions of Beacon, NY; fifth year anniversary of when Bush received that Presidential Daily Brief about Osama Bin Laden; technological problems.
5 Larry the Lobster lives, on Wikipedia at least.
4 How Bin Laden worked to have Bush reelected; job figures disappoint expectations again.
2 While Bush and the press joke about room renovations, people are dying in Baghdad.
1 If you SEE something, SAY something; up periscope: Bush's need to assess his policies' impact on how other leaders succeed with their countries; Meat Loaf sheathes his sword against Jim Steinman.
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July, 2006

30 Do Israeli plans for a cease-fire suggest compassion beyond strategy? Plus, praise for community Internet sites.
28 Bush's invasion of Iraq shouldn't be called "bold" when so much of America supported it already; Bush endorsed "In God We Trust," and claims universal recognition of God with his "We;" the Who (er, make that Peter Townshend) can't get their his act straight before making concert plans.
27 Choosing between babies and frozen stem cells.
26 Oboe blues: mourning John Mack.
25 Bush's fly-swatting envy of Israel's actions; U.S. is moving more troops into Baghdad, but is that enough to really help?
24 A Pentagon Web site makes the war against terror look stale; travelers return.
18 Short-sighted investing and Detroit's woes; Richard Cohen cops out on Hezbollah.
17 Bush's open mike coarseness while talking to Blair is a continuing exhibition of a lack of decorum.
16 Distinction through extremism on the Internet; the New York Times isn't the only media outlet to see its stock price decline.
14 Dick Cheney's "one percent" doctrine; Arlen Specter caves in to the President in the interest of claiming a deal; anthrax scare at the New York Times.
12 Shocking juxtaposition; resurrecting the word "quagmire" in Iraq; the Metropolitan Museum of Art raises its "suggested donation."
11 Medical costs and malpractice suits.
10 Withdrawing plaudits for Bush's foreign policy; does undermining another government violate their sovereignty?
9 Blogging isn't self-expression? What? Plus, tax revenues suggest the deficit won't be as bad as predicted; applying the 75 year projection idea used for Social Security to other government departments.
7 The President's forked tongue at today's press conference; yet again, the actual increases in new jobs fall short of expectations.
6 Newly back from Florida, a few links to reward your return; we, however, were greeted by the passing of one of our guinea pigs.
1 Break warning; further carnage in Baghdad reminds of the emptiness with which Bush talks about the deaths. "Just Wait." Cubs fan, must be.
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June, 2006

29 Bush's ultra-fine moment when he nominated Bernie Kerik to head the Department of Homeland Security is remembered, as Kerik pleads guilty; the Supreme Court's decision against Bush over Guantanamo reminds us of the importance of three independent branches of government.
27 The Flag Amendment is every bit as repugnant as flag burning, but how do you define desecration? To you, or to me?
26 Arguments that the New York Times has been treasonous are smoke and mirrors, meant to distract from the broader lack of accountability in the Bush Administration over Iraq.
25 MSNBC rolls the dice and puts on-camera talent at the helm of the ship.
23 The latest terrorist plot: yeah, let's prosecute, but this didn't deserve a press conference from the Attorney General.
22 Blame and credit for
20 Surprising musical sophistication, even over Steve Miller; the sense of being cool on the porch, and the nonsense of the racial epithet; maybe something on Cheney beats watching the Braves?
19 Cheney lies, and lies and lies and lies.
17 Ann Coulter doesn't surprise me, but the continuing market for her hate does.
16 Is Iraq like Thomas Mann's "The Magic Mountain"?
15 Counting the dead in Iraq, and the latest "milestone;" local interest items; trying to export democracy while using profiling.
14 Finding that rare Father's Day item for dad.
13 We can't very well put on a better face for the rest of the world if the President is breaking the laws at home.
11 Suicides at Guantanamo should provoke a national dialog, not accusations.
8 Zarqawi dies, and we need to put his death in context; local real estate blog gets a case of NIMBY.
6 Continuing exposure for Senate candidate Kathryn Harris; Bill Preston.
5 Ordering a pizza in a world without privacy.
4 Continued Gore-bashing; James Wolcott trains his steely eye on Horsefeathers.
3 When the media continues to get it wrong about Saddam Hussein having WMDs, is there any way to save face?
2 News from Iraq doesn't help the GOP, and neither do the details of our "booming" economy: jobs figures again fall short.
1 What are the dynamics underlying slashes in anti-terrorism funding for New York City?
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May, 2006

