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December, 2005

31 Is the new Medicare Prescription Drug plan an accomplishment?
29 Restrictions at Lion Country Safari because some people are just too dumb for words; a bad poll question, and reminders of some which have been worse; a good air strike.
28 Another defense of Bush's spying program doesn't bear up; Sir Bob Geldof is a freelance consultant on world poverty.
27 Media bias monsters under the bed; Poland is still in the Coalition of the Willing; flack for honoring the fallen in Iraq.
26 How US performance during last year's tsunamis foreshadowed 2005.
24 Holiday wishes; if only the insurgents were good sports and wore targets.
23 Getting restful for the holidays? Not if the White House has its way!
22 The end of the transit strike, and thoughts on its impact; an odd flickr group.
21 Jonah Goldberg misapplies statistics in evaluating the salaries of NYC transit workers; some stocking stuffers do not exist.
20 More on the transit strike; Michael Bloomberg's war on Christmas.
19 Bush has cited briefs to Congress as a sign that extending wiretaps was OK, but hasn't proven that Congress approved them; Bush cherry picked poll results about "upbeat" moods in Iraq.
18 Bush's speech has a number of valid points, but he blows it in terms of talking to people; like me, Colin Powell is put out about the melodramatic surprise European countries are showing over secret CIA jails.
17 If Clinton had admitted what he did with Monica and said it didn't matter, would you have been angrier? And how does it make you feel when Bush says he knew what he was doing when he signed orders to broaden wire tapping without court approval? Plus, something you might not know about Morgan Fairchild.
16 Bush's executive order allowing spying by the NSA on domestic phone calls is a bald abuse of power; why unions are still valuable, even for those who are better off.
15 Stupid blogging from Cliff May; Bush tries to provide candor in the face of sinking poll ratings, but fails to take responsibility for all that he's wrought.
13 Enron's Ken Lay vows to find the people who are really responsible for Enron's fall.
11 An airline passenger's query shows that the Administration has secret regulations which no one is allowed to see.
10 Poland can't believe it's done what it knows it did with CIA prisons; how the White House uses the Red Cross as a shield when it wants, and then obstructs it other times.
9 Pierre Franey cooks in your kitchen!
8 Torture works! And, a very simple Lennon tribute; British English and dummies; Condoleezza Rice spins the CIA while in Europe.
3 Hiatus warning; is "Alito" Italian for "Souter"? Plus, Jeff Jarvis disproved by Pentagon revelations.
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November, 2005

29 The repudiations of Representative Duke Cunningham don't go nearly far enough; white phosphorous.
28 Anderson Cooper's Nielsen ratings; will Duke Cunningham's corruption strike a chord?
27 Are abuses in Iraq as bad now as they were under Saddam Hussein?
26 Republican House leaders move to shield wealthy scofflaws; the Generosity Index refuses to die.
25 In the 1980's, Supreme Court nominee Sam Alito was against equal representation.
23 Happy Thanksgiving wishes; diversity of New York City.
22 The formal indictment of Jose Padilla may mean that justice will eventually triumph over the Bush Administration.
20 Larry Kudlow's mistaken measures of prosperity; the former head of the Senate Intelligence committee speaks out: the Senate did not have the same intelligence as the White House; writing useless articles about things you'll never own; Iraq and El Salvador.
19 What was the President told about Iraq's WMDs that made him think it might not be a slam dunk?
18 An extremist blogger's take on Jean Schmidt's antics; the head of the Vatican's astronomical observatory speaks out against intelligent design.
16 Ralph Edwards' death; the abdication of the US Congress.
15 Torture allegations about the new Iraqi regime; working on a new home network.
13 Stephen Hadley is a liar; voting irregularities in Ohio.
12 Why does the government suggest that information from Moussaoui might have saved 3,000 lives, when the government was so numb to everything else?
11 Starting to unearth myself; remember our veterans!
8 Good causes; clerical errors here with posts appearing under the wrong dates; a regular visitor's journal on his chemo; up periscope link time.
6 The Administration's handling of Pat Tillman's death leaves me wondering what's not a charade with the White House.
3 Aaron Brown fired from CNN, replaced by the "passionate" Anderson Cooper; David Brooks' divisive post on diligence from the Democrats; American Muslims taken aside at a Giants game because they were seen praying together.
2 The CIA's secret prisons in other countries.
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October, 2005

30 The myth of Bush's "against the odds" victory over Kerry; David Brooks' sweeping conclusions from Friday's indictments of Lewis Libby.
29 The significance of obstruction of justice, and the implications of Scooter Libby's charges.
28 Do Scooter Libby's indictments represent the crumbling away of the Bush wall?
26 Malicious emails; Iran's President's call to wipe Israel off the map.
25 2000 US troops have died in Iraq: my take...
23 Link from Powerline; the Bush White House's use of the press and selective leaks in driving the country to war.
22 Harriet Miers; Social security changes can't really still be alive, can they?
20 The strain of resources due to the Iraq war has endangered us at home.
18 The results of Saddam Hussein's trial may be a foregone conclusion, but the White House needs it to justify the war.
16 Bad morale at the Department of Homeland Security; the New York Times' Judith Miller claims she was given security clearance by the Pentagon — was this a reward for her stoking the fires of war?
15 Scott McClellan touts Harriet Miers' achievements in a pretty small pond.
14 Bush's staged chat with soldiers grows worse in its theatricality.
13 The White House accuses the press of being distracted by "side issues like religion" after having brought it up themselves. And why is Harriet Miers' religion more relevant than John Roberts'?
