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December, 2003

24 Putting the birth of Jesus into the context of a long hopeful people; Andrew Sullivan vs. The New York Times, again; a death in the Royal Family.
22 More on's abuse of Opera users; Amazon's most consistent book reviewer?
21 Crying buckets over "In America;" more complaints about the New York Times without any examples of who is better.
19 "The Prisoner" goes to Hollywood; blogger vanity; the death of John Cunningham.
17 The chair of the government's commission on 9/11 thinks it was preventable; an entire army runs instead of fighting; John Glenn concurs with Howard Dean, we're no safer with Saddam Hussein captured; the importance of strategically-placed shopping baskets.
16 While the press fills the void chasing down stray Saddam Hussein items, no one looks back at all the stories that were wrong.
15 A revamped home page for Plus, which way does the water drain at the equator?
14 No question, capturing Saddam Hussein is a good thing.
13 Auction of "surprise" Van Gogh painting delayed.
11 Is the NY Times failing in its coverage of the protests in Baghdad? Protests in Baghdad as multi-flavored as pre-war protests here in the US and abroad; Great flea market purchase: a Van Gogh; the Bush administration experiences the downsides of wanting to have it both ways; White House Press Briefings can be so funny!
9 Iraq as a distraction in the war on terror.
8 Feeling and thinking; Gore about to endorse Dean may limit voters' opportunities; what should we be reading instead of the New York Times?
7 Poll results indicate that the Fla. Legislature and Governor were out of touch with state values re Terry Schiavo.
6 Google bomb: "miserable failure;" Christmas tree tales; the creator of "Flat Stanley" has died.
5 Happy St. Nick's Day!
4 When is a story a non-story? Hunting Bush.
3 Is Bush hatred really due to a failure of liberalism's basic tenets?
1 Conventioneers on a cruise ship; major combat operations; economic diversity through small towns and small merchants.
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November, 2003

29 Bush's Thanksgiving visit to Baghdad.
28 Cook's vanity and Thanksgiving.
23 InstaPundit published my email! Whoah!; Ellington's Blanton- Webster band, remastered; a fishy review at amazon (shocking!)
21 Botox radio ad; the value of libraries.
20 Sympathy for the hawks, who continue their roller coaster ride.
19 Abandoning Neal Stephenson's "Quicksilver;" more on the Feith memo; candidates should refocus on our pitiful Homeland Security, not Gay marriage rights.
18 The Weekly Standard article on Douglas Feith's memo.
16 Taking advantage of Prospect Park; Manhattan shopping trip; the hassles of setting up a PayPal account; more on Senator Bill Frist's polling operations.
15 Red states were more generous, but only slightly.
14 Are Red (Bush) states really more generous than Blue (Gore) states?
13 Take your kid to the zoo this weekend; picture of a meerkat; Atrios covers the shady online poll of Senator Bill Frist; a discussion surrounding the CBS miniseries on the Reagans.
10 The Knights of Nee, applied to Prince Charles; blogs that go stale; the importance of using the same units when trying to make a point on Sarah McLachlan.
2 Children's amazement over a sword through the head; new speakers.
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October, 2003

31 Happy Hallowe'en!
29 Drawn out school meeting; dual format Dylan CDs.
27 Halloween costumes; Neal Stephenson's "Quicksilver;" resolve in Iraq; Oliver North's gullibility was repeated in US confidence in Ahmed Chalabi.
24 Still more on the "imminent threat."
21 A welcome to visitors from an inbound link; Florida's efforts to circumvent judicial decisions on a comatose woman; new content on the site.
15 Using the word "imminent" vs. using the idea.
12 A more proper, graphic representation of the California voting.
9 The Louis Armstrong House Museum is about to open; US can't find shoulder-launched missiles from Saddam Hussein's armory; US government pays a contractor millions, rather than just recycling and getting money.
8 Reactions to the California recall.
2 A focus group I really didn't want to attend; Republican outrage? where?; thoughts on The West Wing.
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September, 2003