29 Accusations that some of our soldiers may have slaughtered innocents in Iraq allow wingnuts an opportunity to say that Abu Ghraib abuses were unimportant. Yeah, right.
27 Events at a Yankees game remind me how much I want my country back; in Baghdad, Olympic athletes are shot for wearing shorts.
25 Treasury Secretary John Snow's long twist in the wind may soon be over; news on the Internet gets so widely disseminated, sometimes you have to ask why.
22 The Attorney General suggests journalists might get prosecuted for publishing leaked information, forgetting how much the Bush Administration did precisely how much the White House leaked in arguing for war against Iraq.
19 Light blogging warning while my wife and I celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary. We got a thing, and it's called Radar Love.
18 Big Government kowtows to Conservatives who want to seal the borders, and in doing so Big Government subcontracts to its friends.
15 The Pentagon distances itself from a film on the realities of war.
14 Reconsidering Laura Bush.
13 In praise of leaks.
11 Searching for a lost Stephen Wright novel; remembering the Libyan Hit Squads.
10 Household budgetary pressures thanks to interest rate increases on adjustable rate mortgages and higher gas prices.
9 With Bush poll figures continuing to sink, the Democrats need to go for the jugular.
7 The longer term goals of the those who believe in Right To Life suggest that birth control may be threatened also; Thomas Pynchon's birthday tomorrow; cultural literacy test in a headline.
6 Tallying up the months when the jobs figures fell short of expectations vs. surpassing them.
5 Figures for new jobs disappoint Wall Street more often than not; Satan's Laundromat is active again.
3 A historic warehouse in Brooklyn burns down; Moussaoui spared the death penalty.
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April, 2006

30 White House candor over gas prices.
29 David Brooks' wrong-headed arguments for the gasoline tax; deaths in Iraq reach a recent peak.
28 Any room for compassionate conservatism with Rush Limbaugh, since being booked for drug abuse?
25 Atrios disagrees with Andrew Sullivan, but for the wrong reason.
23 It wasn't faulty intelligence on WMDs which led us into Iraq, it was the willingness to ignore intelligence, in order to achieve a cherished goal, which led us there.
22 Selectively following moral codes; the White House's slow reaction to CIA leaks.
21 For political expedience, a Florida politician distances himself from Jeb Bush.
18 When Bush expresses confidence in Rumsfeld, it's hardly worth reporting; blogger revenge.
17 Regarding the retired generals who have come out against Rumsfeld; the Monkees' tune "Your Auntie Grizelda;" licorice.
16 How early decisions to limit the number of troops in Iraq have made it more dangerous for our troops now.
14 Right wing commentators who play the role of Pharisees in disregarding the messages of people like Howard Dean and Cindy Sheehan probably wouldn't know Jesus if he was sitting right in front of them.
13 Tooting my horn: I'm a published photographer.
12 Now that so many thousands have been stricken with health problems after 9/11, it's high time to see what the EPA was doing to "protect" us.
10 Bush's selective leaks on Iraq for the press were so different from hpw he treated senators who were going to vote on te authorization to use force.
7 When the wealthy spend millions on rare paintings, are they still using their tax cuts to create jobs and spur growth?
6 The Washington Post buries a story on the White House Global War on Science; Bush's leak should end all talk of his being a "straight shooter."
5 Dwight Gooden's waste of opportunities.
4 Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy; Tom Delay dropping out of the House.
1 Condoleezza Rice's inept discussion about mistakes made in Iraq.
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March, 2006

31 Bummed: no National Anthems in a DVD set billed as the complete 1986 World Series.
30 The company's new office.
29 Bush may be smart enough to understand the deep routes of sectarian violence in Iraq, but he should have seen it in advance of the war, and staffed accordingly.
28 Cutbacks within the Roman Catholic Church here in New York City.
27 CNN abdicates its role as a primary news source; Bush's early intentions to war against Iraq.
25 The Washington Post's Web site hires a conservative blogger, and it really goes badly.
23 A photo to see...
22 A spending bill tries to pretend it's a law, in violation of the Constitution; top U.S. general shows how little he's understood what we're up against in Iraq.
21 Could Gore be President still? Plus, Bush admits that some future President will clean up his mess in Iraq.
19 Maneuverings by Scooter Libby; Iraq at three years.
15 Long-time Bush family insider Jim Baker will head an effort to examine our policies in Iraq. Will it do anything good?
13 Zacarias Moussaoui's trial is jeopardized by an attorney caught coaching witnesses.
12 Former SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor warns against the tyranny of those on the Right who try to move the courts in their direction.
11 People lose jobs when too much Internet content is free.
10 Expressing pain and language barriers.
9 Will one of Saturn's moons be the next Gitmo?
8 Is Barry Bonds under additional scrutiny over steroids because of his race?
6 Unfazed by several court decisions, Bush wants a line-item veto.
5 The Arts: George Clooney's Oscar speech; in search of the great Canadian musicians; Todd Rundgren comes to grip with his past. Oh, and I made gravy.
4 Bill Frist shuts down debate in the most partisan of ways, and calls it being bi-partisan; White House ignorance over the potential for civil war in Iraq; a member of the House of Representatives is told the Pentagon won't take him to Iraq, and it's possibly because he criticized the administration's effort to hand over port control to a company controlled by Dubai.
2 Bush's approval ratings are low, but why are they so high, given all we know about his failure to react when warnings are there?
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February, 2006