12 Al Qaeda and game theory; Harriet Miers needs a nanny problem, of course, but why is the White House asking senators to go to bat over such a questionable nominee? Plus, Harriet Miers and religion; complacency from the Atlanta Braves; changes in the tax deductability of mortgage interest may be on the horizon.
10 New York City still on high alert.
9 CBS' "60 Minutes" makes a token bow to balance against Louis Freeh's book on his tenure atop the FBI.
8 Bush would be in a stronger position had he listened to people like Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed el Baradei; the Republican party membership needs to insist on reform among its leadership.
7 Presenting false dilemmas.
6 Bush's Cincinnati speech on the mushroom clouds; Senate passage of a restriction on maltreatment of detainees, contrary to White House desires to torture at will; Stephen Rittenberg wants a gun in his hand.
4 Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers is further evidence that he doesn't take his office seriously.
3 Tom Delay's prosecutor; rearranging the local marquis; Harriet Miers.
2 Bush and Valerie Plame: when did he know what? Plus, how to REALLY do corrections well with Internet content.
1 White House propaganda efforts now labeled as law-breaking; you can't blame local authorities for the federal government's inability to ship ice.
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September, 2005

29 Kathryn Jean Lopez's assumptions that Democrats will always be obstructive; John Roberts as "Top Judge" sounds like the "1066 and All That" reference to Britain as "Top Nation."
28 Choosing between National Guard troops in Louisiana and in Iraq; Tom Delay won't accept indictments from Democrats; anyone belittling Tom Delay's prosecutor as merely a local prosecutor undermines law enforcement; truth and the calamities of war.
27 The New York Times provides cover for the House committee which refused to consider victims of natural catastrophes when it drafted legislation on bankruptcy. Yes, that lib'rul New York Times.
25 Should decisions about withdrawing from Iraq be based on what's happened in the past or on what's likely to happen in the future?
24 If Laura Bush has trimmed her husband's sails, maybe that's for the good; Bush cancels his trip to the storm, but for the wrong reasons; will Tivo be degraded?
23 Bush can win in disaster efforts, despite what the Right wing wants you to think; rumblings from Congressional Democrats.
22 Giuseppe Petrosino, smasher of gangs; not even the Pentagon knows what the war in Iraq is costing; attention to victims of Katrina may distract from the constantly-rising poverty levels under Bush.
21 Scott McClellan's fun with the English language; Chinatown is on the way home to Brooklyn, another plus.
20 Workarounds for the New York Times' new premium service; President Bush's bustle in reaction to hurricanes; post-hurricane contractors want lawsuit protections; the truth is politically motivated.
18 The government's response to Katrina was so bad, Clinton broke with tradition to criticize his successor; Lindsey Graham's under-the-radar smear of Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
17 It's the 4th quarter and the Gators are still ahead; hurricane victims and The Grapes of Wrath; the many ways in which the White House is obtuse.
16 Continuing turmoil in Afghanistan; FEMA still not in game form, three weeks after Katrina landed; if the election were held today...
15 Reminder that the CIA told us Iraq is recruiting and training ground for urban terrorists; why I subscribed to the New York Times' new premium service; Bush pleaded ignorance on WMDs when he himself created the ignorance; failures at Tora Bora don't bode well for ambitious projects for New Orleans.
14 Smart marketing on a DVD set of Bruckner symphonies.
12 During Chief Justice confirmation hearings, Senator Coburn was doing the crossword puzzle.
11 Bush's failure to read the newspapers led to a three or four day ignorance over Katrina's impact; efforts to compare Katrina's death count to those from Europe's heat wave need to use an appropriate denominator.
10 The Katrina body count game; ignoring the dead and concentrating on how many survived.
9 Mike Brown will haunt Joe Lieberman; would Bush have reacted more quickly to Katrina had it been 2004? Plus, a William Klein photo of a diverse group of musicians.
8 Yes, give the hurricane survivors debit cards, but how about giving them access to goods at government prices, too? Plus, the overreaching judiciary and Sandy Berger; the back and forth on government reactions to Katrina points to the need for a genuinely independent inquiry.
7 Information clamp-down in New Orleans? Plus, McClellan calls scrutiny "personal attacks."
6 NYC Fox channel refuses an advertisement which criticizes the President; Presidential catch-up ball over Katrina; quieter Labor Day weekend?
5 Bush's ongoing efforts to put more underqualified people in the federal government.
2 Judging Bush's Katrina performance through an appropriate lens for an incumbent president; Bush's post-9/11 actions were ample preparation for his hideous performance in Katrina's wake; a Thomas Pynchon passage which is relevant to hurricane Katrina; the Pentagon finds more who think Mohammed Atta was identified in 2000, but can't confirm key details.
1 Anderson Cooper lashes into Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.
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August, 2005

31 White House August fumbles suggest that Karl Rove is otherwise engaged; Hurricane Katrina may not change Bush's vacation habits; may need to reinstate the draft; my failure to recognize I was walking in Johnson and Boswell's footsteps.
30 Dig deep for hurricane Katrina victims; Bush's new rationale for staying in Iraq; using WordPerfect for html coding; the ongoing increase in poverty statistics under Bush.
29 A blogger behaving badly, very funny; how much blame should Cindy Sheehan bear, vs. the White House?
28 Pray for New Orleans; wishful thinking over strategies for Iraq; a blogger recruits comments on another site, when the site where the recruitment appears doesn't accept comments; a member of the House of Representatives confronts dead silence when trying to talk about Social Security; British warnings on Iraq.
27 Arguments against the vaunted "flypaper strategy" from a conservative blogger; Chuck Hagel's prescience about Iraq in 2003 may put him in a good position for the elections; still no progress plan from the President.