26 Watched Holes; maneuvers in the Zacarias Moussaoui case.
22 Merdwin the Mediocre at Fort Tryon Park's Medieval Festival; implications of tuning differences between baritone ukuleles and standard (soprano) ukuleles.
20 I avoided talking like a pirate, and sent off a book proposal instead; Bush questioning the advice he gets?
16 CDs too artsy to say whose they are; further Dick Cheney thoughts.
15 Tim Russert has a prime opportunity in re-interviewing VP Cheney, and blows it. Horrendously.
7 The sequence of events leading to a Presidential address; new page on Samuel Johnson's politics; America still slow to disconnect Saddam Hussein from September 11.
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August, 2003

31 Head lice; a trip to old neighborhood (Astoria); Ansel Adams.
29 Prosecutors trying to prevent further DNA testing for convicts; WW II images and Iraq.
27 Worst case scenario for the carbs in my licorice; Mars; almost time for school.
25 Phrasing in a Newsweek article; current reading list; how many carbs in my licorice?
24 Weight loss; dealing with the entropy in the office; reactions to "Life With Mikey"; chill day.
17 Bush aims for less dependence on foreign oil: whaddaya think he means? also, nothing significant to say about the blackout.
10 The arrival of the phrase, "Blogging will be sporadic;" a new machine will be a big improvement, and take care of a demon on my old one; the story of this demon.
1 PCBs in farmed salmon; Poindexter wasn't the only one with an idea of how to make money on terrorism.
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July, 2003

27 The POTUS defaced the a flag! Plus, what if the Press Corps didn't show up for the briefings?
24 A stranger on 42nd Street; overcoming the ineptitude of the street cops and directory assistance, with a little help from another stranger.
21 And the jury decided...
15 Jury duty; one of my favorite movies, Funny Bones.
14 Condoleeza Rice measures importance by word count.
10 Brief report on our trip to the Netherlands and Belgium (wedding, Leiden, the Ardennes, and Kwak beer glasses)
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June, 2003

26 Death in the fish tank; terror alert color manipulation?
24 Vague headline at the New York Times; summer doldrums; the rain has stopped; a demon in my PC. Plus: fraudulent email claiming to be from PayPal.
21 The Kid Unit turns 10; Ray Davies shares the birthday, and Harry Potter.
18 Superman II and September 11; Jonah Goldberg vs Eric Alterman, and me vs. Jonah Goldberg
17 Andrew Sullivan may not be getting it about blog triumphalism; got my mother in law on the "do not call" registry; summer plans for the Kid Unit.
13 A tank full of fish named after the Atlanta Braves.
11 The market research industry is imploding; was my effort in building in quotation links wasted? School ends for the Kid Unit.
6 Reactions to Howell Raines' resignation at the New York Times show, yet again, a vindictive side to America.
5 Who is ""?
4 Sammy Sosa's corked bat; Shostakovich string quartets on a cold day; unseasonably wet and cold for June; reports there were options to save the Columbia astronauts; more lies from the Bush administration.
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May, 2003

31 Selling the Iraqi invasion to the American public, and consumer behavior research: would it have been such a problem to give greater emphasis to other non-WMD issues?
30 The Bush record? The Administration of Lies.
27 Could "Let it Be" ever be impromptu when Sir Paul plays it? The In-Laws was better than I expected, but not what we wanted to see; OK, the weather stinks.
25 Memorial Day Weekend weather blues; attempts to force summer; In-Laws remake.
21 I feel more secure about terrorists, don't you? Wedding anniversary; airline deregulation = you can't get there from here.
17 Kid Unit at the funeral; The Bourne Identity's Chris Cooper resembled Tom DeLay; Tom DeLay's shenanigans, and the Texas re-districting battle.
12 More America in baseball than other sports, as reflected by integration strife and success.
7 The ridiculousness of the aircraft carrier photo-op; Bill Bennett's flaws call for compassion from all; unsuccessful bidding for the sheet music for a Fleetwood Mac album; Kid Unit on stage.
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April, 2003