27 How George Washington would have undermined the Global War on Terrorism; the rush towards approving the UAE management of our ports.
26 As the hawks abandon ship over Iraq, it's time to ask: what di they really expect would happen?
25 To save Libby, the White House magically uncovers emails it said had been lost.
24 If there's a bipartisan initiative to snare all the people in government who leak to the press, will Bush be in the net?
23 Bush claims our resistence to the UAE managing our ports shows prejudice on our part, and perhaps he's right. The odd thing, then, is did we have the Brits on some odd pedestal?
20 Watch the Trashcan Sinatras; Holocaust denier David Irving admits the Holocaust: can we hope for a similar reality adjustment from Bush supporters?
19 How pollsters can ask the wrong questions; is Rasmussen a repeat offender?
18 Bush turns to novelists for the latest thinking on global warming. Next up, time travel.
17 Why isn't personal responsibility a bigger part of the story of Cheney whirling on an innocent man to shoot him?
16 Inspiration from the Revolutionary War; Guantanamo makes me love what we do less, but I still love America.
15 Harry Whittington, Cheney's shooting victim, in perspective; McDonald's funny french fries.
14 The interminable war in Iraq; Ellis Valentine.
13 Cheney's quick trigger hunting quail is a sad parallel to our invasion of Iraq.
11 Open evidence of terrorism; Hillary Clinton cuts no slack for Laura Bush; the UK looks at Patrick Fitzgerald.
10 How tall is Jack Abramoff? Were we on the same train?
8 Mariah Carey and Bert Lahr?
5 NO mention of the trial of Saddam Hussein in the President's State of the Union address; a memoirist becomes toxic over his apparent falsehoods.
4 When balance is seen as partisanship.
3 More suspected lies from Cheney's former aid, Lewis Libby.
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January, 2006

31 Broadening the definition of "Mainstream Media" to accommodate demonization of those with whom you disagree; failure to see how the media supports the troops.
30 Asterix and Obelix.
29 Unintended consequences: if Bush gets credit for Lebanon and Libya, what about the Hamas victory in the Palestinian state? And Haiti's crumble?
27 The "Four" meme; Bush can't claim his tax cuts are pro-growth when growth slows, right?
26 Bush refused to obey the law when ordering wiretaps; compliance would have been easy.
25 Surprise: Alito's former clerks endorse him for the Supreme Court. Alito is a sycophant; should we expect more from his clerks?
24 Odd verb from the New York Times fails to capture the Bush stance; Scottie McClellan stonewalls.
23 Bush surrenders America!
22 U.S. under-the-table meddling in elections in the Palestinian territory; Karl Rove still under scrutiny?
21 Haggis; a conservative blogger misreads shifts in television ratings; hyper-sensitivity to antisemitism at Horsefeathers gets noticed.
18 Holding Republicans to high standards, even if we expect less and less of them; Anderson Cooper's passionate empathy with Anderson Cooper.
17 Gore's speech against Bush's wiretapping was full of a love for the Constitution.
16 Gore's speech on the balance of power in our Constitution, and Bush's abuse; Kathryn Jean Lopez' lack of imagination; Bruce Springsteen, 1975.
14 The Swift Boating of Jack Murtha.
11 Adventures in Luskin Land.
10 Samuel Alito was mendacious because, as a lawyer, he had so few opportunities; I wish I could have been there when the Justice Department finally got around to briefing the judges on why they never bothered to seek warrants; technological mishaps of my own doing? I hope not.
8 The timing of the White House's leak investigation over the unwarranted wiretaps; Alton Brown and Aaron Brown, linked forever.
7 Troops who have died unnecessarily; Tom Delay is an albatross.
5 Humor hurts sometimes.
3 Implications of the President willfully sidestepping the law.
1 The extra seconds on the clock: it seems you have to go to Chicago; willfully shutting out the truth; happy new year, there are reasons to be optimistic.
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