26 Announcement of a repeat showing of CNN's "Dead Wrong;" link to where you can see the video of Christopher Hitchens and Jon Stewart.
25 Donald Luskin's inability to forecast the short term doesn't bode well for the long term.
24 New laws limiting states' ability to require specific emission standards might be skirted through additional taxes on though who drive the really bad vehicles; Bush's new argument for war in Iraq (honoring those who have already fallen) creates a perpetual cycle.
23 Pentagon sloganeering on tombstones; military recruitment ads aimed at parents; James Wolcott whittles down Michael Ledeen; anti-Semitism vs. the Project for a New American Century.
21 Commentary on CNN's "Dead Wrong," a program on Iraq intelligence failures; the use of the word "patriotic" betrays a bias against war protesters.
20 Iraqi constitution doesn't bode well for a democracy built on American ideals; back-pedaling on the project that supposedly identified Mohammed Atta in 2000; Clinton's efforts to get Osama bin Laden kicked out of Afghanistan; conservative columnist wants a tight lid on U.S. embarrassments; announcement of a coming CNN program.
19 Announcing the Samuel Johnson Zeitgeist Meter.
18 Smearing Cindy Sheehan; the President's refusal to lay out a plan for success with milestones marked; the politics of the war in Iraq.
17 Too soon to talk about claims that a Pentagon group identified Mohammed Atta in 2000; interesting suggestion from Kevin Drum; John Roberts' conflict of interest while interviewing for the Supreme Court slot.
16 It looks like the White House will bypass an opportunity to require greater fuel efficiency for SUVs, minivans, and light trucks — a bone-throw to Detroit.
15 As the Bush Administration lowers its expectations for what can be achieved in Iraq, you have to ask what the carnage was for.
14 The next iPod accessory? Plus, no comment, just in.
12 On hiatus for Parents' Weekend at camp.
11 Although the Bush Administration wanted Iraqi scientists to testify freely, it sent "monitors" whenever someone from its own administration testified before the 9/11 Commission.
10 The Pentagon touts the results of a survey from a biased sample; use a right-wing web site to email your Senators on Judge Roberts; pub hours in the UK.
8 Ignored lesson of 9/11: we are a nation of suckers (at least, those who voted for Bush, anyway...); in an effort to avoid the lessons of 9/11, the White House cold-shoulders the 9/11 Commission as it tries to do follow-ups.
7 A post on my personal wins and losses for the day.
6 Rudy Giuliani might make an interesting 3rd party candidate for President; nostalgic longing for the nuclear threat.
5 Is Ken Mehlman afraid of a rigorous examination of SCOTUS nominee John Roberts? Plus, the ways in which Senators out themselves up for sale.
4 What were the motivations behind leaking SCOTUS nominee John Roberts' pro bono work on a gay rights case? Plus, more intense bombs in Iraq remind of al Qa Qaa; Bush reverts the operative phrase to "War on Terror."
3 Compelling photo.
2 Bush believes Rafael Palmeiro in spite of the evidence; just how sorely Californians are under-represented in the Senate.
1 Bolton didn't even have majority support in the Senate, if you consider how many people each Senator represents.
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July, 2005

31 A former CIA officer is suing the government over an early dismissal which he claims was due to their not believing him about Iraq abandoning its nuclear program; a study observes that African-Americans are few and far between on the Sunday morning talk shows.
30 The political implications of Sen. Bill Frist's new position on stem cell research.
29 More old vinyl on CD; who is the recipient of such lavish praise?
28 Digby's digest of right wing nuttia; shockingly, Ted Kennedy has changed his mind over what to ask Supreme Court nominees in the last 38 years.
27 Treating religious questions equally; Josh Marshall using fewer words in his posts? Plus, John Roberts' prior opinions on affirmative action might not sit well with Clarence Thomas; Bob Novak's failure to comprehend the full weight of his actions is stupid.
26 Bill Frist shortchanges the troops.
25 Press bias alert: the press presumes Democrats will oppose any Supreme Court nominee from Bush, and if they don't it's attributed to White House brilliance; Alberto Gonzales' admission that he gave Andrew Card advance warning of the Justice Department's investigation into the leak of the identity of a CIA agent is another example of the brazenness of the lawless group of thugs now in power.
21 You need a break, see you Monday; the New York City Police Department will begin inspecting backpacks on their way into the subway system, and if the music on you iPod sucks it's all over; Orrin Hatch uses the same rhetorical tools which Dick Durbin used, but will anyone criticize him for it?
20 What do they suggest when they write that John Roberts attended a "nominally Catholic" high school? Plus, Costco pursues a different strategy to retain employees and customers; Supreme Court nominees and age discrimination.
19 Bush's nomination of Mr. Roberts for the Supreme Court demonstrates an interest in going beyond the judiciary, but what about us bloggers?
18 The way character assassination was levied on Scott Ritter is informative when thinking about Joseph Wilson; a new web site to ignore; when judging Joseph Wilson, how much credence should be paid to how Democratic senators agreed to the Senate Intelligence Committee's assessment of Iraq intelligence?
17 A car rental gone awry; new information that Rove gave out info on Valerie Plame, rather than just confirming what others said.
15 An open thread; newscasters who read whatever they're handed; deriving standards for Bush and Rove that will provide standards for the future; Rove and Novak.
14 Karl Rove being chased on an espionage rap?
13 The White House's Karl Rove problem is real, the question is how to evacuate; laughable headline over Bolton; clarifying the Roman Catholic Church's position on evolution; Tom Toles.
12 Jon Stewart's take down of Scott McClellan, the Washington Press, and all the stupidity of Rove-gate; stupid forced choices; how Bush supporters behave, and how they're not criticizing Rove; London now safe for our troops.