30 Why finding WMDs in Iraq mattered before as well as now; we got our book; web site fan mail; joy through rhubarb pies; developing a research scale around the Kid Unit's tummy ache.
23 Easter menu; NYC MTA cried wolf on need for fare increase; manatees' new peril is the State of Florida itself; will Bush be knocked off Alabama's ballot? plus, something for those who have everything, including lots of cash.
22 Now is the time for all good men to come to aid of their country: Republican convention timing, planned to coincide with the anniversary of September 11, should fill everyone with outrage.
16 Highlights of a trip to Florida; saw Jim Palmer; drift fishing in Riviera Beach.
9 Hectic week; lessons from writing; Monday's snow has disappeared; Baghdad joy, but remember we're there because of WMD.
4 Great start to the day, with a demonstration at the Kid Unit's school; does Iraq have weapons or not?; an ISP refuses to work with Al Jazeera, making it more difficult to hear their viewpoint; the right bombards a liberal blogger who dares to question the accepted view.
2 Questions about summer trip plans; intolerance in my home town, and elsewhere in the US; shenanigans from visitors to my web site.
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March, 2003

26 Klaatu makes you call old friends; we lose Daniel Patrick Moynihan; a hand-held recorder for our thoughts.
24 Hoping for the best; humane treatment for POWs, and why; Patriotic expressions, God help America; renting cars; war music.
20 A wet keyboard yields odd typing; prices for keyboards have come way down; roller coaster weather; war's start and troop support; White House terminology.
14 We were wrong, terribly wrong: how will we feel about our Iraqi intervention in years to come?
13 Happy about Elizabeth Smart; the Kröller-Müller Museum; a vegetarian experiment with the Kid Unit goes nowhere; lots of sodium yesterday; more snow today.
9 Book progress; birthday parties; cooking with pumpkin; Egre? egre?; Will France help rebuff Iraq's latest ridiculousness?
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February, 2003

28 The In-Laws on DVD; CPR saves lives; Charles Krauthammer misplaces the ridiculousness at the UN; no snow record this February; Bush hires another economist who disagrees with him; I'm mentioned in another book.
26 Anticlimactic final hug for Rob Lowe on The West Wing; libeskind wins the World Trade Center redevelopment competition; Glenn Hubbard now resigns from the White House; Age 46
24 Eric Alterman's "What Liberal Media?"; Bushies lie about the revenue implications of their tax plan, why should we listen to them about Iraq?; explaining the Grammys to the Kid Unit.
20 Surviving the week break from school with the Kid Unit; on-sight reference books I used today in writing the book; Tom Tomorrow's Internet plight.
18 It ain't the snow, it's the drifts; what music should they play when you come up to bat?; bad computer programming slows down an emergency response.
17 Snow pictures infect the weblogs of the North Eastern United States; Kid Unit spends day watching Jeff Corwin; I didn't march on Saturday.
14 Helen McGuffie and "Samuel Johnson in the British Press, 1749- 1784" arrives via an inter-library loan; need to focus.
11 Organized crime confronts Steven Seagal; NYC bans an antiwar parade; "rules" for bloggers?
10 Early afternoon snow report; Kid Unit home sick from school; Odd behavior from WordPerfect today.
9 No skiing today; the tale of the neighbor who doesn't return what's been borrowed; Karel Capek's "Letters From England".
4 Is there a penguin in a Vincent Van Gogh painting?; World Trade Center design decisions; the dinner I served my wife for her birthday.
2 The Columbia tragedy and how the Information Age enables Texas residents to send NASA digital images of debris; New way of cooking oatmeal; capsizes and turnovers; subway fare increases.
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January, 2003

30 Cooking injury sustained while making a vegetarian Shepherd's Pie; problems with the State of the Union address.
25 Frivolity in the New York Times; sick house.
23 Still cold cold cold; a $30,000 Polaroid camera; Senate representation vs. the population; an inconsistency from White House economist Glen Hubbard, and reports of his exit from the White House are premature.
22 Behave yourself on the Internet, because you CAN be traced.
21 Adjusted driving rules in Prospect Park make it easier for bike riders; Adaptation, the Golden Globes, and Nicholas Nickleby; interesting choice for a book group.
17 Learning how songs end; Bush covering all bases, just in case; tree mostly down.
15 Kidnapped by banal music; kid unit makes lunch; baby you can drive my car; the Christmas tree is still up, and here's why; Prospect Park has redone its web site; no bike riding this week.
10 Why I love the Opera Internet browser; faster surfing at; continued linkage from Eric Alterman.
9 Pluses and minuses: linked by Eric Alterman, but a mirror site in Japan violates my copyright; a new fish jumps out of the kid unit's aquarium; index card and taping for my book.
6 A trip to the Bronx Zoo, to see the new baby giraffe; a stupid visitor taking flash pictures in the World of Darkness pavilion; school is open and the hamster has been returned; snow falling past my window.
4 Scotch as first aid for poison?; how to transform Ken Burns' Jazz into something more comparable to Johnson's Lives of the Poets; musings on Walter Jackson Bate, spurred by an old ticket stub; a banner to welcome home a friend; a page of my commentary at; the kid unit reacts to Nicholas Nickleby.
1 New Year's wishes; rain in NYC; CNN doesn't know it's own poll results?, WQXR Classical Music Count Down makes me appreciate the program director.
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December, 2002