11 Karl Rove and the grand jury and the press corp and so on and so on...
10 How to judge the President's disinterestedness over Karl Rove; on "double super secret background" Karl Rove checks off his last minute tasks before vacation; the British stiff upper lip after the tube bombings.
9 Movie music credits: "Time Bandits" makes no mention of Mahler; assuming London's tube bombers were suicide bombers; Roman Catholicism and evolution.
8 Power Line takes all compliments gladly, even Ann Coulter's.
7 Read Digby; London bombings and Karl Rove.
5 Sixtimesnine (photoblog); judging blogger value by their pay.
4 How Iraq is not like the American Revolution; conservative talk show hosts going to Iraq to find their kind of news; intolerance and inconsistencies with American ideals.
3 If Karl Rove wasn't behind the Valerie Plame scandal, then who was? Plus, criteria for success in Iraq.
2 The anniversary of Bush's "bring 'em on" braggadocio, and the carnage ever since.
1 Big Pharma wins out when the government fails; guardians against intolerance; when the GOP embraces African-Americans, it's selfish.
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June, 2005

30 Osama Bin Laden wanted Bush to win, according to kidnappers; are reminders of the Ten Commandments an insult to their staying power? Plus, segregation on store shelves.
29 All that we can't blame on September 11; was Bush's speech less stirring than previous efforts?
28 WMDs nowhere to be found in Bush's speech; the Orwellian aspects of Bush's speech, and his earlier remarks that the credibility of the UN was at stake (his polls say something else).
27 Iraq as tar baby, and what to do about it; the New York Times actually gives ink to experts who think it's unlikely that 13 CIA operatives charged in an Italian operation will go to trial.
26 How to further the progressive cause; the reason why there are so few Democrats in Congress; diversity in Tampa tamped down, and needs a supermajority to recover.
25 Weather too fine to stay in; Daily Howler on fixing the intelligence around Iraq; brave Karl Rove; timelines for Iraq are wrong, criteria for success aren't.
24 Anything but the last throes of the insurgency in Iraq.
23 Karl Rove is not some witless blogger, and since we won't be able to get him to resign or apologize, maybe we can continue to use him as a wedge; Tom Toles.
22 The CIA has concluded that Iraq is a training ground for urban guerilla terrorists; repeated mendacity from Scott McClellan; the Downing Street Memo smells far truer than false.
20 Paul Gonsalves; the Justice Department's efforts to tamper with witnesses in a trial of Big Tobacco, trying to soften penalties.
19 Innumeracy in reading statistics about gay marriage in the Netherlands; noting the passing of Gene Miller, a journalist who fought against the unfair convictions of inmates on Florida's death row; another suicide bombing in Iraq; time management principles; Happy Father's Day!
18 Jeb Bush follows in his brother's footsteps, using the dead for political purposes; Paul Reiser and fatherhood.
16 Should CNN close up shop?
15 Another rant on a right wing blogger; Bloomsday.
14 Disney's greedy return of a ride that may have killed a kid; foreigners getting involved in the Bolton nomination.
13 Conservative visitors missing in action; so called liberal bias in the media; the House member who instigated "Freedom Fries" reverses course on Iraq; will Larry King talk about the Downing Street Memo, or Michael Jackson?
12 An important post on more British memos, this one about how the British were twisted into supporting Bush.
11 Far fewer terror convictions than the government says, but that doesn't stop the trumpeting; a respected British judge comes out against the US and UK ginning up fear in order to violate international laws.
10 Kerry released all his records, and now it's time for the anti-Kerry bloggers to admit how wrong they were; Senate hearing closed because the GOP didn't like what it was hearing.
9 Gore supported a lock box, and now so does the White House; Greenspan's lack of concern for the local effects of real estate bubble popping is more evidence of "screw the Blue State voters."
8 Kerry's records (sarcasm); Hindrocket's problems with those who rely on newspapers instead of Fox; are anti-abortion laws being crafted so as to make judges look too liberal? Plus, White House retreating from its efforts to replace El Baradei at IAEA.
7 Bush support plummeting, but too late for the election; Bush and Blair's denials on the Downing Street Memo suggest some follow up questions; continued evidence of White House corruption of truth makes you really doubt the intelligence of those who voted to re-elect Bush.
6 The September 11 Commission is rejoining the effort to see its recommendations get followed; the GOP can't stand independent opinions in its ranks; Hezbollah showing in Lebanese elections should make one wonder what Bush gets credit for; the world is twisted and bent.
4 GOP twists its own opinions into the mouths of the Christian Science Monitor; Digby; David Brooks thinks liberal policies have been Europe's downfall, but doesn't examine what conservative policies have done here; huge Iraqi insurgent bunker discovered; White House approach to the truth is not that the truth is foul, but the problem lies in those who report the truth.
3 825 people have died in Iraq from bombings, attacks and so on since the new government was announced five weeks ago.
2 Does Deep Throat's identity really matter?
1 Bush delays his up-down vote on Bolton by stonewalling with the Senate.
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May, 2005

31 Bush uses our dead troops for political purposes.
30 Memorial Day; low voter turnout in Lebanon; the end of the Olin Foundation.
29 Memorial Day and supporting our troops; Krugman and Okrent will duke it out; complaining about the low weight of female NASCAR drivers is unjustified.
28 The acquittal of Hillary Clinton's fund raiser doesn't shut up the Freepers.
27 Eddie Albert; will our guinea pig need an abortion?
26 John Bolton vote delayed; Eric Alterman pieces together how far America has fallen from its promise,
25 I-pod shuffle surprises; here's how Bush should react to the bipartisan Senate compromise on judicial nominees.
23 How the Republicans solidify the power of their majority rule; Bill Frist continues to spin the Constitution on judicial nominees.
22 The Downing Street memo is important, but for those who are awake it's only confirmation (links to prior examples of the Bush Administrations tampering with evidence).
21 Americans who voted for Bush, and 1930's Germans; if the EPA can't monitor itself, anyone thinking businesses can be self-regulating is naive; Bush and veto threats; the Downing Street Memo, the New York Times, and somnolence of the American public; Afghan prisoner abuse.
19 Is support for Bush akin to support for Hitler? Plus, grilled octopus.
18 Scott McClellan's sudden inability to talk about what happens in foreign lands; New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman disregards the conclusions of American military brass.
17 Offensive New York Post cover; Newsweek retracts its item on the Koran and interrogations, but too much is left to question still.
16 Newsweek retracts its item on the use of the Koran in interrogations, but the White House is ridiculous in its reaction.
15 Why we are morally required to impeach Bush; Newsweek steps back from an article on how the Koran has been used in US interrogations.
14 A Democrat proposes a payroll tax increase to help Social Security, but it might not be necessary; a Democrat puts forward an idea on Social Security, and all of a sudden someone who's been calling for a plan shrinks back; using the Social Security trust fund to finance government spending is actually a good thing; Scott McClellan tries to act as if the White House wasn't involved in a decision, when the strings on the puppets are easily seen; Bill Frist's lack of perspective, back and forward.
13 Why I won't miss Dan Okrent as the New York Times' public editor; Bolton's difficulties are his own fault; would Blair and Bush be where they are if a memo's contents were better known?
12 Email rumors; the significance of car bombings, even if columnists are bored; Bill Frist learns from Robert Byrd.
11 Another member of the media on the administration's payroll; it gets worse: Bolton's fiery North Korea speech was approved.
10 Still not impressed with iPods; United Airlines kisses off its pension obligations; Bush's twisting of the intel on Iraq; George Mitchell rightly warns about the end to checks and balances if the GOP pursues the nuclear option; what action to report when John Tierney says carnage isn't newsworthy?
9 State Department stonewalling over John Bolton; Paul Krugman on how the rich have fared under Bush; US outlets just starting to pay attention to the process of Blair's early decision to join Bush in warring with Iraq; Dutch students ask Bush genuine questions.
8 Religious disrespect shown toward Guantanamo detainees; al Qaeda capture not really so high-ranking, apparently.
7 Sir Bob Geldof and African hunger; Foxy Brown; Greg Mankiw is a liar; North Carolina pastor insists congregants support Bush or leave.
6 Colonel David Hackworth, Iraq war critic, dies.
5 $100 million in funds earmarked for Iraq's reconstruction can't be accounted for.
4 Tom Faranda's views on Social Security; al Qaeda biggie captured in Pakistan; marketing the death of Pat Tillman: the brass knew it was friendly fire much earlier than they let on.
2 Social Security and privatized accounts; moving on to the humanities; the Washington Post questions Bush's mandate six months after everyone else; more car bombs in Iraq.
1 Moving on to the humanities; John Bolton's views on international justice might be construed as an argument against capital punishment; John Bolton profile and resume.
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April, 2005

30 The insufficiency of "democracy" as a cause for war in Iraq; John Bolton's inability to give up small things in negotiating; Queen's Day.
29 How Bush stacked the deck with his 2001 Social Security panel.
28 Bush talks about Social Security benefits growing when he wants to cut them back from their scheduled growth; how to take credit for cutting the trade deficit in half; Bush still didn't offer a plan on Social Security; surviving spouse benefits; Bush returns to his loser phrase of "hard work;" why Social Security surpluses don't sit; Ivory Billed Woodpeckers found; Duelfer knows we're not safer with Saddam gone because it was only bluster; Tom Toles' view of the picture of the week.
27 Rich Lowry and General Myers can't both be right about Iraq; ewwwww; Bush's hewing to private accounts is like Captain Ahab chasing the whale.
26 Changes in opinion over 20 years are like dog bites man; Duelfer report (the Iraq Survey Group) finds no evidence that Saddam Hussein hid WMDs in Syria.
25 Pentagon defense of their failure to arm one company makes it look even worse; new DVDs.
24 Visionary neocons kill; did the visionary neocons foresee the huge drops in recruitment? Do they take any blame?
23 The Trashcan Sinatras; the failure of bloggers to understand how events relate to each other; GOP, again tone deaf, wants to change filibuster rules.
22 Reluctance over John Bolton's nomination is more than politics; Trashcan Sinatras on Air America.
21 Colin Powell's back-channel commentary against John Bolton; Hindrocket thinks Hillary Clinton is somehow a relevant comparison for John Bolton; "Social Security: The Phony Crisis" is required reading.
20 New Pope names himself after a 1980's Atlanta Brave; the President misunderstands the accountability issues surrounding bankruptcy.
19 Bolton vote postponed.
18 Time magazine's cushy article on Ann Coulter; Donald Luskin losing big in a stock market simulation; the risk of terrorism has grown, in spite of Saddam Hussein's downfall and capture; what will make Richard Lugar relent on John Bolton?
17 The Trashcan Sinatras are coming; this just in, Bill Clinton won; loose standards for judging success in Afghanistan.
16 The Heritage Foundation has shifted its perspective in accordance with client relationships.
15 Stock market plunge: have investors just noticed the economy's performance under Bush?
14 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary; work intrusions on blogging.
13 The House of Representatives has decided that getting rid of the Estate Tax is more important than fixing Social Security; Giuliani can't make it as a GOP candidate for President; partisan politics suggests it's best to keep Tom Delay around.