31 New page on Oliver Goldsmith; why wait for New Year's for resolutions?; more on the polybean salad; Bush's approval ratings down, but little media mention.
30 I am surprised that I am missing fairly standard dried beans; what I got for Christmas; pretty stupid thought from some toy manufacturers; dissatisfaction with an electronic crossword puzzle machine.
24 Last day prep for Christmas; vegetarian dinner at the Green's in Brooklyn Heights; missing Christmas CDs arrive; Presidential pardons.
22 Status of the missing Christmas CDs; varieties of the negative Trent Lott reactions, including some who others who overcame a similar cultural upbringing; slowness of the response in general; New York Times editorial against reinstating Pete Rose; stocking stuffers.
19 Is Trent Lott only the tip of the iceberg?; Clinton calls Republicans who are critical of Lott hypocritical.
18 "This Is Spinal Tap" targeted for film preservation; Trent Lott "the reincarnation of Martin Luther King"?, 10 Internet overhypes of 2002, missing Christmas CDs.
16 No transit strike as of yet; the scary thought of thousands of people trying to bike in Manhattan for the first time.
15 We're lucky that we will be able to weather the transit strike; if I say I won't run, can I host Saturday Night Live?; shopping in Manhattan.
12 Tiny Elvis; tears about the exit of our German friends; Nixon no standard for forgiving Pete Rose; Trent Lott.
10 The joys of Adobe Photoshop Elements; the Trent Lott-Strom Thurmond crapola.
9 Slow progress, but the computer is close to normal now; last Thursday's snow storm; the kid unit's fish tank needs an algae eater.
4 Bush campaign efforts in Louisiana shows he not only can't reach across the aisle, but that he believes in pork barrel legislation; joys of walking through Chinatown.
2 Bush policies based on political considerations, not vision; friends bring licorice from Germany; kid unit not helpful yet with Christmas list.
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November, 2002
29 No one admits to adding provisions in the Homeland Security bill that protects Eli Lilly; Krazy Kat; what we served for Thanksgiving.
26 George Will mischaracterizes the 2000 election fallout; William Byrd; improved traffic at my Johnson web site; roasting this year's turkey in pieces.
25 The immediate peace I felt when we stopped on the A82, east of Glencoe.
22 Senator Tom Daschle and Rush Limbaugh; vitriolic expressions too rife in general.
20 Information-age concerns in the face of Homeland Security; Eddie Miller, fast lead-off batter for the late 70's Atlanta Braves.
19 Phill Gramm running for Stupidest Man on Earth; Will Republican senators go Democrat, risking the Republican majority? Also, reminiscences of when it was hard to love the Atlanta Braves.
18 Timing of the Bin Laden tape is odd, coming out too late to influence midterm elections. Who forgot to tell him?
17 Influences on the Bush administration: Eli Lilly and Homeland Security; Cheney and energy; contributors at Waco economic summit.
16 Words of caution before you install Windows XP. Trying to uninstall Windows XP.
14 A gorgeous day in Brooklyn; Jakob Nielsen vs. John Rhodes on the cost benefits of intranet usability; myth that the Democrats blocked the Homeland Security bill.
13 Goofy lyrics in the Wings song "Don't Let It Bring You Down"; Windows XP problems; Republicans responding to Senate wins with polarizing initiatives.
12 Rain keeps me at home, away from the Strand book store.
11 Rainy day and school out; biking in Prospect Park; is Windows XP slow?
10 Computer problems still not over; a runaway horse in Prospect Park.
 9 Bethany McLean, of Fortune Magazine, links my Samuel Johnson web site.
 8 The joy of being linked by Metafilter; computer problems aggravated by a defective USB 2.0 card; watching the Magic Flute on DVD with the family.
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