12 Privacy intrusions.
11 Private videos trump made-up charges; the centennial of the book mobile.
10 Bush brushes off poor approval ratings; about all those Jersey City photos I've been sharing; making money off of Jesus.
9 The end of a stupid pen name; EPA decides against testing insecticides on infants; my disappointment with Apple's I-tunes.
8 Calendar quiz; bloggers who complain about having to rely on press reports; American Catholics get slapped by Cardinal Law's prominence in the Pope's funeral services; a blogger's failure to retract his big goof.
7 One can't hope that right wing bloggers will retract; the depths of Bush's approval ratings; is the New York Post libertarian?
6 Why you can't judge Air America by the number of its stations; Tom Delay.
5 Bush's innumeracy is worse than Jethro Bodine's; deliveryman stuck in elevator for three days; Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist distances himself from Tom Delay.
4 Senator John Cornyn of Texas rationalizes violence against judges; Tom Delay and Brit Hume ignore the separation of powers; World Net Daily taken in by an April Fools gag; Charles Rangel on Bush.
3 Michael Kinsley reveals the GOPs failure to uphold its ideals; a reminder of how unnecessary the war in Iraq was.
2 Diarrhea of the blogger; death of the Pope.
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March, 2005

30 Radio silence; General Sanchez told Congress a lie about torture; inconsistencies in assumptions about Social Security; judge chastises President, Congress for stepping on the judiciary over Terri Schiavo; web "endorsements" that have silly points aren't strong endorsements.
29 New idea for a TV show on food; past endorsements of trickle-down economics.
28 Cats; death sentence thrown out over use of the Bible in deliberations; pandering at a Cheney event; twisting the sentiments of attendees at Social Security events.
27 Bush has no plan for fixing Social Security's finances; a New York Times correction like something from Spinal Tap; Easter wishes.
26 Saudis allowed to fly after 9/11, during air shutdown; media over-coverage of Terri Schiavo; another Vatican response to The Da Vinci Code; Pentagon ignores recommendations to prosecute soldiers implicated in detainee deaths; Jeb Bush's agencies almost had a confrontation with local police at Terri Schiavo's hospice.
25 Where to spread caring about life, beyond Terri Schiavo; even the UK points to US abuses of detainees; support for private Social Security accounts down among core support group; Tom Toles cartoon.
24 Prankster hangs his works in four major NYC museums; attitudes about abortion and capital punishment among American Catholics.
23 Is Social Security's long term health better in this year's projections? Plus, key dates accelerated in this year's Social Security Trustees' report; light posting; rapid responses in the Terri Schiavo case.
22 Polls shouldn't matter in moral issues; bad graphs.
21 Terri Schiavo vote (only three Senators) further evidence of a coup; have more died due to the failure of American Catholic Bishops in talking about the death penalty? Plus, Bush cuts his vacation short to sign rush legislation on Terri Schiavo, but hasn't on other occasions; happy birthday Tom Tomorrow!
20 The second anniversary of our invasion of Iraq; Americans trusting Dems over Repubs on Social Security; US told allies lies over North Korea.
19 Computer simulations question the performance of the stock market as a replacement for Social Security; fewer insurgent attacks on US soldiers in Iraq; documentaries mentioning evolution aren't getting shown so often, over protest fears; our depleted military forces; Connecticut's ex-governor gets a lighter sentence than he bargained for; Senate thuggery over Terry Schiavo.
18 The supposed costs of delaying action on Social Security; arguments that Social Security is "old" need more substance; C-SPAN's misguided attempt at balance over a Holocaust lecture.
16 Musing on the Irish as a people; even after four years, Bush has no plan on how to fix Social Security; Republican-controlled Senate avoids budgetary restraint move.
15 Mano a mano against Yeats; Bush, without a plan, sounds like the carping opposition; how does privatization help Social Security's solvency issues? Plus, MTA delaying any ban on subway photography; low support for Bush's handling of Social Security; George Will's errors.
14 Halliburton's patriotic overcharging of the United States.
13 CIA suspected of kidnapings in foreign countries; the US government's new site on Social Security hides important details from its visitors.
12 Sharing the video game "Burger Time" with my daughter; Senator Rick Santorum's failure to grasp the national nature of the childcare issue; more skeletons in Tom Delay's closet; privatization and stock market pragmatism.
10 National assent to participate in Social Security; increase in new jobless applications; impatience over mid-East progress; Nightmare at Paddington Station; blog calm.
9 Warring claims over whether private accounts resolve Social Security's insolvency issues; my promised post didn't happen; Social Security terminology.
8 The profits of privatization for companies wanting a boost in their stocks; another winter blast; Bush's failure to secure an extension of the assault weapons ban allowed terrorist suspects to procure the dangerous weaponry; must you feel Social Security faces a crisis if you recognize the funding gaps?
7 Bush continues his trail of divisiveness with his nomination to the UN ambassador post; Luskin's poor thinking over Social Security; privateers arguing that transition costs will be easily borne; Tom Toles cartoon.
6 Clinton's views on Social Security misrepresented by a key Senate Republican; errors by NBC reporter David Gregory; privateers have a shortage of facts; credit card rate hikes based on all your relationships; Mary-Kate Olsen sets fashion trends by not dressing as expensively as she can.
5 Disappointing details surrounding encouraging growth in jobs.
4 Why merely having something up on your web site may not be enough; Cato misses an opportunity to explain; Alan Greenspan's demonstration of political hackery.
3 The government is overclaiming the true presence of marshals on air flights; China takes the opportunity to point a human rights accusation back at the U.S.
2 Who wrote Boswell's "Life of Johnson"? Plus, less insistence on privatized carve out accounts from the White House; AP article fails to report the true costs of a transition to privatized accounts; the Department of Homeland Security is doing too little to help assimilate Mariel prisoners back into South Florida communities.
1 A move to restrict cable and satellite programming content; al Zarqawi in contact with Osama bin Laden; an assessment of our accomplishments in Iraq.
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February, 2005

28 CNN's low coverage on Iraq's bloody car bombing; car bombing in Iraq kills over 120, single bloodies act since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.
27 A blogger who allows no comments praises the dialog in another blog's comments; Blair may have agreed to join the US in a war against Iraq as early as April, 2002; members of the House of Representatives aren't holding enough town halls during their recess.
26 Reporting back on the birthday.
25 It's my birthday, expect no blogging.
24 Republicans are no longer showing enough responsibility to retain the label "The Daddy Party."
23 Frank Luntz's 160 page playbook; insufficient explanation of a Social Security chart at the White House web site; drawing conclusions on the productivity of the prosecution of the Valerie Plame case; monitoring the press at Bush events; White House suppresses good news out of Iraq.
22 Campaigning for Brit Hume's resignation; South Korea diversifying its portfolio of foreign currencies so as to have fewer US dollars, and dollar value drops; an attack on the AARP.
21 Hunter Thompson; a Supreme Court case on the Ten Commandments, brought by a homeless man; media's willingness to cover Dick Morris but not Jeff Gannon; tax increases implied by the alternative minimum tax; blogger demonizes the Democrats while arguing against restoration of voting rights for felons.
20 Live blogging Nancy Grace on "Larry King Live" (just kidding); fiery response to civil emails; low balling the Social Security transition costs by starting the counting before the transition even starts.
19 The history of; Bush tapes show him a tyrant; Anderson Cooper, Jeff Gannon, and Talon News.
18 Rejections of Social Security privatization will be more convincing if they come after listening; link to Swiss snow photo; Jeff Gannon may have known about Iraq war initiation in advance; Social Security calculator and a cartoon.
17 Professor Bainbridge's attempt to refute Joe Conason is unsuccessful; CNN covers some "good news" from Iraq.
16 False alarm over a possible connection between Jeff Gannon and the White House; Fox News is bad for democracy; effects of tax increases give no guidance on what to do about Social Security.
15 Why did the White House opt for Jeff Gannon?
14 Missile intercept test fails again; This Modern World; Iraqi election results.
13 Increased suicide rates in rural US areas; why doesn't the Right care about the lies which the White House put out over Iraq?
12 Inconsistencies in the Bush energy policy; Samuel Johnson and bowling 230; privatizers clutching at straws?
11 Brit Hume should resign, since Dan Rather and Eason Jordan are also atoning for their sins; arguing for privatization, Cato Institute guarantees what it can't; Bush misrepresentations of Social Security in South Carolina and Pennsylvania.
10 Rice lied about the FAA and 9/11; 9/11 report revealing 52 warnings about Osama Bin Laden withheld until after the election.
9 Bush violates oath of office when questioning the Social Security Trust Fund; Brit Hume twists FDR's words and should be investigated; what if Social Security sold its bonds before Bush can default on them? Plus, conservative web site continues its obsession over John Kerry's military records; Happy Chinese New Year wishes.
8 Columnist reinvokes the "crisis" word; Rice wants a new relationship with Europe, glossing over how she hurt the old one; Juan Cole beats Jonah Goldberg senseless.
7 How other countries do our torture for us; Bush's abysmal explanation of the costs underpinning Social Security; David Frum's disregard for the bonds in the Social Security Trust Fund; Iraqi theocracy; Bush raising taxes, because expenses have to be paid for.
6 Sparkle; baseball is in the Bible, not football; conservative pundit tells the truth about the Thrift Savings Plan; weather report; Cheney seeks to allay fears over an Iraqi theocracy.
5 Writer's alert: how Nicholas Kristof should have revised his column in the face of an admitted counter-argument; Juan Cole smacks down Jonah Goldberg; Bush has delayed taxes, not cut them; New York Times killed an article on "Bush's Bulge" for fear of influencing the election; political cartoons at Social Security Choice are plain wrong.
4 Under the separation of powers, how can the President declare anything is off the table? Plus, judge allows gay marriages in NYC; a key concept regarding the Social Security Trust Fund is missed by a pundit at NRO; job growth disappoints Wall Street for the third month in a row; Social Security changes are offered not because of need but because of perceptions in political leverage; deceptive ad on Social Security privatization; two South Florida papers have no Social Security coverage on their web site front page; Enron provoked rolling blackouts by deliberately shutting down plants; political cartoon compares Democrats to Iraqi insurgents.
3 Social Security as is provides more than Bush's plan; privatization won't fix Social Security shortfalls; how the White House invents news; anti-privatization doesn't mean anti-reform; State of the Union speech suffered from obvious credibility problems.
2 Marines miss recruitment quotas in January; State of the Union speech reactions (several); stock market growth over the last 75 years; a privatizer admits the political impact of taking Social Security away from Democrats; using African-Americans as a bargaining chip on Social Security parallel to how al Zarqawi was used in UN discussions to invade Iraq; Republican Senator only sees torture memos as "perceived sin" at the White House; blogging about everything as quickly as possible makes no sense.
1 CIA states no chemical weapons in Iraq since 1991; welcome to visitors from Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World;" read Paul Krugman.
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January, 2005

31 Echoes of Vietnamese post-election optimism in Iraq; press monitoring at inaugural balls to stifle interviewees; Social Security is not a Ponzi sceme.
30 Reasons you can't claim vindication over Iraqi elections; Social Security reform isn't how you help African-Americans; thanks the Scots for low bloodshed in Iraq; the race card and Social Security; gratitude over the Iraqi elections; crisis and problem, as terms in the Social Security debate.
29 Social Security privatization's profit implications for current rich stockholders; unfair charges of hypocrisy from those who campaign for privatization; endorsing democracy in Iraq; mischaracterizations of the bulk of the left from the moderate Bull Moose.
28 Don't just "read" web entries, check the fine print and what they link you too.
27 Unanswered questions on privatization of Social Security; Bush's low standards for "success" in Iraqi elections; Bush's need to spend jillions on PR to promote his programs; what pundits don't think about in the President's mood.
26 The Club for Growth's site on Social Security doesn't want your comments, so there goes the dialog; Social Security is not an asteroid which will destroy the planet; Bush's continued doom and gloom over Social Security's future; Bush's numbness over being called a liar; profiteering on the price of pharmaceuticals; voting against Rice may be ineffective to the outcome, but it still matters; reject Alberto Gonzalez.
25 Burns' night; al Zarqawi: they never mention that the US chose not to take him out before the war; Slate incompatibility with non Microsoft browsers? new federal budget, already showing a huge deficit, omits large line items like Iraq; Clinton looks for common ground over unwanted pregnancies.
24 Linked by Powerline; Bush's use of Moynihan in the debate over Social Security goes back at least as far as last October; Democrats accused of using scare tactics over Social Security reform; how Alberto Gonzalez helped keep Bush's DUI arrest quiet in later years.
23 Atrios = Pat Buchanan; using Social Security to break up the unity in the Republican Party; Bush approval ratings tank further; very cold from the blizzard, links to snow photos.
22 Our plain speaking President needs too many footnotes.
21 Mortor; coverage of Bush's inaugural was so biased, his funeral couldn't be worse; the failure of "New Media" to remember Condoleezza Rice won't be the first African American Secretary of State (you have to go all the way back to her immediate predecessor); Iraq rape story unraveling; White House labels all dissent as petty politics; Bork weighs in on the judiciary's efforts to assert its constitutional role.
20 Democracy in portraiture; inauguration thoughts ("ugh"); Lincoln Chafee's career in jeopardy if he doesn't switch parties?
19 Outgoing Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage's regrets over Iraq; future opportunities from an anti-gay judicial decision in Florida; Bush & co. are needlessly roiling the public over Social Security; what did Rice mean when she accused Saddam Hussein of cavorting with terrorists? He pranced?
18 War mongers don't think Boxer's criticisms of Rice landed; Rice's balderdash; world in greater fear now, from Bush; Rice's failure to recognize the ongoing need for diplomacy; WD40 on bar toilet seats in the UK; Supreme Court doesn't fall down a much feared slippery slope over gay sex.
17 The shifting arguments for Social Security privatization are parallel to the shifting arguments for invading Iraq; benefits in the solvency of Social Security are more likely to come from benefits reduction or increased revenues than from privatization.
16 Understanding the percentage of payroll which goes to Social Security; the end of Kerry's candidacy leaves a vacuum for a singular Democratic voice; Presidential rhetoric over Social Security; Bush sees his re-election as his moment of accountability over Iraq.
15 Bush talks about Social Security and "generational betrayals," but he betrayed generations with his tax cuts; bloggers getting additional moneys, but it's no scandal.
14 The Social Security Trust fund is solvent, in spite of whatever else you may have heard.
13 Social Security rhetoric ratchets up; candor from conservatives regarding WMDs in Iraq; columnist complains about Rather's words in accepting responsibility; administration back-pedaling over the Iraqi elections; resource for learning about additional liberal blogs; neighborhood blogs.
12 Tom Ridge too close to lobbyists as Homeland Security was starting up; a call to renew the hunt for Bin Ladin, at NRO; calls for better natal care; Australia will not apologize to a citizen just released from Gunatanamo; with the hunt for WMDs in Iraq over, let's not forget to thank our war blogger friends.
11 The imminence of the Social Security shortfall is overstated by the White House; desperation by the insurgents in Iraq; Osama; the White House leaves the door open for funding journalists who see things their way; partisan aspects of the Social Security debate; Washington DC must pay for inaugural security out of Homeland Security funds.
10 Bush must have forgotten Ukraine, because they're leaving Iraq; Tucker Carlson's name quickly taken off CNN web site; Armstrong Williams lies in session with the Washington Post; constitutional amendment proposal: no term limits for our President, but we also get recall votes.
9 Recognizing unsupported rhetoric in the debate on social security; Armstrong Williams and Samuel Johnson; Armstrong Williams' hypocrisy over Richard Clarke; link to a funny picture.
8 No, I won't really be live-blogging the detrimming of our Christmas tree; J S Bach and "Master and Commander;" New York Times is considering charging for access to online content; Bush and large government; site's host problems apparently resolved.
7 Technical difficulties; poor jobs growth.
6 Alberto Gonzalez and torture; recommended reading: Joe Galloway.
5 Changes at CNN foretell lessening the liberal voice; Bush only wants good news; country stars supporting tsunami relief; understanding privatization schemes demands clarity in terms.
4 Changes in House Ethics rules; make Republicans more aware of the extremism of their leadership; blogger inaccuracies in CBS "Memogate;" going soft on Tom Delay.
3 Changes in House Ethics procedures surrounding Tom Delay; light blogging, so register for
2 Saturday Night Live less edgy to avoid offending Bush and his supporters?
1 Bush even lies to the Pope; Republican leaders in the House of Representatives considering setting key ethics provisions aside; Google news search warning; vacationers still going to tsunami- hit regions; happy new year wishes.
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